“Negligent Handshake” Leads to Lawsuit Between Lawyers

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Call it, perhaps, a handshake disagreement.

Two Florida lawyers are meeting in court because of a handshake that one of the attorneys claims left him in “severe pain.”

It may sound silly.  But George H. Vallario, Jr., 76, claims that the suit is no joke.  Vallario contends that his friend Peter Lindley, 60, shook his hand so violently hard that it caused him recurring pain. 

What’s more, Vallario claims that this lawsuit might even have been avoided if his buddy Lindley had “just apologized.” 

Alas, with no apology forthcoming, Vallario is seeking $100,000 in damages for the handshake injury or “as much as [he] can get” for the pain and suffering that was caused by the oppressive handshake.

Channeling his internal Jackie Chlies, the famous plaintiffs’ lawyer character from Seinfeld, Vallario called the offending handshake “unexpected, unprovoked, uninvited, unauthorized, uncalled for, and most certainly negligent.”

No word yet on if Lindley’s defense will be based on the idea that if “the handshake don’t fit, you must acquit.”


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