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Not Just a Case of the Mondays: Parisian Man Sues Employer Over Boring Job

A Parisian man who claims his job made him suffer from crushing boredom is now sticking that company with a big, not-boring lawsuit.

Frederic Desnard claims that the dull job caused him to suffer a “bore out” that led to other significant health problems, including clinical depression, and a car accident linked to an epileptic seizure.  He’s seeking 360,000 euros ($415,000) for his suffering and distress.

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Cheers! UK Woman Hauled Before Court Over Missing Sip of Beer

What’s one sip of beer worth to you?  Well, one sip almost cost a North Yorkshire, UK, bar owner £5,000 and her professional reputation.

Michelle Craggs and her husband Neville took over the Fleece Inn about three years ago.  Last July, officials from the government’s trading standards department visited the pub for an inspection. After examining two pints of beer poured by a trainee bartender, they determined that the glass of ale was 31ml — or about six teaspoons — short of a full pint.

The tiny deficit of beer in the glass was enough to have Craggs hauled before a government board for committing an offense under the Fair Trading Act.  After a three-hour hearing, she was found not guilty, with the council accepting she was capable of correctly pouring drinks.

That’s enough to make just about anyone need a cold pint.

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Right-handed HR Manager Breaks Left Wrist, Sues for £4.2 Million

If you were asked to come up with a list of professionals whose careers were dependent on their hands, you might start that list with people like construction workers, or musicians, or artists.  HR Managers, however, probably wouldn’t be high on that list.

But not if you ask Carmen Mazo, who recently sued a West London gastropub The Westbourne for £4.2 million after falling, tripping, and breaking her left wrist.  Mazo claims that the injury has wrecked her lucrative career in HR, and has left her plagued by mood swings.

Did we mention that Mazo is right-handed?  Because she is.

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