Sleepless in Houston: Attorney Sues Neighbor Over Lost Sleep

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The cost of lawsuit abuse, and the agony that abusive lawsuits can cause, might be enough to keep some people up at night. But what about a ridiculous lawsuit that started because of lost sleep?

Alleging she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in the past 42 days, Houston attorney Kiri Martin has filed suit against her downstairs neighbor, seeking exemplary damages from the man for keeping her up at night.

In the suit, Martin contends that her downstairs neighbor used “intentional, and malicious, and cruel, and unreasonable” acts to interfere with Martin’s “use and enjoyment” of her apartment, causing an invasion of her property rights.

Martin claims it has been so bad that she’s been “forced” to go do the doctor for tranquilizers.

What exactly does Martin claim her neighbor is doing?

According to the suit, he has “started making short, sharp, loud, nonsensical outburst exclamations such as ‘AWWW!’ and ‘UUHHHH!’ and loud laughter directly below plaintiff’s sleeping head.”

Martin also claims that when she knocked on his door to ask him to stop, he replied only with, “You don’t have any evidence.”

Martin alleges Davidson “has always” intended to cause harm and “destroy” her as his “sole object and mission.”

We hope you don’t lose any sleep over this ridiculous story.


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