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Vytas Juskys and his small business manage apartment buildings and are committed to constantly upgrading and making repairs to the homes of the tenants. He thought that improving their apartments and the common areas would help his residents love where they lived; he never expected that one of them would thank him with a lawsuit.

Juskys was in the process of improving an apartment complex he had just acquired when he learned he was being sued. He had been making a variety of repairs to the building and the surrounding facilities, and he was posting regular repair notices on the tenants’ doors, as is required by law.

But one tenant claimed that these notices caused her emotional distress, and she sued Juskys for $500,000. The irony, Juskys says, is that the plaintiff had personally been requesting improvements and then sued him for notifying her that he was planning to make them.

“There’s no way to avoid it,” Juskys says. “At some point, if you’re into real estate, you’re going to get sued. We’re easy prey.” The lawsuit not only took away from Juskys’ ability to focus on his tenants and the properties he manages, it also prevented him from initiating new projects, hiring extra employees and creating jobs.

On the day of the trial, Juskys’ insurance company decided to settle the case, and he was required to pay thousands of dollars out of his own pocket.

Juskys now understands why businesses settle even the most frivolous of lawsuits. Small businesses like his can’t win, he says. Even if he had gone to trial and the jury had ruled in his favor, his only winnings would have been a legal bill, higher insurance rates, and lost time.

“You try to do everything right,” Juskys says, “and it’s just not good enough.”


















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  • Will he be sued the next time for not giving notice? The lease should have a section for how and where to serve notices and that contracted agreement would be the official document to cite.
    I think I should start a company that assembles the names of people who have been plaintiffs in frivolous & abusive cases for sale to property owners when they prescreen possible tenants. The list would assign a risk rating and the property owner would be warned of that liability risk and take necessary and proper action to protect their investments.

  • Tort reform is so overdue – particularly in California where the law is totally weighted in favor of the tenants. In addition, there are contentious and litigious people all over the country who pride themselves on suing everyone they can for real or imagined slights. Who can forget the dimbulb female who got coffee at McDonalds and then sued because it was hot! Give me a break! That should have been the tipping point but the trial lawyers’ lobby is too powerful.

  • It is my opinion that people are looking for a quick dollar. Instead of stealing from the ones that are trying to make a living. these indiviuals need to get a job. Sure there is a shortage in jobs,but if they look hard enough they will get one. Leave honest hard working people that are trying to support their families ALONE. REMEMBER WHAT GORES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!!!!! You may not like it when you get your turn to be treated as you treat others.

  • Johnny, I am primarily a defense attorney who has done a lot of probono or extremely discounted work because some of these lawsuits can utterly be this ridiculous. May you never experience a lawsuit against you to realize just how one-sided a story can be–because I’m here to tell you that stories like these are not necessarily one-sided.

  • Pfft.. tort reform will never happen. In the $2 trillion dollar bloat pig bill that just passed yesterday for healthcare reform, all lawsuit and tort reform has been stripped out. It is hopeless.

  • Toughen up a little. Emotional damages are just a part of life. Does anyone have any consideration for other people these days?

  • I earned a law degree in 1976 while working full time in the construction industry in So Cal. By the time I graduated I was so disgusted by the actual workings of the legal profession that I decided I preferred the company of
    construction people than lawyers. I was
    a GC in Cal and now here in Florida, and
    have a small business. It’s absolutely disgusting that tort reform hasn’t been
    accomplished, especially now with the
    health care issues. States need to use
    the 10th amendment rights to accomplish this if the fed won’t.

  • The sitting judge should ban frilous or meaniless lawsuits or be penalizted themselves. The losers or plaintiff’s should be made to pay for the court or legal fee’s of the winner or defendant!

  • Are you a lawyer, John? I had a tenant that had a relative who was always suing people. I live on the first floor of a two storey house and the tenants were great. When they told me about the relative I banned him from the premises. They were very upset but told the relative and he did stay away. About six months later he was backing out of his driveway and was in an automobile accident. He sued the other driver, a doctor and lost. The doctor turned around and sued him and collected. The rest of the world laughs at our legal system. It is a joke, but it ain’t funny.

  • Somehow, I think there’s an untold story here. I’d like to hear the tenant’s side of the story. I somehow doubt she was suing just for fun.

