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“Everyone deserves their day in court,” says Steve Arnold, the owner of Peachtree Pest Control in Loganville, Georgia. “But when is enough, enough?”

He’s referring to a fourteen-year long ordeal that forced his small, family owned business to endure a lawsuit, two trials, heavy legal expenses, and endless hours of wondering whether his business would survive.

It all began in 1996, when Steve was informed of an individual claiming they got sick due to pest control work done by Steve’s company. He investigated and found that the individual worked nowhere near where his technicians had performed their work. Despite this, Steve’s company was sued by the individual.

After going through a full trial, a jury found against the plaintiff and absolved Steve’s business from liability. The plaintiff refused to concede and appealed the verdict.

Five years later, after a second trial, a jury came up with an identical verdict: Steve’s business was not liable.

But the story still isn’t over. The plaintiff is threatening to appeal the second verdict and seek a third trial, which Steve could avoid by settling with the plaintiff for $500,000, despite the fact that his business did nothing wrong.

In addition to the endless hours and numerous legal expenses associated with going through multiple trials, the uncertainty created by the lawsuit has made it hard for Steve’s business to plan for the future or contemplate expansion.

“You’re unable to do anything during that process,” Steve says. “It ties you down so much.”

And leaving aside the obvious economic costs of going through fourteen years of litigation, Steve mentions the emotional impact of having to sit through endless legal proceedings where his business’s hard-earned reputation is dragged through the mud.

“It tears me up to this day,” he says, “sitting there thinking that everything I built is on the line.”


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  • We have been sued by a former partner for earnings he claims he should have been entitled to despite his not participating in the partnership. In 2006 we agreed to a consent order and paid him $10M, which is about what we feel he was owed at the time of him removing himself from our business.
    In 2009 he instituted a new lawsuit claiming we used his name to promote our business. We obviously wanted nothing to do with him, much less using his “name” to obtain business. He also claimed we sold to “his customers”. He, however, has contacted most, if not all of
    our customers. There was never a non-compete made, so how does he have propritory rights to any customer? Our legal fees have exceeded $100M and we
    will not agree to settle for any amount as we feel nothing further is owed. We feel he should be responsible for our legal fees plus disruption of our abilty to work
    without the pressure of this frivolous lawsuit. He is seeking in excess of $250M plus legal expenses for expected profits from 2006 thru 2017.

  • Jerk!!!! He knows exactly what he is doing. How can a judicial system continue to appeal when two court systems found you not responsible? Where is the justice for the “good guy?”

  • I seem to be having similar problems. The philosophy of redistributing other peoples money. The philosophy of failure. Usually socialist pagons or athiest pimps.

  • Why aren’t the names of the folks suing and their lawyers prominently mentioned? Isn’t it public record? If nothing else, these folks can at least feel some shame in what they are doing-see if they enjoy similar harassment.

  • Kindly, the ax of litigation swings both ways. Defense lawyers are highly compensated and drag out litigation to enrich themselves at the expense of their client. Likewise, a frivilous suit filed by a Plaintiff can be all-consuming but caution rush judgment as the legal system is fraught with technicalities that lead to the years churning on….
    Solution: Move away from ‘rule of law’ as this really means no rule at all. Rather create a tiered-system that has a varied trial tract depending on the issue and amount. The smaller suits resolved in courts of equity without attorneys present but only a representative that assists. The larger suits are subject to more stringent standards and attorneys have a place here, if at all.

    The issue in America is not the litigants, its the ‘legal business’ that is the culprit and the Defense attorneys are as guilty of engaging in frivilous tactics…to pad their billable hours and to pay for the Park City second home for the kids who love to sky…meanwhile the Plaintiff dies on the courtroom floor fighting a legitimate concern but is forced into protracted litigation by legal bullies. Time to look at the attorneys and process and not the litigants– that is not the real issue.

  • Push comes to shove fight back with counter civil suit for emotional distress harassment from freverless civil suits.
    What ever it takes legally from that person who could not take the hint from the first two suits that failed against plaintiff.

  • the person suing should in turn be sued for harassment . all they want is the money and they don’t care who they hurt in the process

  • Foolish lawsuit – – seems to me the “unnamed” plaintiff should be responsible ALL COURT COSTS. All of them – for the prior two they lost and for all costs related to the third – if the verdict is the same. Seems some people feel intimidation is fair practice…..

  • This is an egregious case — this plaintiff should not be entitled to another trial. When is enough enough? If this defendant settles, it will only fuel the fire of keep coming and they will settle and encourages further lawsuit abuse. My condolences to this family owned business.

  • This is where it becomes necessary for these same courts to step in and bring an end to frivolous. Either throw the case out (on what grounds are the appeals being made?) and make it clear to the eternal plaintiff that s/he will be responsible for ALL legal costs, plus punitive damages. Right now, the litigant and attorney probably feel they have nothing to lose. Make sure they do have a lot to lose.

  • SUE HAPPY ppl if they do their job right u should come out to be the “WINNERS” now back off boys small business are hard enough day to day little alone ppl that drag ya down

  • Steve Arnold should speak to his attorney and see if he canlt file a claim against the plaintiff for Harrassement at this point.

  • That is terrible – the appellate courts need to stop awarding apeals to such obvious abuse. I think its time to not reelect any of the judges. (our state allows us to vote for our city and state judges )

  • This story is an example of how or legal system is now out of control, what about the reputation of the defendant, life, and welfare? An example, also of someone who is using the courtsystem to get a nice little nest egg- $5000,000? Is there some recourse for the juries to say “enough is eniugh!” and force the antagonists not only to stop, but pay damages? Good Luck to You.

  • They need to change the law and make it where anyone that loses a lawsuit must pay for all legal fees and court cost of both parties.

  • My heart goes out to you Steve. Have you contacted local politicians to see if a law might be written that would prevent this from happening again? That might shed more publicity on the situation than this person might like.

  • People will do anything to out of working!!! I could have sued several Doctors for real wrong doing and almost costing me my life and my son’s life, but I never took them to court and sued them! WHY because accidents HAPPEN!! GET OVER IT!!! Cry Babies!

  • It sounds like you finally need to go on the defensive. You have taken the offensive route and it hasn’t gotten the point across. Someone’s a sore loser. Play ball! This is not lawsuit abuse, it is stalking. They are stalking your business. From the photos it looks pretty nice,. Why do they want your business? Do they think it’s worth 500,000.00? They must or the attorneys wouldn’t hang in there with them. It’s old fashioned stalking.

  • Dear Mr. Arnold,

    I applaud you fighting this rather than pay out just to make it go away. Insurance companies are all too quick to pay out making it more attractive for folks to sue for an ‘out of court settlement’ – better odds than buying a lottery ticket. A huge problem is the courts just accepting anything that is filed without checking the merits of the case.

    We are heading for a second appeal on a case which should never have been accepted in the first place. I thought our’s must be a record for time but your suit started earlier so I very much sympathize with you and hope it ends soon for you.

    Keep fighting for real justice.

  • The individual has had both his trial and his appeal …… A third time is harassment. should the individual bring it again, Steve has the option of counter suing the guy for:
    1. harassment, 2. defamation of character/ business and 3. frivolous law suites.

    Steve may be able to recoup some of his losses this way and also put a halt to the individuals attempt to rob him.

  • I wish that this company could sue the sue-happy, money-hungry thing that has been suing them! If lawyers would refuse to take that person’s “case,” they would not be able to sue! What is wrong with our legal system that they allow things like this to happen? As far as I am concerned, the “suer” should have to give everything THEY own to this company or get thrown in jail. I have no sympathy for people who try to get money this way. They were never sick in the first place…that is obvious!

  • People have a right to sue in this country. If its not settled in one court. Well People have the right to take it all the way to the Supereme Court. Take for instance. The Late Anna Nichol Smith. The estate between the Marsh and Smith estate still has not been settle. Yes its costly. However, it the American right to sue. Its in the 7th Amendment. We have the right to sue of $20.00.

    Its not perfect. However, its our right. Also if you feel you have been abused by accuser. Well file a counter suite against the person for damages. A person is allowed to file counter suite for damages.

  • I am just appaled at our court system that keeps allowing this person to keep taking the same claim to court after the verdict has been given not once but twice. I believe that this person should be paying the company for lost time and wages and harrasment. As a small business owner it is hard not to just give up and stick with it given the economy and the way your treated. Maybe this person should take clases on the chemicals your company is using and see for herself how the treatments are done. I’m just saddened by how people treat others. This lawsuit sounds like its all just for money too bad you cant sue her for more.

  • Steve hold out and pray long and hard and justice will be served, someone just wants to make a fast buck, hold your ground.

  • I feel bad for the guy

    I feel even worse that he thinks the Chamber of Commerce cares about small business. They are a monopoly front group.

  • Maybe he should investigate further and see what actual crimes this guy is guilty of!
    Those that accuse others are always guilty of something similar to what they are accusing others of doing and if confronted will always back off!

  • It is the trial lawyers doing this much more than the woman. Pressure is constantly added till there is a breaking point. It doesn’t matter to the lawyer what the companies consequences are – like laying off all their employees because the business folded. The lawyer made is bucks and he doesn’t give a darn about what happens to others. It is pure greed, the worst vice of human nature.

  • We are forced to have business liability insurance due to this abuse of the law. Who is to blame, well, the insurance companies and lawyers out there who are sometimes beat at thier own game. Other countries dont have this problems. Other countries do not have lawyers who take advantage of the system. The other organization that should be organized is stop the lawyer

  • Has your attorney considered filing an action against the plaintiff? Maybe a suite to recover legal fees and defamation. I had a similar situation years ago in Florida. Filed an action against the plaintiff during the appeal and won damages.

  • I’m sick of everyone suing everybody for anything they can get. The world is full of “sue happy” people and it is out of control. Not my fault. thats every a lot of people’s attitude and it stinks. people need to quit.

  • Are you interested in the plight of the small business owner, or just looking to cap liability limits on big corporations when they do millions of dollars worth of damage?
    Cause we’ve heard this before and it’s never really about the little guy…That’s just the picture you want to paint. No…The system should never be abused by either party.
    Who are you really? BP? I bet they’d loke to cap those limits, too.

  • I totally agree with you that something ought to be done about someone’s limit
    on appeals, especially when they have basically failed to prove their case twice.
    I think that their basic stragegy is to wear you down enough that you will just settle monetarily to just be done with it.
    It is just so stupid and unfair.

  • flip the script on him turn the lawsuit around against him for all expenses and lost moneys due to his continued false claims

  • I had a case I waited for 22 years before it got settled in my favor. The only ones making money are the attorneys. I pray you are absolved of all charges.

  • This is ridiculous. The defendant has lousy lawyers not to be able to have it thrown out of court by now. Rather, the lawyers are deliberately standing down in order to make money for each side respectfully. Get the picture yet folks? The game belongs to the lawyers. They decide who wins or loses. If they think the company has money to burn, they will make the case last forever until lawyers salaries are duly paid for the years ahead.

  • Couldn’t Steve bring his own countersuit, claiming that the justice system was being abused to harass him?

    And what were the grounds for the appeal court directing a second trial anyway?

