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Everyone has favorite childhood memories. For many people, those memories include rolling down slides, dangling off of monkey bars and swinging on swing sets at their local neighborhood playground.

But elementary school students in Cabell County, West Virginia, may miss out on some of those childhood pleasures. That is because the county’s school system has decided to remove swing sets from all school playgrounds, due to lawsuit fears.

The decision came after the school district faced two different lawsuits from the same parent over relatively minor injuries suffered by his two kids in separate incidents on a school playground. Facing a tight budget because of the current economic situation, the school system determined that it could not afford the potential costs of playground-related lawsuits and decided to remove the swing sets.

“We’re disabling our swings to keep us out of the courtroom,” says Cabell County Schools superintendent William Smith. “Economically, school districts are really having to watch their budgets closely. Playgrounds are very important but the instructional program trumps that.”

Smith recalls his own experience growing up in Cabell County and how much everyone enjoyed the playgrounds. Kids got the typical scrapes and bruises, but parents took care of those injuries without resorting to lawsuits.

“The culture has changed so much,” he laments.

One school that is losing swings is Guyandotte Elementary School in Huntington. Donna Mooney attended Guyandotte and currently has a daughter attending. She is disappointed that her daughter won’t get to share in her own childhood experiences on the school’s swing set.

“The tragedy is that the kids are losing everything that is fun about being a kid,” she says. “You can’t bubble wrap everything from them. They have to be allowed to play and be kids.”


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  • I hope the entire town avoids this family like the plague. Apparently the parents are “sue happy” and will continue this pattern in all social settings.
    On the flip side, where is the rights of parents who want thier children to “swing” and are willing to sign waivers to allow this activity? Shouldn’t all have the right to choose? I am very thankful I do not live in this town….my heart is racing just thinking of these parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boy, do I know the corruption of our country’s courts. Look out if you don’t have a lot of money for an attorney and are not a part of the “Good old boys”. Attorneys, police, and judges seem to be in each other’s pocket in too many cases. I have a million and one half dollar judgment against me where allegations against me had absolutely no evidence of proof to support the claims. The judge commented in his judgment papers: “It seems appropriate to hand judgment down against defefendants” We defendants were ignored by the court on all our motions submitted to the court. We filed an appeal, but judges have refused to review the case.

  • Wow, this brings back memories. I remember one September when I was in 2nd grade. I broke my left wrist falling off the monkey bars… not 10 minutes after I broke my wrist another girl broke her arm near the elbow (different class though). My parents came and took me to get it xrayed and set and everything, and so did the other girls… but NEITHER of our parents would have thought to sue… it just seemed so stupid! Why would they? I can’t believe people do these sorts of things, other than they don’t see what their actions are really doing.

  • There is nothing to fear but fear itself. If a parent threatens to sue or files a lawsuit, a simple but effective defense is to require parents to sign a waiver barring them from suing the school for playground injuries before the child can use the playground. Also we need judges with reason to rule sensibly in frivolous cases. If there is no violation of human rights or abuse committed by a supervisor, there is no basis for a lawsuit.

  • Lawyers are destroying our country and need to be harnessed. Our court systems are a mockery designed to put money in the lawyers pockets. It is truly a shame.

  • Perhaps the school district should counter-sue the parents for allowing not one but two clumsy morons to be born… This makes exactly as much sense as the “parent’s” original lawsuit.

  • I find this be a mistreatment of our children. This type of law suit should be thrown out of the courts and not be allowed. When I was growing up I had a friend that broke his leg on a swing at school. He decided to jump from the swing at it highest point. He learned not to do that again. It was not the schools fault, it was his own. Because of this type of law suit they will end up taking all the playground equipment from the schools and public parks one piece at a time because some parents are trying to make money from the local governments.

  • The solution to lawsuit tragedies is really simple: obey the law instead of the criminal edicts of the American Bar Association.

    The highest law of the land is very clear about this. The Constitution of the United States applies to the United States except where constrained by its words, not by the precedents (“case law”) of a criminal organization.

    “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.”

    Use a jury, as required by law, and these tragedies would not happen.

  • I can’t believe it. We are loosing so much do to law suites that need not happen. Kids fall all the time and we use to jump out of swings. This is not the schools fault and they should not pay they should get a good attorney go to court and win. People get hurt people fall accidents happen, these things you should not be able to be sued for. There should be things that you can not sue for. Have all the parents that want the swings to go to court and sue the parent that caused the swings to be removed. Sue them for the swings back.

  • What do you expect from overpaid under worked cowards! Kids play, they fall down. Stuff happens! Kind of like how the American education has been hi-jacked by cowards who couldn’t find a easier college course with Un-American Union ties! Thanks socialists!

  • Are the names of the lawsuit happy families published, especially this family suiing twice for outdoor play? I would like to know who they are so I can slip and fall in their driveway or trip over a crack in their sidewalk. What is the matter with people? Didn’t these people ever fall playing and get a “boo boo:? Who do they sue when their child falls on their roller skates or falls off their bicycle? Maybe they should consider home schooling and keep their kids at home so they don’t have to ruin it for my grandchildren. You put a band-aid on it and get over it!!

  • When the Lawyers discover that being born an imperfect being in an imperfect world will always lead to death will they try to sue God? That is if they havn’t forced the courts to declare that God does not exist.

  • We keep hearing from the news media that the people of all ages in the U.S.A. are obese and don’t get enough exercise. Professional Sports are doing commercials with players working with school age children to get out and play to get at least 60 minutes a day of exercise.
    I played on school ground swings, slides, etc., some students did receive minor scrapes and bruises but nothing more than you could get at home. To me, one parent is overreacting or trying to get rich off of a frivalous lawsuit. It should be throwed out of court and the parent can inform the school that they dont want their children playing on the equipment. They are keeping a majority of school children from enjoying exercise activities that is healthy for them. The attorney for the parent is placing his financial gain ahead of what is best for the majority. He should have advised the parent and the school that those two children were not to play on the school ground equipment. Problem solved by talking it out.

  • This is ridiculous. Kids fall all the time. The parent needs to get a life. That is so sad to see what people will d for money. I pray he is shunned in his community until he “figures It out”. What an idiot!!!!!!

  • I am a trained and experienced teacher and have been away from teaching for a few years. I want to return to teaching, but have seen too many wacky parents out there just waiting to sue a teacher/school over the slightest little thing.

