Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The ‘Two Left Feet’ Edition

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By Tim Gilmore

It seems everything is getting “smarter” these days.  Smart phones have become ubiquitous, new cars can park themselves, and even shoes now come equipped with tiny “brains” to make walking easier.

Even brainiac shoes probably wouldn’t have been enough for the Illinois woman who is suing Adidas, claiming that she fell down after her new shoes “stuck together.”   The plaintiff is alleging that the company designed and manufactured the shoes with materials that stick together when they come into contact with each other, and that Adidas should have warned her of the hazard.

Honestly, how often do somebody’s shoes touch?  Perhaps she simply tripped over her own feet.

Is this the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month?  Or is it one of these instead:

  • Lawsuit says cruise ship went too fast
  • Good Samaritan killed trying to stop thief; estate sues store he was robbing
  • Mom files suit against exclusive preschool over child’s college prospects
  • Ref sues writer over Tweet about “make-up calls”

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  • Lawsuits in America are absolutely ridiculous. We need the British system where losers pay. It’ll never happen as long as we have scum-bag lawyers dominating the legislaures.

  • This is absolutely not a rediculous lawsuit. What is rediculous is designing shoes that would be prone to stick together. What were the designers thinking–that a person’s feet never come in contact? The design invites injury. Can you imagine suddenly stepping on a strip of velcro? You would be thrown forward. Adidas shoes offer a chanch for such an event with every step.

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