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30 years ago, McDonald’s was sued for coffee that was allegedly too hot.

Apparently, coffee is still a beverage worth going to court over.

Now, Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, faces two possible lawsuits over how much java is in their cups.

In one case, plaintiffs claim their Starbucks lattes contained a quarter inch of steamed milk instead of coffee.

In another case, a Chicago-area woman is suing the company for putting too much ice in — you guessed it — the iced coffee.

Both are class action cases that want to represent large numbers of Starbucks customers.

John Beisner, a lawyer and class action expert, sees these cases as the latest examples of an out-of-control legal system.

“Lawyers are the ones who are driving these lawsuits. They’re the only ones who have any prospect of making any money off this,” said Beisner. “If the company incurs costs in defending the litigation, that’s going to get passed on to consumers. If if any change is made in the product that is served to consumers as a result, and it costs more money, that’s going to be passed on to the consumer, as well.”

Watch our latest video (above or here) to see what some actual Starbucks customers think of these lawsuits.


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