    I lived in Europe for many years and these types of frivolous lawsuits do NOT happen. There is something called “personal responsibility” which is practiced there but not here in the USA. The playground equipment there is MUCH, MUCH more dangerous than any of the playground equipment I grew up with (I’m almost 50), yet no removing of the equipment because of stupid, frivolous lawsuits. I am so happy that my children were able to spend many of their “growing up” years over there where they could be kids and play on all kinds of equipment.

  • WHAT are the courts thinking??? It’s the proscecutors,attorney’s and the judges that determine what flys and what gets tossed! This family that sued should be tossed out…of town! Our children are already overfeed (with the wrong foods), under exercised and under parented as is. Taking swings, slides and other play ground equipment away from them will only lead to more pent up frustration on the part of the kids! They can’t be kept inside like lap dogs. They’re already at risk from predators that lurk outside…now this! Aghhhhhhh! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Let our children BE children!

  • In this case in the School safety the school should say. It a child plays on the swings. They do so at the their own risk. Most places have do so.

  • Where do you start with this? the greedy lawyers? With the ignorant, and also greedy parents who don’t care that their kids, and other kids, will be the ones to suffer? Those parents don’t care that their kids were hurt, they are just disgustingly greedy. They might get a fat wallet out of it, but who’s going to want their kids to come over and play?
    Also, the lawyer and the judge are probably getting fat off of it, also. The fad of using our civil court system as a lottery has got to stop.

  • You know My son broke his wrist on the monkey bars during his recess in 4th grade ….did we sue our school no way why , this is just what happens when you are a kid , do you blame the school , look im a 46 yr old women who grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s and me and my sisters and brothers all had accidents in schools …..this is just nuts the judge allowed this to happen in the 1st place we need to take back our country and schools we are loseing everything …now the government is tocontrol what they feed our kids in school and no more toys at Mcdonalds Happy meals whats next?

  • I very much agree with the sentiments in this article. Some of these sue happy parents are just incorrigible! They are not looking out for their kids…they think they are…but actually looking out for themselves, their pockets and their whiney kids. Toughen up and let your children play on the playground! If they get hurt; get them patched up, show them how to use the equipment properly and send them outside again! Just like in the good old days!
    Yes! I miss those swings! They truly disappearing all aver the country and adults & children have few if any swings to swing on anymore!
    Teach your children HOW TO PLAY on the playground and not be cry babies!
    I am glad to see that I am not alone in this and we should do something about this. They still have the “fun” playgrounds in Europe! They all expect adults to take responsibility for their children, themselves and properly, safely use the equipment available to them.
    Should we not do the same and stop this frivolousness with law suits?

  • Shame, Shame, on the parants, and the court systems in WV for this ridiculous
    win, it is issue like this ( greed ) that is braking are country down.

  • Unfortunately, I’m no longer shocked by stories like this. The greatest threats to our society are the parasitic lawyers who prey on our businesses, schools, organizations, and people with frivolous lawsuits.

    I want to give to FacesOfLawsuitAbuse.org. How do I do so? Are you a 501c3 (i.e. is the donation tax deductible)?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Another case of hyper parenting gone wrong. This generation of, “not my fault, it’s their fault” whiny BS we deal with today has got to stop. We are ruining our children and empowering a bunch of spoiled brats. Better parenting means saying no to your children, and letting them experience life a little. They get hurt–deal with it. If they don’t, they become mamby pamby little wimps easily preyed upon by folks more stronger willed.

  • Yes, it is extreme. Remember, for anything over $20 you and I can sue each other. BUT, since bureaucracies at state and national level want to do it FOR YOU the most egregious lawsuits are filed in the name of govt. Deny govt that, and you and I can be FREE to sue who and whatever. Change the school boards to county size only, No state boards, and all schools would be locally controlled. And Mom and Dad would have to pay attention and be responsible.

  • As a trial lawyer who spends his time representing seriously injured folks against insurance companies who claim that each and every one of them is either a fake, a phony, or a fraud, I would like to point out a few things about your video relating to the dismantling of the swings at the school playground.

    Initially, there was no discussion as to whether or not any of the equipment was defective or what the extent of the injuries were. Secondly, the school administrations decision to remove the swings was assinine in the extreme! The school does not pay the plaintiff, an INSURANCE COMPANY does. There isn’t an insurance company in the country that wouldn’t like to see every playground in America closed! They are the site of many claims, many serious claims that are anything but frivolous.

    Finally, to create an impresssion that all such claims are frivolous is grotesquely unfair and improper.

    All of that being said, there are some (not as many as the INSURANCE INDUSTRY would like the public to believe) attorneys in my business who start litigation that is unwarranted and unesccesary.

    I wonder who puts up the money behind your website? Do tell……

  • Just another situation of greedy individuals who use a simple thing to try to make millions. Just like the woman who sued McDonalds because she was clumsy and spilled her coffee on her lap. My oldest son was injured at a hardware store that was closing down. All I asked for was the cost to stitch his arm up. He was not like his injury was such that he could not use his arm or life threatening. I was not about to go out and make some lawyer rich over a trivial matter. It is a thing called life. Get over it.

  • A better place for swings is in public parks – where the parents of the children can be responsible for their well being. Having them at a school invites litigation from irresponsible parents who hold the school responsible because it’s the easy thing to do. Frivolous lawsuits can and do result from these parents.

  • What may seem a minor injury to the biased author may be more serious from the parents’ point of view. I wish these slanted stories would have more detail on the “relatively” minor injuries or losses. Perhaps the playground equipment if very old or faulty. The schools have little money to fight lawsuits and little money for equipment because rich people and businesses don’t want to pay taxes to support the schools, especially in the south.

  • This makes me sick! Greedy people run to the lawyers (lawyers are the problem also!). No one takes responsibility for their self anymore. I can’t stand big babies!!! wah wah wah…. !

  • We live in such a sue happy country now. Kids will be kids and get hurt to a certain degree. If there is no negligence suing should not be aloud. If these parents don’t want thier kids on the swings they should tell them not to get on them. Everything is being taken away from kids. Prayer, God and now the simple joys of life.

  • I am 68 years old. I grew up healthy and enjoyed swinging and hanging from the Monkey Bars, Sliding down the slides, swinging high and other things we weren’t suppose to do after school was closed like making a swing of the flag pole chain and getting pushed way out there plus climbing on the school roof, up the Pepper Tree in the School yard (we lived across the street) riding on the back of the tractor that was working in field in back of our house and many other things. I never got more than a scraped knee but A friend riding my Pony Mare was dumped after the mare jumped a pile of dirt on the sidewalk. She had to have surgery to put a pin in her arm. Guess what? No one ever even whispered “Law Suit”. What has happened to this society?