  • Johnny complained: “This story sounds a little one sided to me. You loose all credibility when you do not present the facts in a non-biased manner.”

    Wrong, Johnny. You “loose” all credibility when you can’t even correctly spell the word lose. As in, “You’re a pathetic loser.”

  • Vytas Juskys was a former landlord of mine. He had terrorized many of the tenants. He does not have a real address and instead operates from a PO box. Many of the older tenants moved because he is incredibly difficult and abhorrent. The city was very slow to respond probably due to all of contributions given to Garcetti. He also claims he a small business but he owns several buildings. He is very manipulative and plays innocent when he is called upon. Thankfully justice has been served.

  • I have been sued for nothing also,can’t we sue the attorney for filing a frivolous lawsuit.? Has anyone done that yet? Please let me know if so. I have a tenant that I evicted for not paying five months of rent and his attorney is trying to extort money from me by filing a obvious fraudelent claim . He is milking my tenant with hopes of winning more from me and the result will be my attorney will make money and his attorney will make money and thats it, like always.I would like to file a suit against his lawyer for encouraging him when the truth is obvious. Some lawyers most are simply retainer chasers in my opinion, they tell you what you want to hear and make you feel they can save you. Then they ask for a retainer, and when they have a pretrial meeting they tell you to settle for less or it will cost you more by fighting it .If you settle you never get any of the retainer back. Most attorneys avoid going to trial, so don’t think you will ever win what you initially had in mind. I strongly believe that judges should impose high penalties on lawyers that mastered the system of extortion using the courts.

  • I note that it isn’t clear what the plaintiff actually got – so the reader can’t judge what the cost was.

    Personally, I have never (in many decades) had a terribly unsatisfactory encounter w/ an attorney. I will keep an open mind – but this story is incomplete and uncompelling.

  • Tempting to “Smack across the face” but that’s a lawsuit. Also tempting to evict but that’s another lawsuit for “retaliatory eviction” as well. Yup, California is mess, remember when Workmans comp soared, or PG&E. What about that recent law where you have to give two months notice if the tenant has lived there over a year. Great fun when your tenant starts using drugs, or moves their druggie gang banger friend in that just got out of jail. Of course you have to wait the two months then they refuse to move, you pay to evict, they counter and then wait another month and a half to finally get then out. Of course the place is trashed so pay some more, a lot more, and no rent during the repairs time. Meanwhile, some another good tenants nearby give notice because you won’t get rid of the bad one. How about that silly, “Virginia Graeme Baker” law that cost apartments with pools about 24 million dollars nationally to install government required pool safety equipment. Installation of which might save an average of 1 children from vacuum entrapment pool fatalities per year. Sometimes I wonder how many children could we actually have saved with that kind of money?

  • There is obviously a lot more to this than you are showing. A judge must have thought that there was some merit to her claim, or the judge wouldn’t have let it go forward. Perhaps your desire for tort reform should be directed at the judges. There are a lot of self serving people and organizations out there, but it is imperative that we have a balance, which is where the judges should come in.

  • I agree with #5. There is no mention of a further basis for the tenant’s suit, and I highly doubt the insurance company would settle a suit and pay out any money if the woman did not have at least some basis for the legitimate claim.

    Makes me wonder if there is more to the story, i.e. personal relationship with the landlord, excessive noise and disruption from the work, notices posted for every project regardless of whether they effect the tenant, etc. Also, no mention of what steps the plaintiff took prior to filing the lawsuit, which I imagine would have been extensive given it would cost her time and money to file the suit as well.

  • Happy to click on this to move money from your fraudulent, un-American organization to the Washington Post. Thanks! Why not list who your backers are? No doubt it includes chemical companies, gun manufacturers and the like. With a GED, you people might be able to get real jobs someday. Do it.

  • If this nutcase was damaged by legal notices that answered her complaints, her sanity should be in question. In civil suits like this, there should be a pretrial hearing to determine the quality of the lawsuit. If it is deemed frivolous and the plaintiff decides to continue, he/she should be liable for 5x the defendant’s legal fees plus damages for time lost.