  • The laws should be clear, that if you file a frivolous lawsuit against another and lose because it was found to be frivolous, fraudulent or ill conceived, then the plaintiff should reimburse the respondent for all legal fees. This would be incentive enough to think through the whole scam idea. Then people like Mr. Arnold wouldn’t be bankrupted by scam artists.

  • Peachtree Pest Control should now turn around and sue this person and every single lawyer that has represented the plaintiff.

  • File a counter suit …..don’t just keep throwing good money after bad trying to defend yourself. Put your hard earned money to work suing him for harrassment, damages etc. You may not win anything except to get this person to stop this craziness.

  • Sounds like the plaintiff is looking for a quick handout and the plaintiff’s attorney is only seeing dollars in his/her pocket, the US Government needs to produce legislation only allowing one appeal to a judgement in civil cases, but of course, most politicians are lawyers themselves and want to boost the pocket filling colleagues ego. It’s a no-win situation for the innocent.

  • This scumbag suing Mr. Arnold should have his picture and name plastered all over the internet. The same goes for the scumbag lawyer.

  • Sounds like you have an extortion case against this person. Has your attorney filed a harrassment case in your behalf?

  • Why don’t he take her to court for lose of bussiness defamation of carature and on the list goes. pray about it first and see if the Lors is leading this way.

  • Dont give up and dont give in. You should sue her for false accusations and for the cost to fight her false claims.

  • My heart goes out to you. I could not imagine having to go through what you have gone through. You have gone this far, don’t settle for the $500,000. You know you are not liable. If you settle, other people will be sueing you. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Mrs. Alane Barrett

  • An absulute case of abuse of our justice system. If you win this round, which I’am sure you will. She should be ordered by the courts to pay all your past and present att. fees and court costs. If not comp. you for pain and suff. I can’t understand why our courts allow this crap to go on. Then they complain about the system being so backed up. It’s because of money grubbing people like her….Good Luck

  • This system needs some refinement. He’s right when enough, enough? How can we as a nation put a stop to this nonsense?

  • Take a different tactic sue the “plaintiff” for harassment. Use the two trials that they have lost and sue for defamation of character!!

  • this piece touched our lives very close to home. We have endured 7 years of this same kind of abuse from a motorvehicle accident, being sued by the person who caused the accident in the first place. Our lives have been completely derailed by this. We went to trial this past year and the plaintiff was found 100% at fault, yeah for us? One would think so…the plaintiff has filed an appeal so the saga marches on…this is a complete abuse of the legal system and a waste of resources, the courts time, money and the only ones who benefit are the lawyers…hummmmm I do believe the fox is in the hen house. Huh?

  • My Step father went through the same thing, as a contractor, he was blamed for a cracked pool, of a very influencial family, and if he hadn’t passed away when he did, it probably would still be going. The suit tore his business to threads, the stress caused the heart attack, my mother was left to deal with it, she had to file bankruptcy to settle it. There are some people out there, if you can call them people, that use the court system to live by.

  • Steve, I feel you pain. My wife and I have just gone trhu a battle in trying to keep her apart of the uncle’s life. She ahs been caregiving for him for ten years and because two friends(not now) saw an opportunity to get there hands on his estate ($1m+) they filed for guardianship. Long story but the lawyers ate up $250K in leagl bills and their final comment to these people..” we have won . we got her out of his life…
    She only has visitation.No care, no support, no assistance in any way and they changed the will and wrote her out..

    Please Please let me know if you ever figure out a way that someone can stop these dirtbag lawyer from ruining people lives.

  • I reccomend you sue for damages and legal fees to recover your expences, both from the person that sued you and her lawyer

  • Here is the perfect reason why courts and/or government need to put a CAP on frivilous lawsuits. This person has proven not once but twice that she/he IS LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!! It reminds me of the stupid lawsuit of which a woman sued McDonalds over “hot coffee”… DUH?!! Greed doesn’t do any of us any good!

  • Poor guy. This is whats wrong with this country. He should be able to sue her for false claim. Hope this goes away for you.
    Kind Regards, Mitch Young/ White Mountains NH

  • I am tied up in a lawsuit that is going to a Jury Trail at this time. The suit is over something that could have been settled for a couple hundred dollars has now cost me over twenty thousand in legal fees at is not set for trail until April 2011. It is killing my little business but what else can I do. If I dont fight I lose and I have lost even if I win. Please help.

  • This is extortion at this point. I’m sorry, but it should be law that this person should have to pay for all of Steve’s legal fees. Maybe when the law makes these phonies paid up for the havoc they cause we will see less of these scam artist. (frivolous suits)

  • Makes me wonder if you could sue and recover expences or if not file charges of extortion. How does the law work when someone continualy threats you with a law suit even thought they have lost? I know their are Lawyers that take this type case on retainer promising the world because they think the person will settle, shame on the court for not seeing what their Junior partners are doing and putting a stop to it.

  • This is sick. It amounts to extortion and is similar to a case years back when a California winery was sued in a class action because of reputed lead in the covering over the cork. The winery won the verdict but was threatened with appeal unless they paid the attorneys expenses which they finally agreed to do because it was cheaper.

  • This embodies everything that is wrong with our legal system. The plantiff should be required to reimburse the defendant for all of their legal fees.

  • Shame on the lady the prcoceeds with this . There should be a law ,that a person does not have the right to continueously appeal ,when the innocent was found not guilty twice.
    Our small businesses are suffering enough.
    Julianna Martin

  • There is a strong necessary Tort Reform in this country! But since the Democrats are in power they have given their backing to the Lawyers of this country to move ahead on frivalious lawsuits. Many people see this as a “Second Income”!!

    How can I help with Tort Reform in this country? I warn you I live in Portland, Oregon, a uber liberal state!

  • I am so sorry for you and your family..I am a small business ower as well. some people are just sue happy..I hope it ends soon for your family..

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new years

  • It sounds to me as if this plaintiff may be opening themselves up to extortion charges in light of the fact that they have been defeated twice in court and that they are now stating that they will sue yet again if they are not paid monies. Also perhaps your company should file a lawsuit against this individual for harassment.

  • Sounds like he is dealing with a psychopath who has a fellow psycho for a lawyer….is there no law against frivolous lawsuits which is what this seems to be. Why do the judges not thrown this out.

  • I wonder what the other side of the story is. Usually it’s the business that has a lot more influence with the system than some injured individual.

  • Tort reform = loser pays!!! I know the Peachtree folks, and they are good people. Thsi could happen to any one of us -scary, scary, scary!

  • Sue the plantiff for all legal expenses. His already lost twice, so the court can see what his doing. Sue him for ALL legal expenses !!

  • Couldn’t you just countersue her for harassment, or better yet, extortion? Sounds like a thinly veiled case of extortion on her and her lawyer’s part. It’s a shame, and I cringe to think of how I would handle it!

  • I would counter sue for harrassment. Its the attorney who should know better and advise his client to withdraw. Obviously the attorney is looking to get free money from these hard working innocent people. They should post his name alongside the lowlife who wants to get a free buck and not work for it.

  • This is absurd. You mean to tell me the legal system cannot stop this harrassment? Who does this person know that allows this to continue? No, this mess needs to be put to rest. Can’t this person counter sue for slander or something – think I might find myself a more aggressive lawyer!

  • Let me see if I understand this: The defendant won the first trial, but on appeal the appellate court found some error and reversed and remanded for a new trial. The defendant then won the second trial and plaintiff is now threatening to appeal again. If the plaintiff has some legitimate basis to appeal the second verdict (she apparently did the first time), why is this law suit abuse? You are not giving us the full story: Why did the appellate court throw out the first verdict and what is the plaintiff’s alleged basis for filing the second appeal? As for the settlement demand, it should cost the defendant much less than $500,000 to defend against the threatened second appeal. So if the defendant believes that, unlike the first jury verdict, the second verdict will stand up on appeal, it should call her bluff and just defend against the appeal.

  • Lawsuits have become main stream in our society. Ambulancing chasing lawyers are being retained to file lawsuits. These lawyers frevolous lawsuits for their 15 minutes in the news.

  • Sounds like theirs a whole lot more to this than meets the eye, perhaps a woman scorned, or someone you knew stepped on his or her toes so badly, maybe by opening a second business doing the same thing, not wanting you there to cause any havoc with their intended clients, but when is enough enough? The court system should intervene or you should be able to interfere with their livelihoods and counter suit them. Whatever the outcome, try and enjoy the holidays.

  • What do you propose, Steve? If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly then what changes would you make to the legal system? In your voice over you state you turned the case over to your insurance company, but on the site you state you incurred legal fees. Weren’t those paid by the insurance company? Having been vindicated twice, don’t you feel the jury system worked in that they found in your favor each time?

  • Why doesn’t the person losing the lawsuit have to pay for all of the legal expenses? Especially when they were no where near the work site.

  • i would go through the trial again!! Forget him… i lose more money to my lawyer and everyone else before i conceded to him! And after you win this trial turn around as sue his ass!!

  • The judge should hit the oppisings attorney for wasting the courts time, and fine the individuals for pushing the issue.
    This is why people dislike attorneys and the judicial system.
    Thye judge should flip this back on the plaintiff, and order them to pay all of Steves out off pocket expenses. I guarrantee the apposing counsel will back out of defending it,

  • i hope ifthis goes to the third trail the plantiff has to pay the defendent for pain and suffering of they have caused this company to go through.

  • Why doesn’t he counter sue and sue over a frivious lawsuit and sue the plaintiff’s attorney? Furthermore why do judges keep on taking this case on? Clearly he’s won TWICE. I’d be suing the plaintiff for the lawsuits, attorney costs and emotional distress associated with this.

  • it’s time the table were turned. Steve needs to sue this individual for harassment and gold digging and unlawful lawsuit. That should put a nip in them for wanting to go around for a third time!

  • sorry you are going but do not settle that is what they are hoping for. I would counter sue for unde stress and harassment. I would sue them and their lawyers to. This isnt right and if all else fails close the business and then Start another one with different name etc. Will pray for you all.

  • I’m so sorry they have to go through this. All of their hard work, and effort, probably way more than most, and people try to take advantage, what is wrong with our money hungry society??? I wish this hard working family the very best and hope they will win their next trial!!

  • This is a traversity to our laws. A complete misuse of our legal system. The verdict was in your favor and now that should be finished. I feel for you and you should not have to endure any more lawsuits. Heck you should be suing them for abuse of the system. Good luck and Merry Christmas. Peace

  • I feel their pain. I got divorced ten years ago and have spent countless days in court to conclude the divorce and litigate each and every minute detail for seven years post-divorce. I finally fought back and sued for sole custody and won. Of course she appealed, and lost the appeal and then appealed that loss which has not yet been decided in the appellate court. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on legal fees are wasted. Enough to put our child through college and buy her a house spent on an attorney who would stop at nothing to get back at me for beating him.

  • The defendant needs to file a cross-complaint against the plaintiff for a judgment from the court that the plaintiff is a vexatious litigant, that if the lawsuit raises no new issues of material fact but rather is forum-shopping, that the suit on its face be considered unmeritorious and lacking the merit necessary to establish a prima facie action. I would further seek compesatory damages against the plaintiff for the losses incurred to defend against these duplicatious actions, and punitive damages against the plaintiff and their lawyers.