  • The name of the plaintiff(s) should be published. This is very shameful. The family who filed these lawsuits had deprived other kids of having the usual fun on a swing. How are their public parks handling this issue?

  • i fully agree that in Chicago FEAR of LAWSUITS ,actual lawsuits, ignoreing unacceptable behavior not being able to state the truth FEAR of LAWSUITS keeps money spent in the wrong way kids can not play outside groups of people have TARGETED and look for lawsuits . you have to hold your tounge or get a lawsuit and when you need a lawyer becuase NO ONE LISTENES to you just to straighten something out FEAR of lawsuits stop you from getting any help STOP SUEING everyone.
    seems as if everyone hates lawyers and they are not ALL AT FAULT

  • These parents should ran out of the country. They are no more than leaches look to live off of everyone else. I would not be surprised if they had their children hurt themselves on purpose so they could sue. I mean why would they let their child get on a swing after the first incident? The only answer is MONEY!

  • this is one of the most stupid law suits i have ever heard of, first of all, the judge who did not throw out the case should be removed from office. second of all, the children of the parents involved in the law suit should be banned from the playground to keep the safe from other children and the playthings on the playground.
    i think that would stop crap like this.

  • things of this nature should be adressed to the public naming the person that is suing the school…if this man children are accident prone maybe they should not use the play ground or have him take them to a private school his name should be posted allover the place telling people what he is doing the many must suffer because of one …makes no sense….this is a public suit and the public has a right to know thew details and the person that started the law suit..enough is enough the one does not meet the many stop coewering to these assholes

  • Just goes to show, there are Greedy people. This type of thing causes increased taxes for all, not just those not involved.
    I challenge those greedy idiots who filed the frivilous law suits to prove that their parents did the same thing when they had a minor cut or scrape. I could see it if there was bad supervision, but not just beause it was on a school ground or in a public park.
    And, where were the parents and what were he circumstances when this happened.
    This type of case should be scrutinized very carefully before being allowed to go forward, and shame on the money hungry lawyers.
    they should be disbarred for this type of action.

  • The parents should get together and file a class action lawsuit against the parents that caused the problem. Oh the pain and suffering that these deprived children received because of no swingsets etc. No I’m not being sarcastic. Fight fire with fire. Teach these sue happy parents a lesson they won’t forget, hit them in the wallet.

  • Here is another example of how our broken tort system is negatively effecting our society. Who won in this lawsuit??….the plaintiff attorney. He pocketed whatever large percent of the settlement was his. He could care less about these people or the effect his bogus legal action had on the community. He only cares about one thing…..MONEY. Unless the rest of us stop this senseless extortion of society, our society is doomed.

  • It is really sad that in a free democracy, one is changing rules for many. The pursuit of happiness is being denied to many young innocent citizens because of one malcontent.
    Make sure you explain this in your social studies classes when you teach these young citizens about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and our precious Bill of Rights.
    I hope the responsible, patriotic families that are being deprived have the strength to band together and correct this injustice that they are being subjected to.

  • I agree that our kids are getting everything taken from them. How did we survive in life growing up? My solution as a yard duty officer would be this: “Signed permission note from both parents or guardians to allow playing on the equipment/toys” For every child at a school. If no note NO playing on equipment!!! and have parent and child go to a short training on how to properly ‘USE’ each item. If child disobeys “rules” banned from equipment for the duration of the school year. They punish kids for walking on grass or other silly things, why not??

  • A certain amount of minor injuries have always taken place in my 80+ years and is to be expected. The suing parents should volunteer at the playground while their kids are there and not jepordize the fun and learning of the other students.
    I’d hope their lawsuit be denied and they moved to another area.

  • This is a story created to create a culture that lets corporate greed, that results in dangerous products and fraudulent schemes, thrive without the private (non-govermental) regulation that the tort system provides. Readers of this story about swing sets being removed from the school should ask themselves why this school administration is full of such wimps that they do not trust the citizens of their county and state to find that typical injuries suffered on a swing set are not injuries that the school district is required to be responsible for. Any good plaintiff personal injury lawyer would tell the parents of children injured while using swing sets that they do not have a personal injury case. This story is abuse of the tort system.

  • this whole attitude, is defeatist. So what will be next, if they walk down the sidewalk, they could fall and scrape their knees, so parents are going to sue because this could happen. when are we as adults with a conscience going to allow our children to play and learn how to manage their own security and learn how to keep themselves from harm? Litigation for playground equipment and the potential harm that can come from playing in them, is ludicrous. Maybe we need to start suing parents, adults that are preventing the majority from learning how to survive and play in life?

  • I would like more info of the exact nature of the lawsuit. I feel as if this is propaganda. I beleive there are ridiculous lawsuits but first all the facts s/b known before giving an opinion

  • If the school had insurance like eveybody else they could let the insuance companies work out the claims. This is what happens when a school official makes a wrong decision because of lck of knowledge of the legal system. School ground accidents happen. They have always happened. Some result in lawsuits if the equipment is defective. Others go away or get settled. School playgrounds get fixed. This is example of a scare tactic being used. Get some insurance.

  • I believe that the best solution for these types of harassing lawsuits, where the litigant expects/hopes to profit monetarily from their actions, would be to MANDATE that the losing party be responsible for, and obligated to pay, any and all costs/expenses of the “winning” participant! When these so-called lawyers and their clients face the chance of becoming liable for court costs, lawyers fees and, potentialy, the lost income and expenses of the defendants, there will be a significant decline of these types of lawsuits!

  • Prohibit children from riding in the most fully belted and most fully air-bagged safest automobiles in the world because some will be injured or killed.

  • All for ya School Board. Those bastard law-suit hungry people are just ugly. Always after the deep pockets regardless of what happened.

  • If the parents are willing to sign liability waivers that should absolve the school of liability. Children of parents who don’t sign the waivers, should be informed that their children should not use the playground and that coloring books & crayons would be provided for those students. I’m sure those coloring kids will let their parents know how displeased they are. It appears in this case, an “easy money” parent saw an opportunity, selfish and without regard to the majority. A few, it seems, destroy the pleasure of the many. An all too familiar scenario today in America. It’s greed or hatred. Those parents deserve to be ostrasized.

  • During the Vietnam war, many lawschools took money from rich pothead and LSD users to keep them out of the war.

