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What’s worse than getting a call or text from a spammer? How about trial lawyers who make tens of millions of dollars off everyone’s misery?

Blame the Telephone Consumer Protection Act—or TCPA.

This law was enacted 28 years ago in 1991, when every American family had an old-fashioned landline in their kitchen.

The TCPA was literally written for another era. But today’s era lets trial lawyers get rich off it. They exploit a loophole to sue legitimate businesses who call you for things like appointment reminders or send you text message alerts for your food delivery order.

Real violators—the spammers who hide off-shore—get away completely free.

Let’s face it: those calls keep coming despite the TCPA. And some of the businesses we use every day—like the dentist, bank or gym—could get sued out of business.

There are two ways to fix these problems.

The Federal Communications Commission must modernize the TCPA to stop frivolous litigation, and Congress needs to reform the law to keep up with the fast pace of technology.

The TCPA is like one of those antique rotary phones in old movies:

No longer in service.

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