  • When you need to make repairs and improvements on your properties, you either need to wait until something breaks and you are requested to make the repairs, or you need to declare the apartment/property “no longer rentable”, move the tenant out, and then make all your repairs while it is vacant…not the most efficient or profitable way, but you will avoid the weenie-whiners like Juskys had to deal with.

  • maybe I should just sue my ex-girlfriend for emotional damages because she dumped me. wow, this legal system needs to be fixed.

  • What I want to know is why this guy settled? I would rather risk losing more in court than settle to some scumbag like that tenant. He didn’t do anything wrong, and therefore shouldn’t have settled, so its his fault for losing that money. Fight for your rights people.

  • I am an attorney who has been involved in civil litigation for over 30 years. I smell a one sided rat to this story. With the facts as presented by Mr. Vytas this case would never have made it past summary judgment. That is it would have been thrown out of court. Mr. Vytas says he was insured which means his insurance company hired a lawyer to represent him. Of the insurance companies and defense lawyers I have dealt with over the years, none of them would have paid any money for the claim that is represented. The Court Case number and jurisdiction should be published so this claim can be checked out.


  • Cyrus, if you have ever been involved in a lawsuit which involves an insurance company then you should know that the insurance company regards it to be cheaper to offer the litigant an out-of-court payment rather than run the expensive cost of a trial. So even though the defendant may not be guilty of anything it is just cheaper to pay out the plaintiff rather than defend the innocent party. Of course people know this and so file suits knowing they are likely to get something. Until our court system imposes a strict rule for what can be filed before insurance companies are involved we will continue to have rampant litigation.

  • I’m amazed so many posters believe this is a frivolous complaint and lawsuit abuse. A frivolous lawsuit is one that has no merit. We don’t know whether this one had no merit because we only heard one side of the story and the insurance company settled prior to trial. Insurance companies don’t settle cases that are meritless. They will fight tooth and nail and spare no cost to teach the plaintiff and her attorney a lesson.


  • I believe if that woman was asking for the repairs and Jusky posting the proper notice. Heck my lanlord does repairs that way all the time hes even late does that mean i should sue him causes me mental anguise for being 4 hours late for a repair. and speaking of that Mc Donalds i cant believe that woman sued like that and won and i was served a hot tea out the drive thru window and the girl didnt put the lid on it properly and it fell off and the cup was tilted and scolded my leg i didnt run off and sue when i heard about her she really angered me. why does our justice system allow stupid wrongful suits like these to even enter our courts the people and lawyers that file them should be locked up and pay for filing insignificant cases and idiotic cases. Maybe jail would let them know what they got isnt so bad. Im poor i dont look for a quick scam to make money and i probably could have! I totally think Jusky was wronged and our world is in trouble if we keep letting crap like this get into our courts.

  • This is what a court of law is:
    3 lawyers and 12 people too dumb to get out of jury duty. Which is simple, most juries are pick by who is the dumbest in the jury pool. This is why there is such crazy rulings. It means three lawyers get to milk the people, while giving a screwing to someone usually the defendant except in criminal law. This time the public gets screwed and the crooks go loose to prey on the honest citizens. Judges are dupes of the personal injury attorneys and criminal defense attorneys. If justice is done, it will be overturned by another bunch of lawyers (on the public payroll) in higher courts that has nothing to do with guilty but a bunch of double talk. The system is for lawyers, by lawyers funded by the people (only the people who work and pay taxes which is less than 50%)

  • There are famillies that move around using a premise to Rent With OPtion and on move in immediately start complainng about conditions, appliances break, water leaks and the list goes on. You see a pattern of damages occuring, lies being told, access prohibited and on and on. There is little that can be done but it is necessary that this be publicized and corrected. I retained an attiorney from a prominent Colorado law firm and ended up in worst position than before I started

  • I would be interested in knowing how many notices were given to the tenant, and the dates of each notice. There has to be some merit to this suit. Reform is long overdue, but at least present EXACTLY both sides of the story when you email me asking for money for this cause.

  • We had a clause in our rental contract that required the looser to pay attorney fees until attorneys began to “live” outside the courtroom where rental issues were handled and hit up every tenant there promising great things on the basis of the possibility of their getting to be awarded their fees from the landlord. At least it was work and sometimes they won. We changed our contract so that each party pays their own legal costs and these guys left us alone.