    Our Modern Legal system resembles Gestapo, or Political Police in Nazi Germany.

    It should be a criminal offense for a lawyer to ignore the basic text of our civil rights and the constitution.

  • Some people are so “money hungry” and greedy they don’t care about anyone but themselves and what THEY can get. So a kid gets a few cuts and/or scrapes, some may even get a broken arm or leg. That’s called “CHILDHOOD” . What are you? One of those rich snobs that had the butler play for you so you didn’t get dirty?

  • The school’s are caving in to the vile lawyers. You must fight these frivoulus lawsuits. Our town caved in to a lawsuit that resulted in a fatality because a police officer in hot pursuit forgot to put on his sirens and lights and crashed into a vehicle in an intersection. The town settled for $3 million rather than go to court. First, the lawsuit should have been against the cop, not the city. Second, this is like paying off pirates or terrorists. We must fight these lawsuits and not cave in and pay the scum bag lawyers with other peoples (taxpayers) money. That is the easy way out and it is like pouring gas on the fire.

  • Why not keep the kids and the parent out of the park.Or may be if the kids in town get fat, sue the parent so they can loss wight.One then one way to skein a cat.

  • Must remove all pencils and eyeglasses lest “you poke your eye out” duh hu!?! More school age children are hurt or suffer lost eyesite due to pencils and glasses.

  • Jerk parents- but what is jerkier is not the stupid parenents, they cannot be helped- it is a jerl lawyer who is a college graduate and a graduate of a law school, coupled with a jerk judge who also is a college graduate and a law school graduate with some presumably good legal experience, actually think all of this has merit. Two solutions- losers should pay when they bring a suit and they lose the lawsuit, secondly- this town needs a petition to recall the judge, or throw him/her out at the next election. since the school is so dangerous, kick the kids out of that school. Lets stop messing around with these idiots

  • W e need a good snake lawyer to step up and sue the parents of the two kids for child abuse for raising their kids to be litiginous wimps…they should not be allowed to send their kids to the schoolo any longer

  • The complaining parent should be heeded and his children should be prohibited from using the playground facilities. This will prevent any scratches or scrapes that might otherwise occur. Other parents should have the same option.

  • This is rediculous,children fall that is a part of life this generation are a bunch of babies,I don’t know how my generation of the 70’s and 80’s lived without parents who didn’t sue for everything,grow up people.

  • This so sad, maybe the parents of those children should homeschool them if they are that afraid.
    Don’t deprive children the right to be children. Take your head out of the sand.

  • Stories like this infuriate me. The people who sue the school should be ostrasized from the community. When you allow your children to play at a playground you assme certain risks and if you don’t then your kids should not be using the playground. Maybe you should keep them home in a rubber room. When I was a child we did not have all these very safe playgrounds, everything was concrete and steel and we all turned out fine. Children get hurt and thats is all I can say. This case should have been thrown out of court and the parents should have been given 1000 hours of community service. We should start penalizing people who try to file frivolouse lawsuits in the hopes of monetary gain.

  • Can a parent be sued for being an ignorant jerk? Because he thinks he’ll get some money without having to work for it kids have to pay. I hope he loses and has to pay court cost and lawyers fees plus get a hefty fine. Maybe that would stop all these stupid law suits.

  • I think they should sue the parents for #1 being stupid and #2 for not properly raising their kids — it’s a shame people like that are allowed to exist

  • Get real people!! We know times are tough but why sue over something so simple as a minor injury on the playground!! Why do people want our children to suffer because they are broke like the rest of us. Ambulance chasers!!!UGH

  • maybe the other kids familys should sue that one because there kids cant play on the swings as the schools needing money you could not take the national budget and support them the unions would make them ask for more so they could get more

  • Why are we letting peoples poor behaviors dictate social policy? Where are the parents? Some guy moves in front of my house, hes kirking out. i grab him and say buddy whats the problem here and im being charged with assault. What about Castle law rights? This is what happens when you let socialist politicians to feed on a degenerate lazy society.

  • This is really about a legal system that has been commandeered by self interested, crooked attorneys making a buck. And because we keep elected self interested, crooked attorneys to public office, we’ll never have meaningful tort reform in this country.

  • The playground video is well done. However, I must point out that in Georgia and many other states a lawsuit regarding a swing on a school playground would almost always be subject to a motion for summary judgment. Playground safety is a legitimate concern, but there is no rational justification based upon threat of litigation for disabling traditional playground equipment. However, as the son of educators I can attest that there is much irrational paranoia among ill-informed school administrators who hear rumors about lawsuits (probably thrown out of court) in some distant locality.

  • This is so sad..children no longer have physical ed..you wonder why there is such an overweight problem with them..they need exercise..I think parents that have a problem with any form of exercise should take their kids out of school..other children should not be punished because of another child’s ignorant parents..we can no longer pray, say the pledge of allegiance…all of these things are a disgrace to this country…where are we as Americans..Martin Luther King said “if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. America used to be a country we could be proud of…now…anything goes..how sad are we.

  • This is one of the MOST RIDICULOUS things I’ve seen in a LONG time!! How unfortunate that this family is punishing the entire school for “kid injuries”… I feel sorry for the children in this family that sued this school; b/c children c/b so mean… these children probably suffer ridicule from the other children. Isn’t being a kid hard enough w/out the parents making it harder b/c of their GREED!??!

  • It seems to me that this could have been handled differently. The school systems person in charge of liability should have been aware that playground equipment is a big liability, and should have come up with a liability waiver for use of playground before this happened.

  • absolutely ridiculous for a parent to sue the school over an injury that occurred at school that was not directly CAUSED by a school employee… The school system has no choice but to remove the whole playground and have the kids sit at their desks all day and actually learn something…

  • How ridiculous. Is there no such thing as personal responsibility!? I cannot imagine not having swings during childhood. It’s bad enough teeter totters, monkey bar and merry-go-rounds are gone forever. Now swings?! Tsk. What a sad state of affairs when society become so litigious as to take away childhood pleasures.

  • A permission slip on file in the schools office holding the school harmless for injuries of the child will allow all others to have the joy of using the swing sets. For years kids have enjoyed this playground equipment why allow one (1) person to ruin it for all. Let all individuals make the decision, not the law. Once again we will lose a little more of our freedom if we allow all of those individuals to dictate to the rest.

  • These moronic parents need to wake up and understand that scrapes and bruises are part of growing up. Also our legal system needs to be revamped. Judges need to grow brass and throw out idiotic lawsuits like this, and warn lawyers about consequences if they do try to push this kind of idiocy.