  • Turn the tables on them and sue them for vexatious litigation. Don’t give them a dime! What they are doing is illegal, and you can sue them for duress and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I also recommend talking to your D.A. about bringing criminal charges against them for fraud, perhaps misrepresentation, and possibly extortion.

  • This has become a sue happy World seems like everybody suing somebody trying to make easy money. If you’re not being sued , you have a customer that’s not paying their bill. Being a small Company and keeping your head above water is almost impossible now days. Look how many Companies have shut their doors because they just couldn’t make it. I have been in business for 43 yrs I should know

  • The problem here is with judges taking forever to rule – if the the pest control company lost wouldn’t they want to appeal too? Or maybe we shouldn’t be allowed to sue pest control companies? What exactly is your point anyway?

  • If you want to stop this kinda abuse we as a people are going have to stand up and say enough is enough. Everyone has the right to their day in court, but once you have it then it is over. A good way to stop this kinda stuff is make the plantiff cover the costs of the trial if they appeal and lose. that would make them think twice.

  • When is enough enough? Shame on the bottom-feeding low-lifes for sueing that business for a 3rd time. Maybe he could counter-sue for harassment or something. My guess is he would win in court. Extortion would probably fly also. Good luck to you sir in your endeavors to keep your business going. I believe you are in the right and don’t let scum bring you down.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  • I do feel sorry for this guy but something does not seem right.

    First, if you have a contract to spray chemicals to control pest you do the whole building or you will not eliminate the pests.

    Second, This field uses strong chemicals that are bought in concentrated form and deluded by the company was the chemicals properly applied and mixed.

    Third, this guy has no Ideal if they where because this is done by a low paid technician in the field, so, we have to take his word which everyone know “cover your own butt” and this guy was not in the field with him.

    Forth, Medical evidence none was presented and I would rest this case on would the medical condition be caused by the chemicals used and is the person truthfully suffering from the condition.

    Fifth, the court of law is not perfect so we have appeals to catch errors of lower courts and if the case was appealed three times and granted new trials something is going on with this case that does not meeting the eyes or is not being told what is not being told.

  • 1) So they won the appeal and re-filed their case.
    2) You don’t state how they prevailed on the appeal that they filed.
    3) You don’t state whether you are in state or federal court or what the allegations are Against you.
    4) You probably went to a settlement conference and refused to settle or your insurance company refused to settle.
    5) I can tell you are not telling the full truth–you don’t have a link to the documents— complaint, etc—that are in the court’s file.

  • This site is full of mis-guided propaganda and manipulation. Lawsuits are the cornerstone of peaceful resolutions to legitimate problems.

    Your spin to try and create a atmosphere of abuse is a tragedy and insult to Democracy.

  • This is a serious problem, and only one of many in my opinion, relating to our tolerance for frivolous lawsuits. If we were to take it back to how it was before we became so concerned for the rights of those who have no problem trying to profit off others and do as is done in Europe and make it LOSER pays, there would be far fewer of these lawsuits. It would free up court time and we could have a little more faith in our judicial and legal system.

  • This is common practice in Nevada. Here, you do not have to have any evidence, and can file false charges against anybody you choose, and that person has to defend themselves in court. When they are found innocent by the court ,you can then turn around and file the same false charges against the same victim in a different circuit court. You can play this game over and over and over again. Nevada allows this abuse of the court system.

  • Then there are those businesses who refuse to do the right thing. I have sympathy for this man, and believe that his techs are innocent.

    But I know from experience that some business owners play fast and loose with the rules because they are written in their favor…and when there is true liability, they tend to get away with it.

    I hope the plaintiff get slapped with an annoyance fee, called a liar and barred from filing any lawsuits for five years.

  • This is ridiculous and should be stopped! What is wrong with our government that they are allowing these types of lawsuits to continue?

  • The system needs to change. If you file a frivolous lawsuit and loose, you should pay all expenses, and probably spend some time in jail at your expense.

  • Attorneys, judges and insurance companies need to put an end to hearing frivalous lawsuits. Our court system was not desinged to endanger and bankrupt hard working businesses over cases with no merit. Insurance skyrockets as a result, time and money is lost. Our court system should be used for REAL issues. How do we stop the abuse?

  • it should be up to the judge after 2 appeals to review it . if there is no more evidence for the next appeal then its a known fact that the answer will be the same. if they want to appeal again then go to a separate trial at their cost to show why they think they can win. if they show that then they can proceed forward with another trial with the defendent

  • The world is filled with people who expect to get something for nothing and they do it on the backs of others. Sad but true. Every person deserves to have it all but that also means each person has to take responsibility for their life and the world is full of lazy, entilted people who suck off of others. Sad but the world is full of parisites.

  • Not knowing the details of the case here is a comment.

    I can speak from experience. I know of a company who believes they have won twice, also.

    The only thing is the truth and I have no political ties to the outcome.

    Court is where the church, state and its unions are to part company and go with what is right not just according to popular opinion.

    Thank you,

    Interested in truth and justus for all.

  • I think it is terrible the way some people file lawsuits to make their living. I think they will pay in the long run…sickness or failure in something else they really want to accomplish. I do think a ceiling should be set for this kind of lawsuits.

  • Steve,
    The only effective defense is a swift and sure offense, sue her for harassing you and the harm she has done to your business.

  • When a lawsuit is adjudicated in a court of law…that should be the end of it! The process may allow ONE appeal when the case justifies it. This should hold true for criminal courts that determine a person is NOT GUILTY ! The lower courts should NOT be able to find the same person guilty of wrong doing and be able to set forth fines/punishments. The person was FOUND TO BE NOT GUILTY! This type of misuse of our courts is brought on by dishonest prosecutors and attorneys! No wonder they have such bad reputations!!!

    In the case of the PeachTree Pest Control , after TWO “not responsible” decisions, the next appeal set by the attorney’s for the plaintiff should result in major fines/penalties for the complainant! THIS abuse MUST STOP!

    If I was PeachTree Pest Control I’d file a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office…IMMEDIATELY!

  • Here’s a solution to these frivolous lawsuits especially in the case of the PeachTree Pest Control people.

    The plaintiff in the lawsuit MUST be willing to pay double the amount of damages to the defendant should the plaintiff lose! THAT would stop many, Many, MANY of these time waster, greedy suits that are filed.

  • Apparently this individual had a prior illness that they are blaming on your company. I pray that this 3rd lawsuit comes out in your favor and that it will finally be over.

  • Can’t they sue for legal harrassment and defamation of the business. How can a person sue a company for making them ill if the work that was done by the company was no where near the individual. I wouldn’t pay that person a dime. Just sue them back. Once they are faced with a law suit and they lose they will back off.

  • If our representatives in DC really cared about making jobs available to people who wanted them. they could accomplish much more through ending lawsuit abuse instead of screwing up healtcare and promoting unions. Apparently tjey care more about John Edwards than Joe the plumber.

  • I don’t know about this situation, but I do know of someone who is a friend of a friend that makes a living off of lawsuits.
    The other thing that bothers me is the ads from attorney’s saying things like “contact us and see what you are entitled to”. Accidents happen!!! I was rear ended a few months ago and had a neck ache…so what? I am fine now. I will tell you I am a bleeding heart liberal….until it comes to work and entitlements. We need to take care of our elders and children but everyone else WORK and don’t expect a free ride! Good luck. Keep us posted

  • Surely there is some type of law prohibiting this from continuing. Why should you say you did something wrong when you did not. We are supposed to be living in a democratic society.

  • Steve’s lawyer should file a lawsuit against the Plaintiff for the legal fees, and all other damages. The Plaintiff’s lawyer is probably telling the Plaintiff that we have them over the barrel there is nothing they can do but pay
    Report their lawyer to the court of appeals or to who ever governs the lawyers in the state of GA..

  • It is terrible that these type of frivolous lawsuits are allowed to drag on. That is what spurs me on in helping our local businesses to protect themselves before tragedies like this happen.

  • Mr. Arnold, I am so sorry for what you are going thru, my prayers and best wishes are with you and your family and I am sure that the person that is causing so much damage to you and your family will pay for sooner or later. Karma exist and it will get back to her.
    God Bless and protect you all,

  • a couple living in a motel tried this my dad let them move in his house and was letting them buy it on payment plan,they tore down walls to remolded by the way this house was built in 1970,tried to sue him for 1 million dollars,and he lived on social security and they never made a payment, and they lived there for 6 yrs,my dad died and the law suit went to me ,they said there was asbesest in the house,like we would know that

  • I really feel for thispest control business. I am a small business owner andhave to deal with the public daily. Bottom line ..some people are so dishonest and you the public wonder why we business owners are cautious!!

  • This is an injustice to all American people. I think that when someone sues and they lose that should be the end of it. If the plaintiff chooses to appeal then all costs for lawyers fees for both sides should be at a cost to the plaintiff period this will stop the endless cycle of false law suits. Good luck Mr. Arnold and when this is over I would sue her for defamation of character along with any amount that you have lost due to your business not being able to move forward.

  • This makes me sick to my stomach. There should be a means of legal redress for Steve Arnold to countersue this relentless, bloodsucking maggot.

  • this is in no way right for these folks,court system should not allow this to go on for this.this should of been over,when the case was won the first time,not dragged out for a third time!!!!!!

  • This is so true. Honest hardworking Americans have no idea until they have to deal with the Justice system in this country. We bought land that was misrepresented to us. After living here for two years a company came in and tore down fences on our property. Fences that had been there for over forty years. $35,000 later the property was ruled ours. But the person that sold us the land lied and misrepresented the land as being where the fence row was. He knew all along that he was misrepresenting what he was selling and knew that we would have to file suit to get what was rightfully ours according to the law in Louisiana. So he just pawned his problem off on us. And it is still not settled. When is enough enough. Most people would not have had the money to litigate this. But the person that sold us the land is counting his money all the way to the bank, laughing at us even knowing that he perjured himself on the stand by denying he knew anything about a boundary dispute. We can prove that he knew about it now. But how much money would it cost. To much. And then it’s just a gamble.

  • UNBELIEVABLE, isn’t there a way for this poor man to file false allegations against these people. It is bad enough that people will pour out their own drink and slip and fall and be soooo hurt they can’t work or anything else, I bet if ya look inside their home when noone is looking they are just fine. Thoes are the people that deserved to be sued, who takes up for the people that are alleged negelant ? I believe there should be a law passed that unless you are obviousley hurt to the naked eye or confirmed by medical testing that all suspicious alleged negelants on the defendant part should be under very close scrutiny, ie video cameras in and or around the allegedly hurt respondents neighborhood, home, with the exception of obvious places such as bath and bedrooms. I wonder how many alleged cases would disapear. Let me tell you I would have agreed to it when I was run over by an American Freightways Truck 10 years ago and am now disabled do to progressive injuries. Some has to protect these companies, no wonder they are going out of business and insurance is so high most cant afford it.

  • I’m the CEO of a non-profit. I have to agree with Steve that there are people in this country who are “serial litigators”. We live in a society that has become increasingly litigious. It’s become too easy to blame others for some issue or problem one might have or has developed. We must realize this is a serious problem and let business owners be the engines of our economy. I agree that consumers need to be protected from irresponsible behavior, but, this situation proves we have a broken judicial system that disenfranchises people of color, religion, ethnicity, small business owners and the elderly. This has got to stop. Enough is enough. Thank you.

