Sued after firing poorly performing employee

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I hired a woman on a salary plus commission basis. The woman seemed to be a great fit initially, but things quickly changed. She had poor performance, did not adhere to the rules of the company, and on more than one occasion, she did not show up to work at all. Her employment was terminated in May of that same year.

I received summons describing the suit that she was filing against me less than a week after her termination. I later found that she had retained representation within the first month of employment. In addition, my company was not the only company her family was suing at the time.

I got to the point where I had paid around 10k, and I couldn’t go on. I was working day and night and couldn’t keep up with my bills. I had accepted that my company had failed and that I was ready to quit.

But the trial lasted for three days and I won. No monies were ever collected from the plaintiff, so I ask what exactly did I win? I am in debt, and she has no idea how much pain her little lie has caused me. In fact, I am quite sure she has moved on to her next frivolous lawsuit.

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