  • How come no one focuses on the real problem? The real problem is more than a parent that sues for no good reason, it is judges that have awarded frivolous lawsuits-judges that should answer to the public for taking our country to a place it shouldn’t be.

  • My son was 11 when he did backflip out of swing at school. The nurse called me said he hurt his foot but was fine,he could ride bus home. Turns out his foot was broken. Although, alittle upset I did not run sue.(Many people said I should) he chose to jump out backward and the duty teacher can’t see everything at one time so really my son was at fault! Some parents sit looking for reasons to sue!!!

  • I Think the other parents in the county should go to the Lawyer-happy ones and have a talk with them that they are messing things up for all the kids. This is stupid. Makes me feel bad to be a West Virginian.

  • “The decision came after the school district faced two different lawsuits from the SAME PARENT over relatively minor injuries suffered by his two kids in separate incidents on a school playground.”
    It’s NOT about the kids getting hurt, it’s about MONEY. GREED. Quick and easy payout. So all the kids have to suffer because some parent is money-hungry. When I was a kid, we got cuts and scrapes and bruises on the playground all the time. It’s part of being a kid!! So if my kid falls off his bike and tears up his arm should I sue the town for having hard pavement, and the bike manufacturer while I’m at it? I wish the law would recognize these stupid frivolous lawsuits for what they are….pure greed and a way to make thousands of easy dollars without having to work for it.

  • Lawyers are like mosquitoes. They bug the heck out of you and suck the life out of everyone they land on.

  • I remember growing up in London and playing on the bomb-sites. Perhaps the injury that I received from a thrown brick I can attribute to Hitler…any lawyers interested? Naturally pro bono.
    Put the kids back where they belong (in front of the tv) . sarcasm folks

  • Why have we begun to fear litigation so much? Is it because of the judges that have been appointed to uphold our laws have become mistrusted in doing the right thing when it comes to these types of lawsuits. Any responsible judge would have thrown these lawsuits out the moment they hit his bench. Why should every child in this county suffer over the greed of ONE IRRESPONSIBLE ADULT? Sounds like the parents in this county should get together protest right in front of this persons home.

  • This is not surprising, considering every day I turn on my TV and there are a constant barage of ambulance chasing attorney’s trying to drum up business for every conceivable situation known to man from car accidents to prescription medications that while prescribed in good faith are now being drawn in to question for alledged injury. We have become such a litigous society it’s not a wonder that these schools are defending themselves and the taxpayers against all this bunk. When I was a kid, if a child was hurt at school, the school would call an ambulance and the child was taken to the local hospital and the school would pay the ER bill for the scrapes or broken bones and nothing else was said about it. But today, with all the ambulance chasers trying to convince every one to sue it’s not a wonder that the schools have to draw the line in the sand and do preventative measures. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  • What is this world coming to? It isn’t right, taking away a school child’s swing set. Kids are going to be kids, and they are going to get bumps and bruises once in a while. Come on people. Let them be kids. A lot of our president’s and other famous people probably had swing sets as children. Don’t deprive our children of fun.

  • Is there a lawyer out there who will take my case? I want to sue all of these people who have brought about frivolous lawsuits. From the swing set guy , to the 24 lawsuit guy, every single one in this entire nation. Their greed and stupidity is causing me immeasurable amounts of emotional distress. Which, of course, is now, resulting in physical damage as well. Come on, who’s game? I’ll make it well worth your while if we win. 😀 Or maybe the DA’s office should look into pressing charges against swing set guy for child neglect and endangerment. He knew those dangerous swings were there. Waiting, looking so bright and inviting, luring innocent victims to their doom. Yet he took them there anyway. And left them. Why wasn’t he there protecting his children? All kidding aside, this is just disgusting. Because of his greed, all of the kids in the entire county lose their swings. Might as well get rid of the entire playground. They can get hurt on the slide, jungle gym, monkey bars, merry-go-round, teeter-totter, four-square and basketball courts, the grass causes allergies (can’t be too safe). Maybe ban recess altogether. And any physical contact between students. Horseplay caused me to chip a tooth on the drinking fountain as a child. Better ban them too.Sorry for such a long tirade, but this article really irked the hell out of me. I fee much better now. Happy New Year!

  • What next? Have all children-any age- sit on the floor because someone may lean back in their chair and fall over backward? Better give them a pillow to sit on too-allergy free- so they don’t hurt their tush. Give me a break! kids are kids. They will get hurt sometimes. My daughter fell off the slide at 7 years old and broke her arm. Did we sue? NO. It was an accident. She was playing and fell. Accidents do and will happen. Quit being SUE happy people. Wake up!!!!

  • Kid comes to middle school drunk.

    She grabs a bottle of liquid hand sanitizer and drinks it while waiting to be picked up by parents.

    School removes and bans all liquid hand sanitizers, all just before flu season.

    It happened here.

  • I think our court system is the biggest joke in the WORLD. They are the ones who entertain these fribulous lawsuits and that opens the door for others. Most people who file these lawsuits are looking for a big payoff because they need money in some form or fashion or they think they are going to be set for life.

  • Is the parent looking for a freebee, looking to correct a wrong, or just plain mean. Swings are part of the American/World’s landscape. They build up, not tear down. Most users have fun, exercise their arm, stomach, back, and leg muscles, while aiding mental, and social building opportunities. Unsupervised swings are a fact of life, not evidence of negligence. If a kid/school have a documented negligence relationship, then their might be something here. If the parent is attempting to correct a flaw, great! If they are just mean spirited/profit minded, shame on them. If they are financially challenged, they should might check into some social medical help programs. But the school does not seem to be ‘painfully’ at fault on this. Doors close, hands can be in them, and that does not mean the door owner is at fault. All the facts must be looked at.

    Life’s many manageable hazards include ‘recognized’ focus action machines, including swings, jumping jacks, bats and balls, and fancy running shoes. Some people will get hurt, most will not. Injury is one of life’s realities. Short of being in a plastic bubble, stretching our bodies abilities, exercising, or just plain having fun, comes with risk. The question here is was there gross negligence, not just acceptable risk. Parents, childhood has risk, unless you want a plastic child.