  • Rock solid individuals work for Peachtree Pest Control. I know this for a fact.

    I have known the Arnold family for a long time. Steve was friends with my father way back in the early 70’s when Steve was a whipper-snapper. Steve has always been a great individual. He cares deeply about being a good business person, creating tremendous value for his customers, his industry, and his community. Steve and his family care about the growth of their people and the happiness of their customers. I have referred Peachtree Pest many times and people have thanked me for doing so. They are good honest folks. I have faith in them and a strong belief that they do their jobs right.

  • Dear Mr Arnold,

    I’ve been a victim of a spurious lawsuit myself (personal) and I also own a small business. I can barely imagine the stress this has put you and your business through. I wish you every success swiftly concluding the matter once and for all – without the outrageous settlement proposed by the plaintiff.

    Good luck.

  • This is no less than legalized blackmail. Pay $500,000 or I will keep tieing up your business and your life. Major corporations may pay it out as a nuisance cost and this just perpetuates the problem. After winning the case 2 times and being treatened like this again there should be some way to have the plaintiff charged with blackmail or served some sort of cease and desist order or pay the consequences of jail and or financial ruin themselves. At the very least this is harassment and his attorneys should be able to countersue on these grounds. Maybe that will make her stop.

  • I think Steve should countersue this lady for a frivolous lawsuit. He should ask 1 million dollars for the loss of time and business while she is suing him and the jury has already voted against her twice. Maybe if the tables were turned she would see what its like. She only wants money that is why she is asking for 500,000. She’s a joke.

  • I sure hope that you are able to stand strong, because you are being blackmailed. I know you probably don’t know the answer, but come the Judge don’t have her pay for the cost of suing you, especially since she has lost twice. She has become a nuisance at this point. Blessing on you and your family and I do hope that you pervail.

  • We should consider a loser pays system similar to Europe. I realize that would cost jobs for attorneys. The system we have where anyone can bring suit for anything is being abused and is very costly to all of us.

  • I would look into a harrassment suit and countersue that woman. It appears that she is attempting to get money for nothing.

  • Good God: I thought that jurisdictions had the option to throw out lawsuits that in this case at least – clearly are without merit. Is there no statute of limitations in this kind of trial?

  • Steve, 1st congradulations on your hard work , it in itself is difficult to own and run a business. Then to dael with liers, thiefts, lazy, sorry, no good, people, who want to sue someone over nothing. Please DO NOT give in to her. she will start with someone else. when you go to court this time you need to counter sue her for harrasment, defermation of cartitor , loss of your time, etc. find an attorney that is as close to being honest as you can find.(good Luck) ( that is harder to do than dealing with a false law suit) you may even ask a JUDGE . just call when they are not in court some of them will try and help. GOOD LUCK AND MAY GODBLESS YOU AND YOURS.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous! Why can you only be tried once for a murder if you are found innocent but you have to keep going back to court because a greedy someone won’t take NO for an answer? They need to limit this kind of lawsuit!

  • Why doesn’t the man file bankruptcy and then open a new business? That is what a contractor who built a house for my brother did. The house had a cracked slab and my brother never got to move into the house. When he took the contractor to court , the contractor and the lawyer said that the contractor would file bankruptcy and my brother would get nothing. My brother took a lose of over $89,000. How sad when a person is proven right and it just keeps on going anyway the lawyers want it to go. I hope he does not give in to the $500,000.

  • why isn’t someone countersuing the person who is claiming injury?? Make him prove beyond a doubt that he is actually sick from pesticides.

  • That is indeed a sad story. But there are many other sad stories on the other side of the issue. The legislation which has limited the amount that can be won would do nothing to ease his suffering. We obviously need to reform the appeals process. Look at what is happening in Alaska now. That is a ridiculous situation. Somehow we should be able to stop these things when they clearly have no merit.

  • Steve,
    Hangin in there! I’m going through the same thing as you but have now reached appellate court here in Florida. The individual I’m dealing with has only been a citizen for four years and lives next door to me. She posts lies and statements regarding me all over our building daily. I get extremely pissed off and mentally exhausted but I’m determined to see that a person such as this does not get away with this. Even our court system refers to her as a, Serial Suer.” Be strong Steve!


  • Who ever this person is,he should not be able to file anymore lawsuits any where. There are to many people out there doing just this , tying up the courts with junk and taking away the time that is need for real cases !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It sounds to me like the plaintiff is just looking for a payday. It seems to me that the attorney for the plaintiff is just an ambulance chaser, looking for a big payoff. I believe that anyone should be entitled to sue anyone for any reason, if they have been wronged. I also believe that the jury should decide along with the verdict, whether or not it is a frivolous lawsuit. I believe that if is found to be frivolous, The plaintiff’s attorney should be liable for the defendants damages, including loss of work, and damage to reputation. I know that sounds pretty drastic, but I feel that drastic is what’s needed to put an end to these crazy lawsuits, once and for all.

  • Why, if he was acquitted two times, can he not file a defamation of character suit and then a civil suit against her for all of
    the damage and loss of income she has
    caused her? What are his lawyers not doing anything about this??? I am not an attorney but a own a small business
    owner also. She has ruined his credibility to the people he has contracts
    he does business. The appeals court has a warped sense of justice for letting this incident die after the first trial.mercy

  • So, why haven’t they countersued? Seems like this is slander, harrassement and probably a bunch of other things. Sue them for more than they are being sued. Put the shoe on the other foot!

  • i feel for you..we have been involved in a mortgage fraud scheme that we just cant get out from under..we did nothing wrong and on fact the guilty party is in jail for fraud..still civilly the lawsuits continue…he wants a lein on the property for his legal fees..and the courts let this nonsense go on….his legal fees for trying to steal our home….

  • How is the common man supposed to respect and abide by a legal system when it is flawed to the core? I respect Mr. Arnold for the integrity and grit he has shown. I can tell you the government will never do anything about it as there is a serious conflict of their interest, majority of senators and congressmen have a legal background. The American bar association pumps huge amount of money into the presidential campaign and a reform in the system, which would translate into putting an end to frivilous lawsuits such as this, would mean less money for the lawyers.

  • It’s hard to get an attorney to file a legitimate lawsuit anymore because of STUPID Lawsuits like this one. Why don’t you just counter sue and make that idiot freeloader and her attorney pay for all of your expenses.

  • I just went through a similar situation with my son. He could prove everything the plaintiffs said was wrong with a house they bought from my son. The cost of two attorneys, endless depositions and other legal costs, burdened my son with 35,000 in cash plus the possibility of a trial and who knows what the jury would think. My son conceded and paid them 70,000.00, which is less than if he went to court. This type of lawsuit is called “Legal Extortion,” the title of a book I’m writing. Steve’s story just confirms it’s real, in every sense of the word.

  • I recently went through a lawsuit, turned gray overnight, endless nights of no sleep. No one has ANY idea what we go through, This is a Great Country, but our system is really broken. I don’t think our forefathers thought or intended that our Legal System should of been abused in such a way, that we the People are victims of our Nation.

  • Now a days it is pretty sad that someone has to endlessly ruin someone life or reputation for nonsense just because they think they can get money. That is to bad that people have to lie and cheat each other to the extent that this man has gone through. I am so sorry to hear that and I hope it all comes out for the best for all your sakes, and I hope the lady that is doing all of this is ashamed of herself for ruining someone life to benefit hers so that she doesn’t have to work. I really would like to know how she is paying for all these legal proceedings? Anyhow good luck to you Steve and your business.

  • This is very sad. The plaintiff should be forced to pay the legal fees of the defendant. The real problem is the scum factor with the plaintiff’s attorney. This scumbag has nothing else to do but attempt to extort settlement money to pay his legal fees to himself. The plaintiff’s attorney should be disbarred.

    I have a similar story. I set up a trust for a relative when they were a child for $10,000 for her college education. Money was lost in the crash of 2000 when all the tech stocks went down. As a man of integrity, I replaced the money myself so that they could finish college. Though they completed college, my relative was saw me as weak and thought she could sue to get more money out of me. Four years later, I won the case in court through a judge. Unhappy with the verdict, she appealed and then requested a jury trial. The jury did not look at any of the facts of the case. They simply saw a young girl and an older well established man who could afford to pay. The irony is the trust was only $71,000 and she sought $250,000 (she had received over $48,000 before taxes and would have received approximately $65,000 after taxes if the monies had not been lost). Thus $6,000 grew to a $250,000 lawsuit ???? If she had to pay my legal fees if she lost her case again then this nonsense would stop. I am now appealing the decision and expect to upturn predicated on the facts at the appeals court.

    If I win, then another jury trial and it all starts again. It has been 8 years of litigation and may go another 5 years. I have spent over $50,000 in legal fees. My relative’s legal fees are over $100,000. This is absurd on a $6,000 claim. This is a travesty of justice just like the poor pest control guy.

    Our legal system is broken. Our society is the worst legal system in the world. I am surprised why anyone would want to have a business here anymore. It may be time to leave the country and find a country where the laws matter and stupid lawsuits stop wreaking people’s lives.

    The worst part is the relative was my niece who stated she hated me and my whole family and that she only cared about inflicting pain on me. The money is secondary to her but to her lawyer that is all he sees is a money machine. The good news is that in 1987, I sold everything I own and am judgment proof. But unfortunately because of my reputation is important to my work and myself so I must fight this forever until she gives up.

  • I feel steves pain as we are going through some of the same stuff ourselves, the only ones who profit from frivilis lawsuits are the lawyers they keep coming at you until you end up going under its a dam shame this practice goes on, you live in constant fear about loosing eveything you own,its not right at all, sooner or later they distroy you and everything youve worked for, its just not right.

  • Sue them back! Sue them for harrassment, defamation of character and an infringmernt on your civil rights. They had their day in court – and lost – twice. To appeal again is abuse – and you should hit them with the damages of 10 million $, plus court costs, fees, lawyers, loss of income…..BURY THEM in litigation

  • Hi Steve I read your story off of fb and I wish you and your family the best of luck! I can’t even imagine what you’re going through and there should be a law in place to how many times one can try to sue a company/persons based on the same information. I think you should turn around and sue her for all your legal expenses and defamation of character. Good luck to you again..Kim from Chicago

  • I am on your side. If it were me & I had two trials that said you were not guilty & they are going for a third or want you to buy them off. I would countersue them for slander & if the lawyer knew how to turn their wanting you to give them 500,000 to go away back on them I would do it, all they want is money which to me them saying give me this money & I will go away that is the same as blackmail, extortion.

  • The only way I can think of for a case to go back to the original jurisdiction, after appeal, is if there were a procedural error. Surely, the court would not revisit the same evidence and testimony more than once. How is it possible for a civil action to be tried again and again? There is no possibility of a repeated retrial in a civil case, where I live.

  • Steve, Stay strong and trust in God he will bring you and your family devine justice.Just keep the faith!and don’t give in.

