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MasterCard Blasts ‘Baseless’ Lawsuit Over Its ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ Fundraising Promotion

We guess it’s true that no good deed goes unpunished.

“Baseless” and “disappointing” is how a spokesperson for MasterCard labels a class action against the company over its “Stand Up To Cancer” charity fundraising promotion.

The lawsuit, filed by a New Jersey man last month, alleges MasterCard kept advertising the promotion (in each year 2012-2015) after its $4 million fundraising goal was met. The lead plaintiff and the others in the class seek “damages of more than $5 million, including punitive damages, injunctive relief, attorney fees, and costs of the lawsuit.”

“Together, with our cardholders, we have raised over $30 million for innovative cancer research in just five short years,” said MasterCard’s Sarah Ely.

Woman Sues Over Alleged Injury She Incurred at Children’s Birthday Party … 12 years Ago

Twelve years ago, former Buffalo Sabres defenseman Grant Ledyard and his wife hosted a birthday party for their son. During that party, apparently channeling the Hanson Brothers from the classic hockey movie, Slap Shot, a child “swung a plastic golf club and struck 11-year-old Brianna Fasanello, splitting her lip and knocking out a front tooth.”

No word on whether the child spent any time in the penalty box for the infraction.

The Ledyards felt bad about the incident and the next day “went over to the Fasanello home with gifts and a get-well card.”

“Jacob felt bad that Brianna had had her tooth knocked out at our house, and we went over the next day to just say ‘hello’ and check on her and make sure she was okay,” Elizabeth Ledyard said.

The Ledyards thought the incident was in the past.

But in 2012, Brianna Fasanello — who who is now a 23-year-old woman — sued the Ledyards over the incident, as well as the mother of the then-4-year-old who allegedly swing the plastic club. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Man Sues Makers of “Fallout 4” Video Game, Claiming “Addiction” to Game

A man from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, is suing the Bethesda, MD, gaming company Bethesda Softworks, makers of Fallout 4, claiming that he didn’t know the game would be “so addictive.”

“Apparently, after seeing an advertisement for the game, the man decided to download it and spend a few hours playing over the next few days,” reports Yahoo! News. “Those days quickly turned into weeks, and after missing several days of work, he was fired from his job. His friends stopped hearing from him, his sleeping and eating habits deteriorated and his wife left him.”

Unable to push the reset button on his life, the man has filed suit seeking about $7,000 in damages.


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