Not Just a Case of the Mondays: Parisian Man Sues Employer Over Boring Job

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A Parisian man who claims his job made him suffer from crushing boredom is now sticking that company with a big, not-boring lawsuit.

Frederic Desnard claims that the dull job caused him to suffer a “bore out” that led to other significant health problems, including clinical depression, and a car accident linked to an epileptic seizure.  He’s seeking 360,000 euros ($415,000) for his suffering and distress.

Desnard’s lawyer went so far as to call the overly boring job a form of “harassment.”

His former employer, Interparfums, disputes Desnard’s claims of a boring job, as well as the accusations he was made to do office chores, pick up co-workers’ children from sports practices, and was frequently referred to as “the boy.”  No word on whether he also had to fill out any TPS Reports.

A decision in this ridiculous lawsuit is expected in late July.


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