  • Cyrus…. You haven’t learned the point here:
    lawsuits, frivilous or not are moneymakers
    for lawyers. In this case, to fight the
    allegations in court would have been a
    no-win for the Ins. Co. They decided to
    settle…. not for reasons of avoiding an un- just adjudication by a jury, but… it costs money, lots of money. The Ins. Co weighs the odds. Either win or lose,
    comes down to: pay the lawyers.

  • please people i was raised in a family where you talk out your problems and come to a common resolution. everything is about money anymore get what you can without lifting a finger. lawyers should be thrown in jail there all criminals. will hurt people just to make a dirty dollar.how do they sleep at night. i’ve always settled my problems without law suits and i’m 63 years old.america is long gone no more freedom or sense.

  • Judges will not do anything, because they are lawyers as well, and the largest majority of them live off of the forty percent and expenses, there are some good lawyers out there, but they are very few and very far between. Most of them are not worth the powder.

  • Often times insurance companies pay off in these cases ( right or wrong) because it is cheaper for them to do so compared to fighting it. Win or loose there is always an appeal that they can then be faces with, it can go on for ever !

  • A professionally produced video presenting one side…hmmm. How about “Fair and Balanced?” What does the other side have to say? I was once a renter. A landlord worried about tenant happiness? Not in my world.

  • I was a tenant of this monster. I called for months to have a repair done, with no answer. When I left town for my grandmother’s funeral, Juskys immediately started papering my door. Then he claimed that I had changed the locks, and put up another piece of paper on my door that gave me three days to “remedy” the fictitious lock change. Thankfully, a neighbor kept me informed of the notices, as we already had banded together to shield ourselves from the freak. I had to spend the morning of my grandmother’s funeral FedExing keys to this pig. He buys rent controlled properties then starts littering the doors of his tenants with demands for entry. He only does this to those whose units are renting for less than market value. Once he destroys the lives of these tenants, and hounds them out of their homes, he re-rents the units at a higher price, then tries to resell the properties for a hefty profit.

  • This is truly disgusting. I wish the man had fought it then filed suit against the idiot tennant for harrassment. He would likely have won at least a small judgement. I do not want our ability to sue for legitimate complaints to be taken away, but idiots make it a miserable place to live.

  • I can’t believe his insurance company even SUGGESTED that he settle out of court! This man seems like he was trying to do the right thing and make his “picky tenant” happy by correcting the ridiculous complaints she had made. SHAME ON HER! I strongly believe in karma, and one day she will be on the other side of a ripoff such as this. How can she even sleep at night?! I hope she has since moved to a different residence. This man was DEFINITELY taken advantage of by a lazy, greedy, coniving jerk! In fact, she’s probably plotting her next lawsuit as I write this. I n my opinion, the legal system, his attorney, and the insurance company failed to do THEIR job! Justice was definitely not served in this case! If I were him, I’d write up–or change–all future rental contracts to include eviction for such ridiculous complaints. I’d also require the name, manager, and addresses of her last landlord. as well as the reason for her leaving said residence. You have my support, Sir, and I will keep you in my prayers. I’m so sorry that you had to endure such an awful experience. Is there any way you could let others know what she’s doing (*like her name & personal info or photo/physical description, as well as the name of YOUR insurance company) to warn future honest, apartment managers and/or landlords about the scam this person is pulling? And if I can help in any way, please let me know! Good luck in the futurre!

  • I come from a family of lawyers. I am disgusted with frivolous lawsuits, lawyers who don’t fully represent those who are in the “right” and judges who don’t serve justice. I’m tired of the rights of the innocent/victims being trampled to protect the rights of the abusers as well as weak penalties. At what point does “rehab” end as an escape from a jail sentence?

    I have been writing US government officials for years to amend the laws. We need tort reform. Common sense is definately lacking in the USA Courts and those around the world.

  • For those of you who believe that this story is one-sided you are so wrong! Been there and gone through it with tenants, but because I have a law background was able to protect myself for the most part. Lawyers today will do anything to bring in money. Why? There are so many and they need the income. You need to know the law in order to do business today. My protection was to have a month-to-month lease. The first time I got a whiff of a problem – out the door they went. I do not put up with CRAP.