  • This is rediculus and a waste of money. The poor man should counter sue the idiot that keeps sueing him. Emotional stress, loss of money, bad rep for his business, not able to expand or move up. Why would a court waste the time. They should refuse the jerk that is trying to sue. If he or she is that sick they should rest instead of fighting. lol

  • Steve Arnold with Peachtree Pest Control may need to file his own law suit, his company has been to court twice by the same people. If he can prove his business has suffered because of (2) frivilous lawsuits. the lawsuits may stop if these people have to come out of their pocket for a change.

  • What is the matter with the court system?. If every single judge and jury was made aware of this persons past lawsuits it should clearly show them this is nothing more then about money plan and simple. Everyone does deserve their day in court; but come on lady give it a rest this company has been found innocent of all charges and you should not get one thin dime plan as the brain you should have!

  • I’m outraged by this story and I would like to advise Mr. Arnold that he has a right to file a civil suit against the plaintiff for defamation of character which means that the person who causes you to lose business or ruins your reputation due to false claims. I would also advise Mr. Arnold to seek the help of a private investigator to investigate this indiviual to find out if this person is using fraud to gain access to money from Mr. Arnold.

    I will keep Mr. Arnold and his family in my thoughts and prayers and good luck.

  • My husband and I sold a house in 2006. The women, from Ca., offered full price, cash. They called for an inspection, got the report, went to closing. Three weeks later, the harrassing phone calls started. A lawsuit insued. Nearly five years later, and almost $30,000.00 in legal fees later, we still are in litigation. You may think this could not happen to you, or that we must have done something very wrong to deserve this, but listen; deceptive trades lawsuits are so easy to file. All you need is a hungry lawyer (plenty of those) and an accuasation, and it’s better than a gold mine. Realtors almost always have errors and ommissions insurance, and that is what these lawsuits are all about. We, as homeowners, are just the pawns to get to the “real money”. It has just about, and may still, taken us to the brink of bankruptcy. Basically, the women want their house paid for, with a $25,000 bonus. We were targeted from the getgo, and didn’t have a clue. The old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, is so prolific. This has been the nightmare of our financial lives!

  • This is called legalized extortion, attorneys do it all the time. Ruined a company I had for over twenty years, they just suck the blood out of you.

  • I agree, Everyone deserves their day in court – but enough is enough. It’s crazy that people are allowed to sue over and over again burdening our court systems and using our tax dollars in this manner. This happens in many ways.. disabled people suing a restaurant when they never ate there… The pest control case, prisoners suing for crap they don’t deserve to begin with, and a slue of other things. I don’t get why this is allowed… It’s not just this family’s money – it’s OUR money paying the judges, the “free attorneys”… even the light bill. But I’m not surprised. This country is so worried about protecting idiots it’s way off balance. We’ll never see a decent society again.

  • Gold diggers! It’s so sad to see all these morons lying in order to make money. They need to be educated. Do they not see that all these lawsuits effect the economy. Many companies go bankrupt due to these lawsuits and thousands lose their jobs.

    I hope that one of these days the attorney that took the case against you gets sued.

    I will keep you in my prayers Steve. Hope all goes well.

  • Steve, my daughter was expelled from college and it took us 3 lawsuits to get to college administrators. I won at the states highest court them the college turned on her again against the court order. When it came time for the damages suit the judge through out 80 pertcentage of the case out becasue of statue of limations even when he never considered the appeals court time line. I feel for you and agree the system is broke.

    A good friemd of my is a pest control firm in Dallas TX and i do know he has been sued over a sim thing. Meyers Services in Euless TX. You might want to send him an email to find out his stratagy. I do recall him saying he always has 3 differant lawyers on retainer to confirm what he others do.

    If you want my story with the courts I am most interested in doing something. Its a growing problem tht the court system is broken.

    Good luck.

    Are you a inc? if so disolve the corp and start a sim one. My newphew just did that in a lawsuit filed against his corp. and that worked.

  • If the dirt bag doing the suing was forced to pay legal fees when loosing this nonsense would cease.

    The legal system has been corrupted by trial lawyers.

  • Isn’t that called extortion? He won twice and the guy is demanding money after loosing not once but twice. Isn’t obvious what is going on here? I’m not a lawyer (thank God) and even I can see that. File a counter suit and sue the idiot for all legal expenses.

  • Its time to get out of the system. Make yourself judgement proof through trusts or anything and just don’t show up for court.

    Demand they have no jurisdiction and make them prove it. Then appeal that. And keep doing that. File harassment charges …….It’s time to go on the offence. Do everything you can to make them go through the hoops instead of you.

    Contact a Patriot group and ask them how you can protect yourself from lawsuits.

    And when all else fails, sell off your assets to your kids, go out of business and start back up under their name. Stop defending, it’s time to attack them. And get a new Lawyer. Someone who will buck the system.

    Join up with others who have been done this way and start a pool of protection money to come together and attack those people who are attacking you. Make their life hell in everything possible. Hammer their lawyers with law suits. Make them not want to bother with you.

    Or pay the money and don’t worry about the next victim.

  • I just stumbled across this web site and it scares me to death because I am at the beginning of a lawsuit (we are nowhere near even going to court yet and it has already cost me $100K).

    I want justice to be blind, not stupid.

    I think there should be something like a grand jury system for civil cases over a certain value (why not, we do this for small claims court)…. in such cases, the plaintiff has to prove the merit of their case before the court first… and if they find that the plaintiff’s case is bogus, it does not go to trial and they pay all fees to all parties. Like double jeopardy – if they should have been in small claims court but didn’t go there first, they lose the right sue again.

  • One should be able to bring a counter suit for attempted extortion. Obviously there is just an attempt by many people today to obtain money an easy way through sueing.
    We are becoming a sorry population!! -putting it gently.

  • I hope that if this poor man has to go through another trial and gets the same Not Guilty verdict the judge can then charge this person with something and they go to jail as well as having to pay all of Steve Arnold’s legal fees incurred during the last 14 years. This is disgusting.

  • Answer is “Loser Pays”.
    There is no way that this kind of frivolous lawsuit should be allowed to destroy a life like this.
    But try to get the unscrupulous lawyers to accept “loser pays?” Kicks them right in their testicles. Probably will never happen.

  • How can this be? Isn’t there some sort of limit to this? I believe I’ve heard your business advertized on 104.7 The FISH which means something in terms of your integrity. Is there anything anyone can do for you?

  • It is rediculos that the plantiff continues to get away with apealing the lawsuite over and over what is worse is the I will apeal the second descion or pay me $500,000.00, sounds like exstortion to me. welcome to get rich in america sue some one

  • I know how you feel somewhat, we didn’t go through 14 years, but we were wrongfully sued, we won, but the damage was done…we haven’t financially recovered yet. I hope you can…it is so easy to hate attorneys isn’t it?

  • Steve, I empathize with you. You and your company is a victim here. It is a low down dirty shame that there are people in this world that prey on hardworking honest people. She should be taken to jail for insurance fraud and whatever else the within the law including harrasment. You, your partner, and the business is in my prayers. She is going to get what she deserves and that is NOTHING!!!

  • I’m rather curious as to whether this organization is in fact primarily funded by small business owners, or instead by large corporations who are trying to use the “family business” angle. I rather suspect the latter considering the inexplicable inclusion of “U.S. Chamber” into the name.

  • What a shame!! 🙁 If she had to pay $$ for anything I bet the lawsuit would have been over before it ever started. Just because a person has insurance is no reason to hold them HOSTAGE ……… THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN LEGAL BLACKMAIL……… if you don’t pay ………. then you can pay attorney’s to represent you. As I said if she should be respondible or 100% of the cost of court and your defense. Bet she would think twice about trying to be lazy and go for the easy money……
    Pissed off…….. in

  • Can’t his atty turn around and sue her for extortion or harrassment. Enough already. He should at least get all his legal bills reinbursed from the appeal and anything further. THis person sounds like a first class nut. She also must have a nut atty who keeps taking this case on.

  • If there has been an error in the trial then a new trial is warranted. Something is not being told here. Why were new trials granted. What type of injuries did the plaintiffs suffer?

  • The owners of this business are absolutely right when is enough enough? They should countersue the plaintiff for nusance & harrassment.

  • There are certainly examples of peoplecompanies enduring lawsuits over questionable issues. On the other hand, there are even more examples of workers/private citizens using their entire life savings trying to recover property and needed medical coverage for the results of companies/corporations who disregard the dangerous products/practices their company/corporation engages in. We should limit the legal process for these citizens?? I think not!!

  • There are way too many lawsuits that should never even make it to court let alone make it to court more than once. Maybe if our justice system did a major overhaul and stopped this type of abuse and fined the person trying to file the bogus lawsuit, then it would stop. I am sorry, when a man can go after McDonalds for making him fat, there is something seriously wrong with our justice system. The justice system needs to step in and stop they guy from filing suit yet again and taking up this companies and the courts time. The lawyers need to be held liable also for helping this continue.

  • This is out ragious.this company was found not liable 2 times why is the court system alowing a third trial. This man could loose every thing he has worked hard for because some one wants an easy pay day at anothers expence . He is paying huge lawyer fees she probably has a pro bono lawyer or an ambulance chaser who is in it for the money it is tatamount to black mail give me 500 grand and I wont sue. You sued twice you lost twice time to give up. wonder how many others they have wrongfully sued.Stop this craziness.

  • the person that is suing is looking for money and I hope this person goes bankrupt because ( what goes around comes around 3 X 3 and those attorneys are in fact ambulance chasers!!! this proves it! any one that knows who these attorneys are don’t hire them!!!

  • There must be fees and consequences associated with bringing frivolous lawsuits and then losing. The jerks that bring these law suits should have something on the line, also. That will make them think twice about extorting money from defendants. Right now the system is set up so the plaintiffs have nothing to lose. That MUST change now. It will probably bring health care costs down, too.

  • We need to change the old standard of “Everyone deserves their day in court” to “Everyone deserves A day in court.” The place for reform should be in the endless appeals process. If a plaintiff loses, he or she loses; the appeal should be limited to a review of the case by an independent judge, with all costs paid by the plaintiff IN ADVANCE.

  • Congress and the Administration must like the way the legal system works or they would change it. Nowhere in the constitution does it allow for a person who has been found innocent to be retried for the same crime or Tort. In so doing you are assuming guilt or responsibility of the defendent. Nullification by appeal is a practice used by lawyers when they want to overcome a just outcome by brute force. “if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters…etc..etc..” If you give a lawyer an infinite number of appeals you can effect nullificaton of a just verdict….

  • all of us in mo. are on your side brother!sounds like the person in question is being coached and hopeing for settlement !stay the course.after you win again sue her and her bogus attourney for harrassment!!

  • Mr Arnold,
    I believe the way to put an end to this is the way an acquaintance did some yrs back. Counter-sue this woman for extortion and slander (she is agreeing to settle out of court if you pay her off – even tho you’ve won twice so far and she has defamed your good name and damaged your company’s reputation) for double what she is asking for plus add in your expenses in the cases to date. Trust me, when she realizes she probably won’t win the third time either and faces a hefty lawsuit she could lose, she will ask you to drop your case if she will agree not to pursue hers again. Be sure to ask for your legal fees for dropping your lawsuit. This worked for my acquaintance and will most likely work for you as well.

