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A woman in Illinois filed a lawsuit against Chicago-based Tootsie Roll Industries over the packaging of its popular Junior Mints candy. The woman claims boxes of Junior Mints have almost as much air as candy, leading consumers to believe they are getting more candy than is actually in the box. But the amount of candy is listed right on the packaging. Her lawyer says the label is misleading and now wants to represent everyone who buys Junior Mints in a class action lawsuit.

This lawsuit is part of a growing trend of cases against food manufactures over what is known as “slack fill.” Slack fill is an air cushion companies add to prevent foods like candy or chips from breaking inside a box or bag.

The plaintiffs’ attorney is seeking undisclosed damages and an order that Tootsie Roll either fill boxes of Junior Mints with more candy or make the boxes smaller.

A lawsuit over not enough candy? This is one of 2018’s most ridiculous lawsuits.

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