Could Flurry of Lawsuit Blows KO Boxer Manny Pacquiao? 

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Some called it the “Fight of the Century” — undefeated Floyd Mayweather against eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao.  After years of anticipation, fan fervor was at a fever pitch, with some fans reportedly paying as much as $350,000 per ticket to watch the May 2nd match live at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.  Reports scored the event bringing in between $300 and $400 million in gross revenue, even as cable providers struggled to keep up with the exploding pay-per-view demand.

After all the punches were exchanged, Mayweather scored a unanimous decision in 12 rounds to defeat Pacquiao and remain undefeated.

But now Pacquiao is facing another fight — in the courtroom.  A flurry of class action lawsuits have been filed against him for an undisclosed injury he suffered before the fight.

ESPN reports that the lawsuits have been filed against the fighter and his promoters “for failing to disclose his injury before consumers purchased tickets and pay-per-view telecasts for his fight against Floyd Mayweather.”

“Pacquiao’s injury unquestionably materially, significantly, and negatively affected the quality of the product,” the suit reads.

As of the publication of this blog post, suits have been filed in Nevada, Illinois, California and Texas.

While Pacquiao’s team did admit after the fight that the fighter injured his shoulder before the fight, the suits are asking “for more than $5 million in damages.”  That seems like a lot for plaintiffs who claim they were “injured” by purchasing the $99 pay-per-view telecast that merely left them disappointed.

What do you think: Will the plaintiffs score a knockout blow with these lawsuits … or will they swing and miss?


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