  • Surely there are laws to prevent this from happening, but obviously not the appeal’s keep going through. Steve I hope for you and your family that this gentleman ( for lack of a better word) realizes that just because you are money hungry does not mean you can keep attacking people and their reputation. Do you not have a recourse at all ? Good Luck

  • My mother finally quit practicing medicine when she was sued by a woman who had never come to her office for any kind of care. This woman’s sister had been a patient. The attorneys for the plaintiff went through every file my mother had in her office looking for some sort of “negligence”, because they couldn’t find proof that their current client was even a patient there, which, of course, she wasn’t.

    Attorneys should be limited to collecting the fees for the actual hours they put into a case with the rest of any damages going to the plaintiff, if negligence is found. there would be many fewer frivolous lawsuits that way.

  • This is just typical of the BS that is currently going through the court system. This business owner should counter-sue for defamation of character, loss of business, loss of hours, attorneys fees and anything else that would apply.

  • I find it hard to believe the story without more detailed info. This brief narrative raises my suspicions that the facebook post was a ruse only for the author to get people to visit the site and up the count of visitors. Plus “U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform” !?!? Makes it sound like a government entity. Can’t be with a .com extension: InstituteForLegalReform.com. Shame on you!!!

  • Why don’t you sue her for harrassment. Give her a dose of her own medicine. Maybe she will end up with jail time. That will be bad for her health.

  • i hope steve can sue for loses in business.we need more the crooked lawyers in office.the politions have made this problem,so when they get kicked out of office they can go right back to making money in their real colage ed career.lets turn to class action law suits on our politions that take lobbiest money.

  • Ever heard of False and Frivolous sanctions against Lawyers in Opposition? Counter sue for Defamation. Sue the Opposing Attorneys. False swearing (Perjury) is also an option for Criminal punishment of the Law suit originator. (Abuse of Process)

    If all else fails (Quit Operations and Sell the Name/assetts to your Heir) and when they sue they’ll be suing with no hope of recovery- You can take on a Consulting fee for your Compensation and remain working or lease back the Name/Assetts for $1/year

    Good Luck and Godspeed

  • Over 55,000 businesses are being protected currently through a membership that is openly available and offered by a NYSE company, top rated on the BBB and the founder is on the board of the National Chamber of Commerce. A simple wall of pre-paid attorney time that ensures that the suing party (civil lawsuit or job-related criminal lawsuit) could come out of pocket some $15,000.00 BEFORE the defendant would start coming “out of pocket’.

  • In 2009 I was sued for $50,000 by my former commercial landlord after leasing from him for 7yrs for work that the previous tenant a hair salon did. The worst part he was a former Philadelphia cop and now a BIG FAT LIAR. I won the case as I proved beyond a doubt the former tenant installed the work and I had had no lease for the last 5yrs with him. Well he’s on appeal wasting more of the courts time and driving up my legal fees. Enough is Enough

  • The problem is that in this country people have their lawyers name on speed dial. T.hey are encouraged to sue. Commercials for lawyers are on all the time and people feel why not.

    It makes it harder and harder for small business to continue to operate.

    I been in your shoes and won but it cost me so much more than money- the emotional stress that still continues will never be restored.

    Everyone talks about reform of certain areas like health care but I strongly believe that torte reform has to come first.

    Product liability cost everyone even those of us who would never think of suing.
    The problem is everyone thinks its a faceless company, they have money so who does it hurt. Well it hurts every single consumer out there.

    Insurance cost are thru the roof because of nonsense suits like this and yet it continues

    So wrong in so many ways.

  • For this case to be able to appeal 2 times, they must have had a poor attorney and had poor judges that allowed errors in their favor twice. A plaintiff cannot just appeal because they don’t like the verdict.

  • Steve, DO NOT SETTLE. You held on this long, Have Faith, Do Not Fear, If You Go to court a 3rd time & Lose, You would have not handed the Devil your stuff on a platter, BUT KNOW< YOU WILL NOT LOSE! You Will Win. Give It To God & Do Not Let yourself worth and goodness be robbed. The Devil is a pursuer, he works to steal, kill & destroy anybody. Don't you Give in or up. He wants you to give up that's why this is ongoing, trying to beat you down. Don't think or say, How long, Say You will never defeat me or take what is mine. that's his M.O. He's a THIEF. If you give it to him he no longer is a thief 7 you are an accomplis helping him to take from you. Don't get weary, Hold on, you've done so this long, why stop fighting the evil done to you now, this is not the time to get weary, gird yourself up qand fight your best fight…Change is coming,In your Favor; just when you give up that EVIL Person wins, they have nothing to lose for hoping and preying on your company to get money, they are figuring & counting on weighing you down so they hope you give up a 3rd time. You've come through thus far after 14 years, give it to God, do Not Lose Faith Or Fight, God has had your back and you will win!!! Everything IS NOT ON THE LINE!, You are in a test and a Battle, Do Not Give the enemy NO Ground, even Daniel had to wait while the angels fought demons to get his requested blessings through(remember and know, God answered his prayer the moment he prayed it)Do Not Give UP! Go Forward and Let God, Denounce the evil and You keep living and doing good, do not despair, hope beyond hope, i am standing with you for your good You will Win Big time, more than just on a financial front. Dear Jesus, I Pray that you would pour out your Strength, Wisdom, Favor& discernment& your Divine understanding upon Steve, his household, & company and faithful employee's. I ask in the name of Jesus, the most high, that you reveal creative ideas and effective methods to Steve; Encourage, and renew his mind, body & spirit man, & Allow all those around him to continue to support in all ways, and not doubt, and enable STEVE & those on his side to be strong in their faith and belief in YOU, LORD GOD, that when you are for them ( and you are) no one or nothing can come against him!!! Trouble the hearts of those that work this evil against him and stop and cease this lawsuit and vindicate him victorious over this situation, that he may know you are God and you have his back,
    Steve, Focus on your blessings, what is good and use your strength to do what you can do, and take good care of you & yours. Give Thanks where thanks is Do & Do Not Fret. Let God Do His Job. Love in Christ Jesus, God's Daughter, Erica Feist This Too Shall & Will Pass.. You Win!!!

  • We are a small family business and are experiencing the same type of thing but not by a customer…by our local government. Our ordeal began 10 years ago when we bought investment property zoned multi-family. We did our due diligence and spoke with the city planners about our specific plans. After hearing how our plan was exactly what the city needed and wanted we purchased the property. Immediately after that we encountered one roadblock after another roadblock and eventually ended up in court where we won. Now we are back in court as the city won’t approve our final platt even though it meets all their requirements…”it shall conform to the approved preliminary platt”. We purchased this property 11 years ago as our retirement project. We are working harder now than ever just to stay alive while we pay horriffic attorney fees and gamble in court on the outcome. It seems that everything is stacked against the small business owner. Happy New Year!

  • The American legal system is a disgrace and I am sick of hearing judges and U S lawyers saying it is the greatest legal system in the World. I am a UK lawyer of over 20 years standing and the British legal system is far more advanced and equitable than the American system with the frivioulous law suits in America being beyond contempt. Steve Arnold deserves a medal for putting up with such a 3rd world legal sytem.

  • I think the person suing is very sick mentally and has a shyster lawyer. Can you sue for ruining your reputation and company good name? I am sorry for your pain and loss and keeping you in prayer. GOD BLESS DO NOT PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why doesn’t a judge throw out this frivolous litigation already? The court system is as much to blame for prolonging this nerve wracking situation. A “smart judge” would have seem thw handwriting on the wall and put an end to it. A third trial, come on….why should he settle?

  • I feel for this man, if all the information he gives is true. However, what about his insurance company? I would think a pest control company would have to have “insurance.” Presuming he did, and it was the insurance company running his defense, one has to question the truth of everyone, not just the plaintiff. Insurance company “adjusters” are good at directing their insureds in avoiding liability so they don’t have to pay anything. You know, manufacturing false evidence. Truth, justice, etc. are words not even allowed in the Courtroom. Maybe there are some abuses, but the majority of folks these days as in the past don’t want to sue. They just want it fixed. The insurance companies are not giving us what we pay for.

    Don’t buy into the tort reform nonsense. It only gives insurance companies more reason and excuse to record record profits by denying bonafide legitimate claims of people who only ask to have the problem fixed.

    If this poor man’s defense was being handled by an insurance company I would demand to see their file. I would suspect he would learn they could have settled with the girl by paying the medical bills for the issue it created a long, long time ago. If it was a bonafide claim. Genuine claims should be handled and taken care of immediately. Cheap insurance companies create problems for their insureds, not just the people hurt. If this has drug on because of that, if I were him, I would sue the insurance company for bad faith.

  • This is horrible! How long does this company have to be held hostage by this plaintiff? Can they counter sue? I certainly would!
    This plaintiff is using the court system to legally extort money from this company! Can they take it to their state supreme court?

  • This is why we are in the shape we are in this country, Greedy lawers can not and will NOT say to a person after they failed twice to just give the matter up. This has to be a major waste of time. But thats they way it is, You can’t turn the TV on to watch ANY program with seeing some lawer advertiseing to sue some company or someone or whatever. And we the people have become soo obsessed that we go for this with every thing we can trying to get rich at someon elses expense. Like the man said when do you call it enough?????

    Oh well just more greed fueling the fires of this country

  • My X wife was law suit crazy person she tried to get custody of my daughter back 12 times in 10 years.
    She is paranoid and accused me of so many fabricated things.
    It was all about the money for her as well.
    She has not spoken to her daughter in 5 years.
    I feel for you!
    Be grateful your not marred to her!

  • I can’t believe that they would appeal it two times! Is there a law which allows a business to get a loan from a bank after a verdict has been reached? It makes me not to even start a business- to see it taken away from me in court. I feel for this family they really are affected by lawsuit abuse. I hope that lady doesn’t get a dime!

  • Who are the funding members, by individual name, of this website/org? The front stories are always these “tear-jerkers” about “the little guy” getting beat up. Two things are facts, however. 1.In order for there to be an appeal, a judge has to find a mistake or new info on the case….one can’t simply decide to appeal 85 times. 2. Groups today often are devious in nature. Large companies bankroll efforts to get public support for legislation that benefits large companies and harms individual freedom. If you are maliciously harmed, the law prescribes an antidote. Instead, large companies would rather knowingly do harm, then tell you “go away”. They often hide in fine print, demands that you NOT be able to sue, but go to arbitration. The “arbiter” is typically WILDLY biased toward the company….THAT’S THE PURPOSE. Don’t allow anyone to trick you into giving up your rights! Oh yeah: sorry, but I’m not a lawyer nor have I ever sued anyone.

  • I was told a plaintiff had to post a huge bond to file an appeal, and pay the defendant’s legal fees if they lost. How could a working woman possibly afford that? Who is helping her financially? Her legal fees must rival the defendant’s fees.

