Trial Lawyers Toast to Making Millions While Beer Drinkers Get $50

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Usually when people regret drinking a beer, it’s because they’ve had a little too much to drink. But three cheers for some trial lawyers who created an all-new way for you to regret knocking back a brewski.

Thanks to a class action lawsuit that was just settled in the U.S. District Court in Miami, anyone who has consumed a Beck’s beer since 2012 is entitled to a refund of up to $50.

Why, you ask? The class action lawsuit alleged that Beck’s beer drinkers were deceived into thinking that the beer was brewed in Germany, when it was really brewed in St. Louis, Missouri.

Beck’s Brewery was founded in Bremen, Germany, in 1873. After being acquired by Anheuser Busch InBev, production of Beck’s was moved to St. Louis in 2012 in order to save $9 million a year in transport costs. And, as the suit notes, the language on the Beck’s beer bottle, cans, and packaging does state the product is made in America.

There’s been no word on whether anyone claimed to taste a difference in the product after brewing was moved to the States. But what probably did taste good to the trial lawyers was the $3.5 million they earned from the settlement of the lawsuit. That’ll buy a heck of a lot of beer!

That’s $3.5 million for the trial lawyers, and $50 for beer drinkers. That’s a legal headache much worse than a hangover.

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