Man Sues Date for Texting During Movie: “Bad first date” stories are very common — but what about stories about first dates that end in a lawsuit? Brendan Vezmar of Austin, TX, sued a woman who joined him on a first date to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 because she was texting during the film.  The suit sought the cost of the movie ticket … a whopping $17.31. Read the full story here.

NBA Fan Sues because Warriors Player Injured Spurs Star: Some people take sports very seriously.  But perhaps no one takes it more seriously than San Antonio Spurs fan Juan Vasquez. Vasquez was so incensed that Golden State Warriors’ center Zaza Pachulia injured the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard in game 1 of the teams’ Western Conference Finals matchup that he’s filed a lawsuit seeking $73,000, and for the court to put a stop to Pachulia’s defensive closeout techniques. Read the full story here.

Lawsuit from Hell? Metal Band Members Sue ‘Satanic’ Lead Singer, Revealing Identities to the World: Many people who have been through the experience of a lawsuit might describe the experience as “hell.” But for one particular lawsuit, that description takes on a whole new meaning. Several former members of the Swedish doom metal band Ghost have filed a lawsuit against the group’s lead singer, arguing that the “unabashed dishonest, greed, and darkness” of the group wasn’t just confined to their dark, heavy music. Read the full story here.