    Depending upon how this injury occurred (goofing around, didn’t know what could happen, lack of ability to hold on once up on the swing), has some bering on how responsible the swing owner might have. If thereSome people will attempt to get help. Others will try to use a good system to ‘profit’ from the normal downs of life, or will try to shut down life for others, or both. Swings have a long history. A ‘new’ user on it can’t be expected to ‘know’ how to avoid all of its dangers, but this ‘provided’ action focus machine seems to be self informative to most. Perhaps the parent should have told the school that her child might need special help. The school is not negligent for providing a ‘typical’ benefit of physical activity by providing a swing. Swings have well known properties, actions, and benefits that society understands. Some people will get hurt in a rubber padded room, and get defensive for having this fact pointed out. I think this parent is looking for a freebee. There is a lot to be said about the damage of removing the swing due to the well understood benefits swings provide, including instant motivation for physical activity for all kinds of people–sports minded, nurds, physically challenged, etc.,. Swings provide a sort of mini life classroom out doors, with its risks and benefits, including mental and physical stimulation.

  • Why doesn’t the school board have liability insurance? It is foolish for them not to have it. If they have insurance, then the “costs of litigation” are paid by the insurance company and not an issue.

  • I think it is time for a panel of individuals with a brain – at least pass an IQ test – to hear cases such as this to see if it would warrant a day in court. If there is no evidence of intentional harm done, then it does not proceed to court.

  • It is so sad that greedy people these days look for any way to sue someone; even allowing our children to lose exercise equipment. No wonder we have so many obese kids.

  • Are you kidding me? What a bunch of idiots! Bactine and a Band-Aid. And a kiss on the boo-boo by Mommy can heal . The rest of the grown ups in the school district should sue those parents for emotional damage to their children.

  • Anyone can find what are in fact isolated incidents of lawsuit abuse.

    But from what I can tell you receive the bulk of your funding from people who would rather not face any consequences at all for their bad behavior.

    So how seriously should we take you?

    Somce of your supporters think screwing people is a legitimate business tactic and you help them get away with it.

  • If the lawyers are going to take these cases then it is up to the Judges to throw these cases out. After awhile you will have to be afraid to even say hello to someone for fear of getting sued. How sad that this country is going down the tubes.That parent should just keep their children inside the house and not let them do anything for fear of getting hurt. Oh wait they might sue the people who built the house if they are stuck inside too long and get sick.

  • Removing the swing sets will not prevent lawsuits from people like this man. He will just find something else to sue over. He is a greedy, money seeking person. Perhaps this behavior was promoted by the economy. Even a paper cut that occured with school book would appeal as lawsuit material to him. I am glad that I am a member of WV CALA. This abuse needs to stop.

  • i think people are so money hungry that they will dom anything to get free money especially if the child was not seriously hurt i would like to hear from the parentsbut i know thats impossible

  • So the school district made a stupid decision. They should have let the swings stay open —there are always people who will file a lawsuit. Probably could have settled the casefor less money at the very beginning–why did your attorneys wait for 3 years. They waited because they were charging you hourly

  • What about the law suit against Wal-Mart where the woman are sueing them for making less then the men who work for them.

  • This is ANOTHER reason to have universal healthcare, so people don’t have to SUE to afford the kids hospital bills! Kids will get hurt, it’s called learning your limitations..

  • I believe the parents of these children were only looking to take wrongful advantge of the court system. And it says they got a settlement? I only wonder about a court system that would allow them to abuse the court system in such a way!

  • This is how ignorant and ridiculous people have become. Shame on you for being so greedy such bad examples parents are setting…Can you imagine how these children will be as parents…and don’t even get me started on the lawyers…lowest life forms, bottom feeders…

  • The problem is that everyone is looking for excuses to sue. This family shoild be ashame and be ousted by the school.

  • I think the parent (or parents) are MONEY HUNGRY! this is the stupidest thing I have heard of late…any child should have the right to play on a swingset…to file a lawsuit, it should be required to have been defective in the injury of a child..in other words, the school district should not have to pay to defend itself, until the parent PAYS for an investigation to prove it defective..if it wasen’t, a lawsuit would not be allowed to be filed…SHAME ON THIS PAREST!

  • I think those parents should be banned from the playgrounds and let the other children have fun and play. Or else have everyone sign a waiver release.

  • This is the problem with litigation in America. Kid’s play tag, one falls down, caps a tooth, and the parents sue. No More recess. No wonder obesity is rampant. Fat parents looking for easy money. Growing up, touch football in our playground turned into all out. tackle football on concrete. Basketball was a war. Our parent’s watched it, no one ever thought abou6t suing.

  • I think that people are not of very good character these days with the economy being as tight as it is. I think its rediculous that the population in general are considered SUE HAPPY, thats how i see it. Let kids be kids! Parents should know if a child gets hurt on a school playground and/or breaks a bone take them to the hospital get the child looked at and the schools will usually pay for the bill, i know this happened to my schoolage children at one point, senseless people to senseless things. There are other avenues to go besides suing these days. No need for it! I see this happeneing everywhere it sucks, because people are money hungry and only way they think to get money is by suing. This irritates me.

  • I don’t know. I don’t think kids need swingsets at school to enjoy being a kid. My school playground didn’t have any swings or jungle gyms, but I still had a great time, playing tag or softball.

  • those parents that sued 4 theyre kids getting should keep the kids at home and buy them their own swingset ,so when they get hurt lplaying on that they can sue themselfs.and they need to get a life and a job or just let the kids play. things happen now the other kids are being punished for nothing.

  • They should just keep those children from using the playground, the family that placed two lawsuits should be barred from using the swings or any other possible recreational toy or device that might prove harmful.

  • Oh my goodness. Some people cannot think of anything other than lawsuits. How sad. Yes, kids might get scrapes and brises. My own daugher broke her arm while roller blading BUT we didn’t trhrow away the roller blades OR remove the concrete driveway. And I wasn”t at home but I didn’t sue the lhomeowner or blame them. Children have to grow and learn. They should get the opportuniy to do fun things … which may even inspire them Ths woman should get rid of the electric cords in their home, the knives and the scissors .. Heavenforbid that the children might get hold of them and the have to sue the knife maker or the scissor maker. Reminds me of people who sue the lawnmower companies cause they got cut on the blade.or the gun companies because they got shot with the gun, or the coffee restaurant becaus they got burned on the coffee, Duh. Lawn mower blades are sharp. AND coffee is SUPPOSED TO BE HOT. The person has to learn from childhood up to be careful and have a decent respect for lightning , electricity, lawn mower blades and knives, mousetraps, hot coffee, and YES, they have to learn to play “carefully” on the playground… so that they do NOT get hurt!! We all have lessons to learn and childhood, of course, is FILLED with so many of them… Children have to learn.. and so do adults. Maybe these people had parents just like them??? I am the first to admit I do not know the WHOLE story. But now all the children ‘suffer’ the loss of the playground equipment because of one set of parents who, at least according to this story, could not let their child learn from their mistakes to be more careful on the swingset. What kind of responsible adult will that turnout? well, just my opinion.. and I know… everybody has one…

  • Forgive me .. my keyboard seems to be sticking and also missing letters. Hope my comment will make sense to someone.