  • My comments and recommendations are based on Pennsylvania State law for landlord/tenants. Before anyone takes any action on purchasing rental properties KNOW your state laws inside and out! Play every angle to protect yourself. You will still have problems, I am only giving you some ideas on how to minimize them. For all of you tenants, it comes back to bite you in the form of higher rents and other costs. (such as insurance). If you misuse the legal system, it hurts everyone. The idea of going after these people and denying them housing is perfect. I would love to know the names of people who do this – because I know that their lives would be terrible having their friends and neighbors know that they are liars and THIEVES!

  • Can we really stop it? My brother and I own an apartment and have for 3 years. We’ve never put one dime in our pocket yet, so don’t think we’re getting rich by any means. Maybe some day it will pay off. There’s a handicapped attorney that makes his living by going around to small businesses and sending them a letter informing them that they are not in compliance with ADA and since there is NO government resource for one to find out what is required to be compliant, your choices are to PAY a certified consulting firm to inform you and make the modifications, PAY to go to court and hope they guy doesn’t win a huge settlement or get this, he will drop the proceedings for $5K! What a scumbag. Because he’s successful in these cases it’s not considered frivolous and our laws allow ANYONE to file suit even if they’re not a customer or impacted by the lack of compliance. It needs to stop!

  • You people know that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an insurance company funded propaganda machine, right? It’s not in any way like your friendly community chamber of commerce, although that’s what they want you to believe.

    Answer me this: If his INSURANCE COMPANY settled, then why is HE forced to pay out of pocket? Is he not a party to the lawsuit? Is he bound by his insurance company……especially if HE has to pay for the Insurance company’s decision? Sorry, gang, but I have to cry bullshit here.

    Open your eyes and stop spouting off insane conspiracy theories.

  • Most state court judges are cowards and refuse to grant summary judgment for fear of being overruled. Their philosophy is “If I let a jury decide the matter, I personally won’t be criticized, no matter how ridiculous the jury decision – or better yet , the matter will settle and I’ll be done with it”

  • I am a retired anesthesiologist.

    Many years ago I discovered that the next-of-kin of a unexplainable O. R. demise was allowed to refuse, (for religious reasons), a diagnosis making post-mortem examination, but maintained the right to sue for “Anesthetic Death.”

    This was followed, of course, by an out-of-court settlement and a raise in my Medical Liability Insurance rates.

    It inspired my timely novel “terrO.R.”


  • I forgot to add:

    Statistically speaking, the most unsafe place in the US of A is a hospital bed. More American die in a hospital bed than in any other location.

    All citizens apprehensive about their statistical safety and most people paranoid about “medical malpractice” should stay home in their own beds, each and every time they get sick.

    I am 100% sure that fewer patients kicked the bucket at this location.

  • OK, First, if he has an insurance company and they decided to settle, why is Vitas paying “out of his own pocket”? Second, if there is no case, there is no case, and it would be tossed out of court. Third, why not post the Plaintiff’s complaint, Defendant’s Answer, and the deposition transcripts so we can judge for ourselves what really happened here. This story, as told here, just doesn’t make any sense.
    Why not tell all the stories of people who have been injured through others’ negligence, but have recovered little or no money, sometimes because jurors have been so brainwashed into believing all this “frivolous lawsuit” stuff.

  • Citizens of the USA listen up: Your job, your lifestyle, your freedoms, your liberties, your happiness, is being stolen by a few, not all in the legal profession. There is an over supply of lawyers and not enough legitimate work to keep food on the table of all of those in the business of law. This is why we see these problems and they will continue to get worse as the over supply of lawyers to legitimate work ratio will continue to get worse.

    There is only one solution that will stop and reverse the trend. Reduce the over supply of lawyers. This will not happen however because the lawyer mills are cranking out JDs at a faster and faster rate with no end in sight.

    Ultimately this problem will destroy the USA.

  • I lived in Europe for many years and the people I met there still laugh over the stupidity of the Americans and awarding the “McDonald’s Coffee Woman” so much money. The case would not have even been THOUGHT of in Europe, let alone brought to trial AND won. America is a joke to so many who do not live here and it’s beginning to be a joke to many of us who do live here!