  • There is obviously much more to this case/situation than you are providing.Where are the rest of the details of this case?Details such as the other side’s story?Details such as the basis for the ongoing appeals?You are providing just enough information to make your readers believe that this company is a victim and that the ONLY solution is to drastically change our legal system and our tort laws.Nothing could be farther from the truth on either account.You would have us believe that the only solution to this ONE problem is to destroy the legal rights of ALL citizens.
    Again, NOTHING could be farther from the truth.
    You should be ASHAMED of yourself.
    G.F. “Hookman” Brown
    Houston, Texas

  • It is a sad day when the legal system who has already held two (2) trials for this company and the jury in both cased found against the plaintiff. What needs to be done is for the judge (and for that matter the chief judge or even the Georgia State Supreme Court) to tell the plaintiff that if he/she moves forward, he/she will (if plaintiff is found not liable) will be required to pay ALL LEGAL EXPENSES 50/50 (including his lawyers fees) with his lawyer and bar him from proceeding any further.

  • First of all I think it is important to turn to Christ in prayer. Asking Christ to help you in whatever it is that you should do next. Ask God for Guidance it might be that He would want you to speak directly with this woman and put it on her heart what she is doing which is so wrong. If this does not work, maybe you should think about counter suing her for slander. What ever the outcome I will pray for you that Christ
    will put it on her heart and convict her of her wrongdoings. Bless you. PJ

  • We need judicial and tort reform in this country NOW! As a fellow American I support you and your family Steve.

  • You are wrong – we need lawsuits to keep the corporations in check. It’s the last defense we(the public) have. We must keep lawsuits legal and available. Whose going to defend the little guy? Our congress is too tied to the Lobbyists to care anymore.

  • Steve:
    As a fellow business owner, my heart goes out to you. Deadbeats will always attempt to profit from those like you who work hard to achieve. If you are able to hold your ground and not settle, the deadbeat and their deadbeat attorney will not profit from your hard work. Unfortunately, the cost to not settle can more often than not be more than settling. Its a call only you can make. I really hope they dont see a dime of your hard earned money in this case where you are the real victim.

  • Explain to me how this is abuse??? Just because he said he didn’t do anything wrong does not make it true. The first jury’s verdict was obviously nullified because the appellate court determined that an error was made by the trial judge that could have improperly influenced the jury. The plaintiff has every right to appeal again if he feels the trial judge made a material mistake that affected the verdict. If the trial was fair then he should win the appeal and he doesn’t have to go through a third trial. If the verdict gets reversed again then the appellate division has decided that the plaintiff still has not received a fair trial. In my mind there is nothing wrong with that.

  • so sad.. Our US of A is no longer the things people sang about alll these years!. The land of the free is now the lan of the sued and of the oppressed! So sorry for the ones trying to be dignified and run a well oiled business that truelly brings the goods to the consumer. The consumer has been programmed to sue us! so sad. God’s blessings on you and yours! Julie In Las Vegas

  • After watching the video, this situation seems more like extortion than a legitimate claim. If they are willing to “Pony up” some money, the person will not attempt to sue again? Excuse me? That’s extortion!! I hope this company turns around and sues that person for their legal expenses. After winning their case twice, I think they have very good grounds to say this is a frivalous lawsuit. If they had really made that women sick, I would have zero sympathy for them. But they’ve won two cases. I’d say they ARE innocent and have proven it in court TWICE. Enough IS enough. Sue that women for damages!!!


  • abuse of power, steve is right

    i used to be a small business owner, too. i had a similar situation. my company went under after 15 years of blood n sweats.

  • This is why I have always said that a simple law that says if you sue me and you lose then you automatically pay my attorney fees and court cost , would stop these rediculous law suits. That is why I will not vote for an attorney for congress , they make the laws to benefit them , not the people.

  • the seciond judge should ahve looked at teh transcripts from teh first trial and summerarily dismissed it. This is pure lawsuit abuse adn the one doing it needs to go to jail.

  • i know how this man feels. i am a business owner and i was sued in much the same manner. i had done nothing wrong, but the people sued just because they could. it cost me $40K and nearly half of that went to the attorney. something needs to be done about this. it is a crime that people can do this sort of thing with no consquences to themselves.

  • Lawyers and there frivolous lawsuits are the reason this country is where it is at today. we are so paranoid to do anything and without small companies we would fail to exist. This lady should be forced to lose something, right now she has nothing to lose, do this make sense?
    Could this be a larger corporation fueling this person to keep up the pressure to lessen there competition. Or perhaps the insurance companies looking to recover monies lost?

  • I totally agree that it is an abuse and a travesty. People take advantage of our freedoms to profit. Appeals should be limited to one. In a criminal case if you are aquitted there is no double jeapardy. People should not have to suffer triple jeapardy in a civil case.

  • When the economy is bad everyone suffers. Everyone is looking for money, in this case the judge who should have not allowed any appeal on a case thrown out and the lawyers. Don’t they have anything better to do, oh wait this is what they do; make it so hard to want to start a business just because of this type of dung, then they have the audacity to defend it knowing the person suing is in the wrong.

  • As a small business owner, I feel for you. These things should not be allowed. The judges should be in the position to not let the appeal go forward. Whats wrong with these judges?

  • The worst problem that comes with freedom is majority rule comes into effect. A world ruled by truth can, or will not exist as long and humans are in control, 2 of the three governing laws of humanity are greed and pugnacity….humans are greedy and like to fight so world peace will not exist until man is strong enough to fight his inner-workings…I wish you the best of luck peach-tree, and the saddest part is it is luck not justice that our world is run upon…

  • STEVE…DONT GIVE IN TO THIS IDIOT. he already lost twice..they found you not responsible twice…..How many times can it be allowed to go on….come on $500,000 for him getting sick? people who are critically injured and/or seriously injured dont even get that much….the only people getting anything out of this are the attorney’s….I know it is hard..but keep up the fight…dont let that idiot win…..he is only looking for a free ride……

  • This is unbelievable. Talk about abuse!!! …more like fraud or extortion!!! When is enough, enough? How many times can she keep suing for the same incident?

  • Hard to comment without hearing the other side of the story. Usually, each party represent themselves as the victim. He/She who makes a personal judgement or gives opinions without clearly hearing the other side of the story is making a big mistake and would not be right. So, I would not want to make the same mistake which would be unfair to the other party. All we have right now is a lop-sided story – incomplete. I cannot portray Steve Arnold as the victim with only half of the story presented here.

  • I think that this is a shame. My daughter has a legitimate reason to sue a large and powerful company and no attorney in Lancaster, PA will go against them. Here this person was not found believable not once but twice by jury members of peers and is still trying to get monies that they are not entitled to. This person must have money already to be able to afford an attorney this long, because they don’t come cheap and they are not winning any money for their client so they can get paid.

  • This sickens me. I’m deeply sorry for the hard working, tax paying small business family. I know there are Laws against these lawsuits. Why don’t you sue this individual for mental abuse, along with slander, and many other things. You have a right to take him to Court too. Maybe give him a dose of his own medicine. If there are too many cases going on, he may drop it. Sadly, we are in this problem of lawsuits for ONE reason. ATTORNEYS. They are all after one thing…MONEY.

  • Frivalous lawsuits and the fear thereof has
    put a major damper on business growth.
    Let us put a stop to it.

  • Wow…unbelievable. I will pray for Steve, his family and his business. He should not have to pay a dime and should COUNTERSUE for everything he’s spent on attorney’s fees to date. Don’t sit back and take it. AND the court should impose a fee for abuse of the court and it’s employees. God Bless

  • I think our leagal system is just crazy. I dont think that people should get away with going back 3-4-5-6- on and on times to court until they get what they want. I think this is where our system fails. They need to do something about this. Face it buddy your not getting free money here move on with your life.

  • I think that in the case of real damage a suit is fine, but to appeal and appeal is not. If I were harmed or while doing business harmed someone else I could expect to see they suing me N I WOULD WANT MY EXPENSES FOR ANY DAMAGE TO ME EXTREME RightSourceRx.co NO BUT WHAT I WAS OUT FOR THE DAMAGE.SO HOW ABOUT A LIMIT ON THE DOLLAR AMOUNT TO WHAT YOU WERE TRULY OUT AND SAY 10% FOR ANY PERSONAL.. Unless it was a criminal act by an employee such as assault or rape then I’d have to say, I would look into whether the company did the proper screening etc. and disclosure to me. I’d file crimmial and depending on the case sue or not. People should have that right and companies do deserve some limitations to the number of appeals and dollar amount AS WELL AS PERSON WHO SUES SAY A BIG COMPANY LIKE WAL MART THEY DESERVE NOT TO HAVE THEM DRAG ON ON ON EITHER. THERE HAS TO BE A MIDDLE GROUND.

  • I will be praying for the gentlemen who own this company. It is frivolous lawsuits like this that have been part of the ruin of this great country. There are so many litiginous people out there. It has caused doctors to stop practicing medicine because they cannot afford their malpractice insurance. Insurance costs go up beause of these lawsuits. What has become of our society that we allow things like this to happen.

  • I’ve read the GA court of appeals 2007 decision, and it looks like the plaintiff had some valid arguments and won their appeal and the right to a new trial. I suggest you hire better attorneys this time, as it looks like the original attorneys made some pretty bad errors.

  • I hope Peachtree Pest Control comes out on top for the third time. It is all about the money they will keep appealing to try to get a payoff. Keep up the fight and good luck.

  • I went through a product liability suit that lasted 7 years. We won, but it was costly.It was all done on the pretense that it was cheaper for the insurance company to pay he claim rather than fight it. We insisted they fight it on principel. $100,000 suit cost $150,000 to defend. Offer to settle for $35,000 was rejected just before jury went out. Scumbag went home with nothing. This system is definetly messed up.

  • Why did the judge not find in favor of the defendant with prejudice (i.e. the case would be closed and the prosecution can’t refile)? And why would a judge even entertain it? Did she appeal because she then couldn’t pay attorney’s fees? That’s crazy. Sorry you went through that. What was the outcome of the 2nd appeal?

  • Seems like the law needs to change, once the verdict is made then that should be it. The owner of this business needs to try to change this law.

  • We got outspent $850,000 to zero to get whacked on behalf of the “investors” as the excuse. No investor sued; they prayed we’d make it, which we squeaked through on. No one testified against us; but, smears worked–and the real issue to the judge was “why would they spend the money unless they were right?”

    Love your website. In our home town, the plaintiff lawyers closed our playground–because of fear of suits.

  • I’m so sorry to hear what this man and his company has to go through by someone who looks like they are just trying to scam money out of him. They have nothing to lose but he has. It’s just pathetic.

  • There are some lawyers who LOVE to sue. The courts support them. There are judges who are likely to find in favor of the person suing. Jury trials are time-consuming and costly to participate in. A small business could be easily wiped out from frivolous law suits. The person suing has nothing to lose by continuing their appeals. This could be a legal way to blackmail . Or did the prosecution present a case poorly?
    Tough call.

  • First off Steve needs to understand there are people out there looking for nothing but money, i say to heck with it do not pay the settlement! if you do you are saying you are quilty even though you done no wrong, and then the community will doubt your company is honest based on ones lies, go to court again and stand your ground and then turn the tables on the plaintiff sue them for slander and have them pay all attorney fees from past to present, do not give in or you loose everything.

  • My husband has sued me for my half of our home to give to his children by a former wife. He closed all our bank accounts (over $100,000) and put the money in his family’s name. We are 70 years old and live on social security. He is retired Military and has two other retirement incomes. The court gave him sole possession of our home and I have no place to live since I cannot afford rent. He is ill and his daughters told him lies about me that he believed. Now he is suing me for my half of the house since I cannot afford an attorney. What am I going to do? Money runs the courts.