  • Shame on the parents that suited the school.
    Money hungry people are out there doing this kind of thing and making others miss out on what should be theirs. If your to stupid to teach your kids how to use a swing, you should be sued. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • How far will we really have to go? Its not just the school playgrounds but also our city parks. I am 53 years old and have lived in Southeast kansas all my life. The city of Independence Ks. has always been known for there park and zoo. When I was a kid it was a big thing to go there for the day, to play on the swings, slides and ect. I remember taking along a roll of wax paper so we could get the fastest ride on what we thought were the tallest slides anywhere. One of those slides is a spiral slide. For over 50 years kids have come from all around to ride the “curleycue” as we knew it. This past year the discussion was brought up to remove the slide from our park. Insurance rates are too high to cover such a thing.To my knowledge no one has ever been killed on these slides. Broken arms, or concussions yes, probably but, is it really more danderous now than it has been in 50 years? I can’t believe that. Do the parents today think that the parents 50 years ago weren’t good parents, or didn’t care if their children got hurt, I don’t think that is the case either. After-all we are the children and/or grandchildren of that generation. I know that when I was going up and down those slides my parents were right there with me. Could this be the problem. I don’t know. We keep taking things away so they keep trying new things. I’m just saying let the kids have some old fashioned fun, and maybe they won’t look for new ways to do it.

  • The people who filed these two SEPARATE suits because of kids being kids ought to be ashamed of what they’ve done to their school. Then again, they wouldn’t even consider what their actions might do to others – this is the typical litigant who files nuisance suits as a “get rich quick” scheme and that’s all they care about. I hate people like this. I wish they had been required to accept their settlement checks in front of a full school auditorium of kids, parents and teachers – all who get to bear the results of their little gold-digging venture. Boo on them!!!

  • What a shame! Lawyers and lawsuits ending another fond memory of childhood. These types of lawsuits need to be thrown out at the parents cost. It use to be that schools sold a small accident policy to cover medical arising out of these types of accidents.

  • The parents should be sued for depriving the other students from having what has turned out the only type of exercise schoold can provide students. I was in school from the ’60’s to the ’70’s. If I went home with scrapes or bruises I would get my butt busted because I was the one fooling around on the playground.

  • Swings are more than fun. They help children develop sensory and coordination as well as strength for things like handwriting. I can’t believe some jury or court (including the judge) let this family win two lawsuits because of a swing. Sounds like this family and their bloodsucking lawer should be sued for greediness.

  • ostracize these families, individuals and weasel lawyers that negatively impact the majority of normal, healthy and active children. this is akin to outrageous malpractice settlements that coerce doctors to pay for minor mistakes so they can continue good work.

  • If our court system did not promote these issues by awarding the complainant for ridiculous lawsuits, these things would not happen. We have lost common sense and justice in our Court Systems.We pay for it ourselves because of it.

  • That is just wrong, Kids will fall, kids will get hurt..what’s next the parents gonna sue the ground for having to much gravity?

  • Use rope. Large rope, with a big knot at the end; as I’ve seen in Navy obstacle courses.
    Sit on the rope’s knot. Swing. It’s soft. Schools never used to provide swings, it was for parents, or for city playgrounds.

    Schools really shouldn’t have to worry about providing swings, or playgrounds. Kids could be gardening, or track & field. Street games – don’t need these elaborate, expensive playground sets.

  • Leave the swings, why punish all the children and parents. Take recess or playing on the playground equipment away from those parents and children, if they object to that, then make it there responsibility to be at the school, supervising their children while on recess, if they can’t be there to supervise, then no recess for them. Also, I would have those teachers inspect them on a daily basis for any little mishap and make sure that abuse charges are filed against the parents until the children are taken away. The law can be a double edged sword. Use it.

  • I wrote the wrong ‘there’ in a sentence. Should have been ‘their’. I’m just feeling a little mad at the parents. OOOOPS. My English teacher would have caught it.

  • Why, oh why would the school decide to settle on this case? Kids get bumps and bruises their entire lives… This is not just about a family that is trying to ‘get rich quick’ but about a school board and an insurance company that doesn’t have the guts to stand up for what is right vs wrong.

  • Are these parents serious?!!!!! Shame on yall. You’re only punishing the children with you foolish lawsuits, I mean really. Don’t you remember play on the playgrounds and getting hurt, it’s all part of being a kids. What morons. Get a life.

  • Folks. There are two sides to every story, and this video shows only one of them. Why are they afraid to show both sides of this story? I have some questions: How bad were the kids hurt? How many children had been hurt? Was there something about these swings that made them more dangerous than normally expected? Its great to bash people that sue…until your kid is hurt! Then you’ll be the first one on the court house steps demanding that the responsible person pay for your kids medical care, home modifications and for necessary prescriptions!

  • Everyone thinks these suits are a tragedy and shameful – but when will we do something about it? When will we have tort reform??? When will we limit the money that can be won in these frivolous lawsuits? When will we stop the madness that is dictating our society, our actions, costing us millions for healthcare???? It’s a fairly simple fix; must we demonstrate and riot of get common sense laws???

  • Would it be possible to counter sue a parent for not watching their own child at a public park or playground for negligence if that child were injured? I agree with an earlier comment about prayer, God and now playgrounds. Things do happen, tha’ts why we need prayer and God. I am amazed at how our rights are being taken away due to litigation. I need to perhaps sue car seat makers for every time my kid gets a sore neck from being bent over in a car seat when they fall asleep. This is just crazy, perhaps its time for some sort of judicial review or litmus test of all civil lawsuits or some sort of payment by the plaintiff in cases where they lose. I understand that that could cause an unfair advantage to the wealthy, that’s why we need oversight of civil cases.

  • most ridiculous law suit i ever heard of.
    what about those judges in courtroom who favor these kind of incidents?
    they never been in playground themselves? probably they never allow their children or grandchildre use playground.

