Woman Sues Restaurant After Falling off Popular Donkey Statue

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The donkey statue at El Jalisco restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida is a popular feature for patrons at the Mexican restaurant.

It’s so popular, in fact, that patrons have organized a “For the Donkey” Facebook campaign to save the popular statute after one local woman sued the restaurant after she hopped up on the statue and reportedly fell and injured herself.

In August 2015, Kimberly Bonn visited the restaurant and voluntarily climbed up on the donkey statue, which she says was “smooth and slick,” causing her to fall.

She’s now suing El Jalisco, reportedly seeking damages of more than $15,000, saying that the restaurant owner encourages patrons to ride the donkey and that the statute lacks “safety features, such as a steps, a ladder, or a non-slip saddle.”

Supporters of the restaurant — and the donkey — have made it known they think Bonn’s lawsuit is ridiculous, with their Facebook campaign page stating:

“Just because you are an a*s doesn’t mean you should be treated like one! Join us in standing up for this poor donkey from El Jalisco Restaurant here in Tallahassee as he prepares for the fight of his life against a powerful legal entity who is “for the people” – Share the page and pictures here using #ForTheDonkey.”

The “For the Donkey” theme, of course, is a playful swipe at the plaintiffs’ firm representing Bonn, Morgan & Morgan, which uses the phrase “For the People” as its tagline.

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