  • I’m thankful that we no longer own rental property. We sold the complex in 1984 and our last rental house in1996. Anyone owning rentals today risks everything they have to frivolous lawsuits. The result is less apartments for young families to live in. We welcomed pets until tenants proved irresponsible owners, wrecking units and endangering other tenants with vicious dogs. It’s a shame the insurance company decided to settle for “emotional distress.” Outrageous!

  • Working for an insurance company, I see this every day. Rather than incur $20K in legal fees, settle for $3-5K and be done with it. THis is why insurance companies price this legal theft into their premiums: because the legal system is not about what’s legal or not, its about making money for greedy, overpopulated lawyers, and since most of the judges are lawyers, is gets perpetuated. Check the case of “Mold” in Texas against Farmers Insurance. Mold is specifically NOT COVERED since it defies the definition of insurance” sudden and accidental physical loss to property” yer the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, causing millions to be spent. Now, all policies in the US either charge for “limited mold coverage” or exclude it altogether SPECIFICALLY.
    We must find a way to get away from “junk” litigation, primarily with limitations on damages, and by getting rid of the liberal, bleeding heart judges who go to all means not to UPHOLD the law, but convolute the law in their minds to apply broadly to almost anything they please (legislate from the bench). GO BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION!

  • So sick and tired of hearing about the lawsuits that have NO merit. The people that do this sueing Should have thier names published like it was said above. The people that file law suits for a “living” are the ones making this country fall apart. Everyone is terrified to open or invest in business now days because of this EXACT thing. I want the names PUBLISHED period. Public record, Im terrified as a home owner to rent out because of a lawsuit with no merit. I think someone above stated, a slap on the face and repercussions to the judge that LETS this BS happen in the first place. 99% should NOT even go to trial, thown out by the JUDGE, and the person fined for trying to sue because they were emothionally distressed about a notice (that he was compelled and legally suppoted to give the 48 hr notice) $500,000 ??? HOLY hell thats a ton of emotion in my book… I want to see how that person is living NOW and what HER moral values are. Id LOVE to have her name and where she lives so I can fall on her lawn and sue her for the $500,000 and give it back to the company she stold it from to begin with….. MJ

  • One look at this tape and the video the out side of these apartments look OK But, The buildings themselves look like they need total gutting and rebuilt.

    Two look at the second building shown the brick building look at the windows above entrance in the court yard they are broken.

    Three the room you are sitting in the windows need replaced they are 1950’s windows that are drafty and drive up your tenants Energy cost.

    Forth the bath room tile you show tells me what the rest of the bathroom looks like.

    Fifth the roof in the photo with the pool that thing looks like it needs replaced to me the tiles look old.

    Sixth the repairs being made this actual goes against his case and to me makes the case against him the repairs are half-ass and I would question if they would follow code one the brick exterior wall he only removed the lower portion of plaster and left the top why because he is going to replace the lower portion only instead of doing the job correctly and removing the plaster from the entire wall studding it up and insulating it. The orange wall shows the same thing spotty repair work when the entire wall should have been repaired.

    From watching this video I would have concluded that this Guy is a slum lord and he is using the property’s to get rich and has no respect for his tenant and that would make me believe he would have no problem harassing a tenant into leaving instead of making the necessary repairs on the property when they asked.

    My conclusion he was asked to make repairs and instead of doing them right he decided to harass the tenant in an afford to get rid of them and it flew back in his face.

    I believe the court’s should have more power in this case and force him to sell the property’s and never be able to be a landlord again because he is trying to remove the justice from the justice system.

  • I truthfully believe that in order to get rid of the slum lords in America that all rental property should go through the same inspection process as section 8 housing before being rented and we should make it a criminal offense if housing is rented without the inspection.

  • I didn’t read every comment, but this issue is obviously a very important one. It is an issue which not only has no political boundaries (conservatives and liberals alike recognize the injustice of frivolous and outright dishonest lawsuits), but is also a major block to growth in the small business economy. How can ANY small business freely expand when the risk of such lawsuits is so high? The obvious answer is that they can’t. For any small business, expansion requires capital. Since every small business is at risk of frivolous and dishonest lawsuits, much of the capital (in some cases all of it) that could be used for expansion ends up being spent on retainer fees, extra insurance, and other such preventive and protective measures. I run a small business, and although my business is somewhat less susceptible to such lawsuits (I operate an electronics retail and service business), I still have to consider, and prepare for, the possibility of such lawsuits.

