Victimized by Jurisdiction Shopping

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I am a small business owner, and I have been a victim of several frivolous law suits from the same party. Even when I prevailed in one court, the plaintiff re-formulated the lawsuits and took them to adjoining localities in hopes of finding a sympathetic judge or jury. So far the plaintiff’s efforts have failed, but this so-called jurisdiction shopping continues.


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  • Plantiff should not be allowed to shop around and file same suit. Any judge that allows someone to do this should be investigated by the state. This is especially true if plantiff is a ‘repeat offender’. The business owner should file a counter-suit for harrassment and seek a large sum, under RICO if possible,

  • This doesn’t make sense. Once a final judgment has been rendered in one court, generally a losing-party can’t “venue-hunt” for a more sympathetic judge and jury over the same merits. It’s called Issue (or Claim, I forget) Preclusion.

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