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From the files of The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits comes a story SO ridiculous that even we were shocked by it.

Trial lawyers argued a $600 million class action case over the advertised health claims of a well-known daily multi-vitamin.

With the trial lawyers seeking the chance to make tens of millions of dollars in fees, they put their ‘expert medical witness’ on the stand. He was supposed to help them make the case that there are no health benefits to the daily vitamin.

But their claims fall apart in the hands of their key witness—a self-described “forensic nutritionist.”

As you might imagine, this $600 million class action lawsuit was barely on life support after the doctor all but admitted the plaintiffs’ lawyers had no case. Jurors found for the defendant.

But it should come as no surprise that the once-beaten trial lawyers who argued the class action lawsuit case said there are plenty more lawsuits to come over vitamins.

It’s time for these ridiculous lawsuits to take a chill pill.


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