    Filing a lawsuit for such petty things as the wrong type of paint, grass not being green enough, etc, is, from my viewpoint at least, the equivalent of an incredibly spoiled and ill-mannered child throwing a tantrum, or the equivalent of a bank robber putting a gun in the tellers face and yelling “give me the cash, or die!”

  • The trouble is a lot of Americans are “money hungry” and they’ll do anything to “make a buck”. Example, the woman that sued McDonalds because SHE spilled hot coffee on HERSELF. Another woman sued a store because she fell over a child that was running around the store. This child was HERS. There needs to be fines for people filing stupid lawsuits. Get rid of the garbage lawsuits so the REAL lawsuit and courrt actions can be done in a timely manner. I’ve read of murder cases where the person is let out on bond then has to go to court a year or so later. America is going downhill and the legal system is one of the ways that’s happening. What in the world is “emitional distrress” anyway?

  • I talked to a lawyer at a party one night and we started talking about cases. He made the comment that “if I watched a man shoot another in cold blood and he hired me to defend him I would.” Someone asked him how he could do that and his reply was “MONEY. I’ll do my best to prove that he’s an A-ONE person and the other one was a scumbag and it was done in self-defense.’ I asked “and you’d do that KNOWING you were wrong?” His reply was “I’d defend Al Capone, and swear he should be a saint if he paid me enough”. Now YOU figure out why the legal system doesn’t work. I already have.

  • I agree that there needs to be tort reform on these kinds of lawsuits. In Texas the tort reform put a “one size fits all” on medical malpractice and that stinks. Especially when you have a mom die because of stupid mistakes and idiot doctors.

  • I hope the lady that sued this guy gets sued herself when she starts her own business. If anyone finds out she has her own business please let me know so I can find a way to sue her.

  • i would’ve fought it tooth and nail…make her pay your lawyers fees and then not offer her to renew the lease so she has to move. I think you were scammed by everyone here and it’s a damn shame. I believe people or renters who do this should have their names posted and if they filed any absurd lawsuits. Good luck to you and keep your hard earned $$$$ to yourself!!!

  • I too am in real estate and went through a lawsuit filed by a buyer and seller. When people say there must be more to something or the judge wouldn’t allow it have never been sued. There are unfortunately unscupulous judges that have their own agenda and in a small town, if they don’t like you, watch out! We lost our lawsuit and appealed to the supreme court and they ruled against us too. The facts? Here is just one for you to be shocked at…One of their own witnesses called 1 year later, and this has been going on now for almost 7 years, and wanted to clear their mind from having lied on the stand. We knew it. But no matter how hard we tried, the judge would not let anyone of our witnesses testify. There was at one point in the trial an agreement made that if we let one of their witnesses go they would let ours. Their witness testified,We got ours on the stand, they objected, our witness never got to testify. YES this does happen in our court system here in the United States. I am living proof and am currently writing a book about this case and those involved. Maybe I will get some justice after all. Good luck and yes, there needs to be changes in our court system with better checks and balances throughout the judicial process. EVEN as high as the supreme court!

  • Perhaps for non-small claims lawsuits, the complaint should have to get filtered through a “grand jury” of sorts before the defendant even gets served. The plaintiff would have to prove that there’s at least something. Cases like many auto injury lawsuits that are obvious (person died, boned broken, etc), the grand jury can act very quickly. “We have a broken bone, proceed. Next.” In other cases, they can slow things down “notice? you object to notice? this should be good….exactly what in the notice bothered you? why is this? what proof do you have?”)