  • Frivilous lawsuits like these don’t pass the test for intelligence on the part of the courts and those bringing them forward. There are some in our society today who are always looking to make a buck on someone else. In this case it’s the taxpayers. We live in a society where some believe they are entitled to everything they need, even money from other taxpayers to pay for their nuttiness.

  • It’s a sad day for children. They’re the losers. Adults should be ashamed for what they do to kids.

  • Should they cancel all sports and perhaps gym class
    Careful of steps, too!
    Ohdont walk in rain .they mayslip
    School board must act for gratwrgood.


  • Stupid lawsuits which force the school to remove the swing sets is totally ridiculous. Majority of children follow the rules and do well enjoying the swinging. Some children are irresponsible and accidents happen for that reason while simple accidents can happen being responsible. A child can easily fall and injuure themself while just walking, running, skipping, jumping, playing any sport. These parents should be ashamed for this action having to be taken spoiling children’s everyday simple fun and part of growing up. As children we all received an injury for one reason or another and that helped us to become more responsible, take the necessary precautions and follow the rules to prevent injuries. Pretty soon no one will be able to enjoy anything because of greedy people, ridiculous courts and judges. Is there no common sense any more? Shame on all of you for taking away children’s simple fun.

  • Gee, when I was a kid my parents always had the option of buying school insurance for while I was at school to cover the expenses of potential accidental injury while at school. Is that offered anymore?

  • Can’t the school require that parents/guardians sign a exculpatory clause (releasing them from liability) at the beginning of the school year in order for their child to be permitted to use the playground equipment? I’m sure most parents would sign, and — if drated correctly– it seems to me that it would fend off any possible law suits from sue-happy parents of accident prone kids. Have alternative recess options (indoor crafts or something) for the few kids whose parents don’t sign.

  • Let me get this straight, because of ONE Parent who’s a bit over-protective of their kids, ruins it for the rest of all the hundreds of kids in that community/state, and the courts are letting it happen!! I think whomever this family is, needs to have their heads examined for being psychologically unstable, and our courts & powers that be, need to crack down on those that are abusing the system with these stupid lawsuits!! Better yet, let these parents have their kids home schooled instead! Speaking of home…….would be interesting to see if they have a swing set in their own back yard too!!

  • Put the parents names on the national news and let the peer pressure from other parents resolve the problem.

  • Some lawyers must be so hard up that they even are willing to take these cases. What has happened to their integrity? I broke my ankle in High School (private) playing Powder Puff football. I, nor my parents, even considered a lawsuit. It was just part of life experiences and being a kid. Shame on the father. He is not setting a good example for his kids.

  • Unfortunately this is a sign of the times in our country. However, good attorneys can cleverly work around such problems. There is the School Insurance that is available at Parental cost and also a Release of Liability Form that can be drafted and signed by parents at the begining of each year, If they do not sign, then their child simply participates in an optional activity such as library time, art or music class, etc. The signing of the release form is pretty hard to get around but is required for other school activities such as football, band, etc. As long as you have parents, you will always have a spoiled sport in the bunch. Simply ignore them and be on the offensive when possible today. It is simply the world we live in. Having said all of that like the perfect mother and grandmother that I am 🙂 I would grab me a few judges and tat and feather them, then ride them out of town on a rail..car that is. I am fed up with supposedly educated people who act like they don’t know what a hole in the ground is. And in the old days, when we lived in a small town, there were ways, quite legal mind you, to get those despoiling parents to line up. After all, we all need attention and model ourselves after the attention we recieve.

  • Most of us survived childhood. If it wasn’t broken or required stitches, we got bandaids, hugs (perhaps a treat) and a shove back out the door for the next playground mishap. Really, what kind of a schmuck does this because of a scrape, cut or bruise….so sad.

  • As stated before, publish the name and address of the person filing the lawsuit and let their”friends” know exactly what kind of person the really are. Release of liability forms are signed every year, how can this idiot forget that?

  • Don’t know about today’s school insurance, but we found out that if you have ANY other insurance the school insurance pays last. Usually less than what the insurance premium was.

    **** because of ONE Parent who’s a bit over-protective of their kids****

    Also, the above comment is false. The parent isn’t overly protective. The parent is looking for easy street. If they were overly protective, they would teach their child better.

  • When I was 9, I fell and broke my arm while attempting to backflip off of a swing. I did it many times before. I ran home crying and my mother told me “I bet you will never do that again.” I never did AND she made me apologize for misusing the school’s equipment.

  • There had to be another way to get a message through to school if they were negligent–Thank you to school whimps, money hungry lawyers, and small minded parents for destroying fun, memories, problem solving, and learning for children across the nation!!! Sounds like our nation wants “couch potato puppets”. SAD. Some schools use swing excuse, yet are not maintaining health and safety at playground or other areas.

  • Both of My daughter played on the Monkey Bars at Elementary School.a few kids got hurt…..Am I lucky? Yes..maybe..Or did I teach them skills early on..Did I take them to play on the playground equipment at a very young age to “have fun” YES I did…Did I watch thgem and spot..Yup did that too! Did I yell at them and scold them when they got to reckless for not knowing they could get hurt? Yes..did that too! Because I knew someday….I would not be able to be there every second to scrutinize and watch every move…Plan was Not Fool-Proof….But I did my best and thought ahead..Same goes with Swimming…..I had my babies in the water at 3 months old…..I depend on “Them” to use their judgement I also hope the Playground watchers Notice when the fun doesn’t go as planned…

  • I’m tired of so many commercials by legal firms advertising for class action suits; everything from asbestos to implants! I find it pathetic for law firms to do this because it
    encourages immoral people to join the abuse of justice. I remember when such commercials were not allowed!

  • How about tell your daughter not to play on the monkey bars without you being there to supervise if she can’t seem to stay on them safely? No need to sue the school–most kids play on them and come out just fine.

  • The parent that is bringing these suits is, in my mind, a terrorist. He or she is creating fear in order to manipulate others. It’s evil, it’s petty, and it is wrong beyond question.

  • sad to say but these cases cant be stopped through more lawsuits. there needs to be a culture change and massive public shaming of individuals and families that engage in frivilous lawsuits and or lawfare. they do this because they get money and nobody has the courage to stand up to them. sorry to say but its of to the culture and public to make lawfare abusers life hell. thats the only thing that can stop it is being more ruthless than them

  • I think that these sue happy people need to be outed…We the public have a right to know who is causing all this trouble

  • My sister was heart on a play ground at school. it was a scraped knee nothing bad. Now the kids can’t play tag or run at all. I think it is sad that a kid can’t be a kid.

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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.

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