NY Voter Files $1 Billion Against Donald Trump, Claiming ‘Severe Emotional Distress’ over Campaign

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As with any Election, some voters were distraught with the results on November 8th.

One voter, however, decided to take his displeasure to the courts, filing a $1 billion lawsuit against President-elect Donald Trump, claiming Trump’s campaign caused him “severe emotional distress.”

The Independent reports that Louis Tafuto, a “registered Republican” from Warwick, New York, “submitted a lawsuit to the Southern District Court seeking considerable damages and naming Mr Trump, vice-president elect Mike Pence and the Republican National Committee.”

“In the 25-page lawsuit, Mr Tafuto accuses Mr Trump of being ‘wholly untruthful and therefore unqualified and incapable of taking an oath of office,” reports The Independent. “Mr Tafuto meanwhile said he has personally suffered “great emotional pain, fear and anxiety on Election Day and beyond” at the hands of Mr Trump and his associates.

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