  • @AL – First: His insurance only covered a certain percentage of the costs. He had to pay the rest out of pocket. Second: In Pollyanna’s world, if there’s no case it would be tossed out of court. In the real world, it depends on the whims of the people entrusted with making these decisions about the case: the whims of the trial lawyer whether to take on a case to bring it to suit (they make the decision based on risk, potential profit, and plaintiff’s ability to pay upfront legal fees); the whims of the judge who determines the merits of the case, ideally based on precedence and justice, but in reality based on personal prejudices and loyalties. Just because a case goes to trial doesn’t make a conviction. If I were on a jury (which I won’t be because I’m posting my opinion here), I would most likely rule against the plaintiff out of my prejudice for the person having the money to afford to pay the lawyer(s). I figure if they have the money, they’re not suffering much. It’s the impoverished people who can’t afford lawyers even when harmed that I would rule in favor of, but their cases never make it to trial because no lawyer will take on a client who can’t pay — especially in New York, where it’s illegal to make the promise “No fees unless you win your case.”

  • I feel that there should be a law that prevents a person from a second law suit. That way the habitual suers will have to chose their case wisely. For their top dollar. It will give a lawyer a chance to see the creep for what he is. At least I would hope so. I am so against sueing that I feel there should be some new laws put in place that would look at those that are sueing more as wrong doers than as always right. I no our law say a person is right until proven wrong. But I think some people are using this statement for their benifit. Come on Judges were is the justise if the crook always escape with the loot. It makes me afraid to do anything to help others. Don’t miss understand what I am saying. There is something that need to be sued. And you know what I mean. God bless the Judges and guardians of our people. But a end to miss justise now. Sorry about miss spelling errors but I no time to fix. You get the meanings anyhow.

  • ok people, even though his insurance company settled he had to pay a PORTION of the costs out of his own pocket because insurance is a scam. they have limits of thier liabillties and if they say settle then he continues to fight it is in most insurance contracts that at that point you release the insurance company from any and all liabillities in the matter. if he chose to continue fighting he most likely would’ve had to pay entirly out of his own pocket!

  • take auto insurance for example as most people can investigate and confirm this themselves. in your cantract you will find a limmits page, what this decribes is the legal limits of financial liabilty. say its 100,000, and you get in a serrious accident. even if your not at fualt if your medical bills excede that mark you are legally reponsable for the remaining fees. a friend of mine found this out the hard way, after a week in ICU and two weeks in the hospital the bill was in exces of 300k but his insurance contract stated they would only pay the first 50k!!! and that was the best full coverage policy that his company offered, the at fualt drivers company only payed 10k for the medical and 5k for property damages as it was only the legal minimum liabilty required by law…….two years later he settled the lawsuit for 150k up front and just paid the remaining bill. after attorny’s fees total moneies spent=1,178,953.00 including all interest on loans and medical/property bills. i say it wouldve been cheaper to leave it alone, dont you?

  • Sorry, but excessive notices would get on my nerves too. Why is he always fixing things? If he wants to remodel an apartment, don’t have people live there! This case does sound like it has merit. 24 hour notices can be abusive by landlords and considered harassment. Remodeling an apartment after you have renters is stupid.

  • The real problem with this type of lawsuit and so many more is at the ‘HEART’ of the matter. It’s called covetousness. Not being content with such things that you have, you want more and bigger and better but can’t afford to buy it or save for it. They are just get rich quick schemes for the covetous at ‘HEART’.

  • Good work, it is pleasure to read your interesting articles. Waiting for more
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  • Glad to see this information.its very interesting.I would like to hear more information from your side.

  • “Second, if there is no case, there is no case, and it would be tossed out of court.”
    –well there’s a bald-faced lie. Or just an uninformed opinion represented as fact. The fact is, that’s not true at all. Outlandish lawsuits continue to be a problem and it’s not something we can nibble away at with patchwork laws.

    We need honest discussion and real action. One of the major drivers for inflation are, at the root cause, caused by these types of lawsuits. There is no conspiracy, only awful people.

  • sue her for emotional distress now. The emotional distress from the silly complaints she sent you about the color of the grass, to the emotional distress of having to settle a an outrageous lawsuit for the sole purpose of saving money.

  • Several things that struck me in all these comments it that so many have apparently never heard of a deductible amount with regard to insurance coverage and limits to what an insurer is liable for. It is often cheaper to settle than to go through a long court battle but in the long run insurers should counter sue for the cost of defending the claims and fight them all the way. The cost to all of us goes up as insurance companies raise rates because of these cases and the person filing the claim only recovers a small percent of the total settlement, to the only winners are the so called “ambulance chasers” who file these claims in hopes of not having a trial and getting a large settlement instead.

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