  • Sorry to hear this…lawsuits are the worst since the innocent get prosecuted. Small business get hit hard. The spirit is broken as it took inspiration & perspiration to build the place up in a way money cannot buy. All the best.

  • What is also sad is that their Lawyers are telling them to pursue it cause they get paid off of it as well. I think Lawsuits should be the same as any other trial, once found “not guilty” they can not keep appealing it or they can only appeal so many times. Everytime I hear about how bad the economy is, I think of people who are doing the sueing and go “gee I wonder why?” Something for nothing, a lot of people want a paycheck and not work. Sad, Sad people. Good Luck from one small business owner to another.

  • DO NOT let this person win. DO NOT SETTLE. You did nothing wrong. Settling sends a message to all the small business owners that anyone can sue for nothing, win and screw the one actually trying to make a life for themselves and their family. Settling is doing whats wrong…..

  • the law should allow the winner to collect legal expenses from the looser in a case like this. After 2 losses it is almost blackmail to continue.

  • On a side note…. shouldn’t the loosing party be required to pay the court costs? That might stop frivilous law suits or trying 2 and 3 times to win a past failed suit.

  • What an awful story and my heart breaks for you. Can’t you countersue for harrassment? Have you been able to ask for attorneys’ fees in any of the proceedings? Just wondering. Where is the plaintiff getting all that money to hire attorneys who know the case is a loser?

  • I cannot believe that this jerk can get away with this. Have you tried contacting lawyers like F. Lee Baily? The noteriaty would be good, they could fight and win.

    Your business has been cleared in each trial. I KNOW your company is not in the wrong. But if you give in and pay the creep, HE will win, and everyone will think you WERE to blame and just tried to get away with it. And he will do it to some other poor business.

    You need to be strong and fight for what is right. I can only inagine how hard it is to go through such an ordeal, but know that there are people out here pulling and praying for you.

    YOU will win in the end. And you will survive. And you will re-build your business stronger than before.

    Take care, and may the new year bring peace, joy and happiness for you and yours.

  • that is one of thr things that is wrong with our justice system.. Gold diggers they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is terrible. Small businesses should not be terrorized by money hungry individuals hoping to hop on the fast track.. Our justice system is seriously lacking in morals sometimes..

  • Steve,

    You and your company will be in my prayers..Dont give her a dime!! You will be blessed and one day she will be judged and have to answer for this crime she has committed agaist you.

    Best wishes,

  • this is crap. sue back!!! mental anguish! everyone knows this is abuse why allow it? u can’t be fair or nice anymore! the only way to win is sue and fight back with everything! don’t give them a dime! make them work for their money just like u do

  • I cannot believe the justice system is allowing this kind of junk to plug up our legal system . The plantiff is just wanting something for nothing . I ts so sad that we allow this garbage to go on .

  • counter sue for damage and suffering and reputation for a frivolous law suit. they aren’t damaged and if you counter sue there is finally an end.

  • As long as the Legislative branch is more concerned with taking care of their (lawyer) brothers than they are “we the people” this sickening behavior will continue. They should be looking at insurance & tort reform to stop this kind of abuse. Instead… they make business pay more for their evil acts of providing jobs to the masses!

    Very sorry that this family has to endure the financial and emotional cost for something so frivolous!

    Shame you can’t counter sue and get your time and money back from this person who has been working the system.

  • Where does the statue of limitations run out on this case? I believe the whole idea of the continuous appeals is to run the Peachtree Pest Control business into the ground. After winning two previous trials, why can’t the state step in and say that this case is closed?

  • I think one thing that would stop a lot of this type of abuse is if the lawyer for the plaintiff had to pay a stiff fine for bringing a frivolous lawsuit. Maybe they would think harder and make sure the case was legitimate before forcing others to spend large sums of money to defend themselves. These lawyers take the cases on a contingency so if they do not win then they get nothing but the person being sued will be out a large sum of money with the possibility of losing everything. For instance, if the jury perversely decides to award the plaintiff a ridiculous amount as punishment, the insurer will only cover so much. Anything over that is the responibility of the defendant. And if someone offers to let you settle out of court, that means they are really just in it for the money. No real harm was done.

  • I think you and your website are DISGUSTING.
    For you to use your enormous access to resources to try to DESTROY the legal rights of MILLIONS of Americans,who have little or no access to resources, is absolutely dispicable.
    Your ONE-SIDED portrayal of America’s legal system is nothing short of perverted.The GREED and CORRUPTION of you , and people like you, is destroying our nation from the inside out.
    Your study measures PERCEPTION and touts it as fact.
    You survey only CORPORATE COUNSEL and claim balance and fairness.
    Again, Sir,You and your website are dispicable and disgusting.
    Where are the comments?
    This is my second, yet I see none.Are you hiding what you don’t want your target audience to see?

    G.F. “Hookman” Brown
    Houston, Texas

  • Welcome to the real UNITED STATES where you can be sued and sued again for the same thing and nothing happends to the plaintiffs, I say file a defamation suit against the plaintiff and ask for 10 mil.

  • The third appeal should never have been allowed or accepted. I agree with this guy when he says “when is enough, enough.”

  • based on the results from the two trials, it should be clear the company is not at fault. the other party should be held liable for extortion after they came forward saying they would go away for 500,000. This is all an attempt to extort a large sum of money from an honest business, why has no other people working there came down with an illness.

  • This sound serious serious. What do you propose. ?
    I did not thing that one could have double jeopardy in a civil case of this type.

  • @ G.F. “Hookman” Brown: I completely agree. Every account listed on this site is from a single biased point of view. The facts of the case are never discussed, the view of the opposing party is never published, and no impartial third-party comment is shown. There is no problem with “frivolous” lawsuits in America; cases cited as examples are either dismissed or include important facts ignored in popular culture.

  • Given the nature of the chamber, I’m not surprised that there’s no mention of the grounds for the appeal. This may be an abuse of the system, but they don’t provide enough info to be able to tell.

  • Is this the case at http://caselaw.findlaw.com/ga-court-of-appeals/1278834.html? Because it looks like the trial court did commit error, and when it does, the appeals court is going to award a new trial. That’s just the way our system works. In this case, the Peachtree employee mixed the pesticide in a manner other than that prescribed; there seems to be no dispute of that. The question is simply whether or not his negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s ailments, and that is a question for the jury.

    As long as the trial court commits error, the aggrieved side is going to appeal. The problem appears to be a poor judge at the trial level.

  • I own a small business with 20 employees. The justice system encourages abuse against business. I have faced it myself. The road we’re traveling down as a country is the strangulation and death of small business owners. One person can only take so much vile abuse from a small percentage of consumers out to legally scam you of money. The first time I stood my ground and defended my integrity. It cost me $10,000 to prove myself right, when I could have settled in the beginning for $3500.

  • the answer of course lies in adopting the British
    legal system which requires the losing party to
    pay the cost of defending their complaint. In this
    case litigants would think twice before bringing nuisance complaints.
    Additionally we need to reform the tort system and bring the lawyers under control. Certainly the whole class action suits have been a real
    losing situation for all concerned.

  • All of you mean well but are mistaken. This site gives the impression that most lawsuits are frivolous. That is untrue. If your loved one is injured, try dealing with the insurance company. Then you will see that plaintiff lawyers serve as a “check and balance” on insurance companies.
    There is also much misinformation on the site. I am amazed at how people act like they know something about law, which is a highly technical field. Someone said the plaintiff keeps appealing over and over. There is only a limited right of appeal. There are many opportunities for frivolous lawsuits to get dismissed long before a trial. This site is anecdotal and is obviously endorsed by non-lawyers who simply don’t understand the system.

  • File bankruptcy, close the business, then start a new one under a new name. When the old business ceases to exist, so does it’s ability to be sued.

  • This story doesn’t make any sense. Why would the court system give a new trial to anyone, unless there was something wrong with the earlier trial. If this company truly never serviced the client who sued, that case would be thrown out without any jury trial whatsoever. Something is missing from this story.

  • Our problem is that there are too many crooked lawyers that haven’t been elected to something yet or become a judge. Our problem is lawyers. It is time to get them out of politics and from behind ambulances.

  • If the Plaintiff and their Attorney were made to pay Court costs and defense attorney fees these frivolous lawsuits would end. Many countries follow that concept under Commonwealth law and it works.
    Reducing the cost of Insurance would have a profound impact on the economy and our way of life.

  • Another case where a scumbag and a scumbag’s attorney recognizes an opportunity to use the legal system to defraud someone/anyone with the ability to pay. Nevermind that the complaint has no merrit. The defendant can always counter sue but even if he wins the coutersuit, the judgement is worthless because the scumbag has no provable ability to pay the judgement. So the legal system makes it very advantageous for scumbags to file frivalous lawsuits in the hopes of a payoff in lieu of the plantiff bearing the legal expense to defend himself. The solution is a new crop of elected representatives with the guts to actually reverse laws that are abused and redirect our couse to benefit productivity without the burden of overreaching government.

  • Why is an Appeals Judge even giving 5 minutes consideration as to the merits of the appeal, and not just throwing it out…period! You would think the constant complaints of the over crowded case loads would be an incentive for Judges to quickly throw out cases that are obviously bogus, and save his/her time and the courts time for cases of merit. The application of some “common sense” by Judges would go a long ways towards limiting this non-sense…I guess that makes TOO MUCH common sense! Billy The Kid was RIGHT!

  • I hope they win the third appeal too. Then they should countersue the plaintiff for abuse of process. This extortion must end.

  • You must counter-sue the plaintiff for abuse of process right now. This counter action on your part will be equal to standing up to a bully on the school ground. This woman is extremely abusive and needs help buy not from a lawyer. Her attorney should be held to account too if he/she is the same who litigated twice before. Where is your hard hitting counsel? You need a tiger not a lamb. God bless with success!

  • Lawsuits like this are brought on just as much by the attorneys as they are the people allegedly “hurt”. I knew someone who accidentally rear-ended another car at a low speed; 4 years later at the trial the woman who was hit still came to work in a neck brace. The plaintiff attorney was awesome though, had video of the “hurt” person roller-skating, wrestling with kids, etc…they ordered her to pay court costs related to the case!

  • Justice? How many times must a jury say there is no case? Definitely an abuse of the system. Countersue today! This has got to stop! I’ll be praying for true justice on your behalf.

  • He should counter-sue that ‘plaintiff’ for legal expenses and lost income due to a frivolous lawsuit.

  • Please do not give up and let this thief win. We have to take a stance for what is right. I know that is easy for me to say since I am not invested in the law suit. If you do not stand up and after 14 years you might never forgive yourself for giving in. I will fight to the end if I feel I am right about something

  • This is absolutely the most horrible thing to have happen to someone. After two trials and the plaintiff losing both, he should not be able to sues for a third time. Sounds just like a Money hungry son so a &$&$@. I agree with Joseph. Counter sue the idiot

  • So sorry this is happening to you and your family. There are so many dirt bags out there that will do anything they can for a buck…except to work for it. Stay strong..don’t give this jackass a cent. Right will win out in the end. Best of luck.

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