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Hot Air: Man Sues Nebraska Cornhuskers To End Balloon Release

It’s safe to say that Randall Krause of Omaha is not feeling that Husker spirit. Krause has filed a lawsuit against the University of Nebraska seeking to end the school’s tradition of releasing red balloons following the football team’s first touchdown of the season.

He claims the balloons falling back to earth poses a threat to the health and safety of children and wildlife, contending the balloon release is really just “the open dumping of solid waste.”

The releasing of red balloons for the Huskers’ first touchdown has been a tradition for more than 50 years.  The school currently uses biodegradable latex and cotton strings to be environmentally friendly.

What do you think: Legitimate lawsuit? Or overblown?

Mom and Son Sue over SAT Typo that Gave Students Extra Test Time

Students take the SAT in hopes of going to college and getting a good education, but some New Jersey students are getting a first-hand lesson in the ins and outs of the legal system – all due to a simple typo.

In this case the plaintiffs’ lawyers are the ones looking for a high score with a class action lawsuit against the Educational Testing Service and the College Board. The case centers on a misprint that gave students more time to complete a section of the test. The suit claims that the typo in the instructions for the June 6th SAT test allotted students 25 minutes instead of the normal 20 to complete one of the math or reading sections. Some proctors noticed the mistake and allotted the right amount of time, while others did not.

To maintain fairness, the College Board decided not to score that section of the test.  Since those skills were still tested in other sections, the test was simply truncated and the results still valid. The College Board also offered June 6th test takers the opportunity to retake the exam in October for free. But the plaintiffs are arguing that they would not have sat for the test if they knew the scoring would not be consistent.

While no one likes sitting for the SAT, how exactly does one assign a dollar award to those lost 20 to 25 minutes?

No Soup For You!  Man Sues Restaurant That Ran Out of Soup

A Texas lawyer was so disappointed when a local restaurant ran out of soup that he threatened to sue.

(We’ll give you a moment to make your own Seinfeld “Soup Nazi” joke.)

Dwain Downing alleges that Our Place Restaurant’s menu represents a contract with the customer that is enforceable by law.  And since he accepted that contract, the restaurant must serve him soup — even if it ran out.

Seriously, that must be some pretty darn good soup.

He’s seeking $2.25 — the cost of the soup — and $250 in legal fees in a ridiculous lawsuit that’s clearly out to lunch.

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