Inmates sue major beer companies: The alcohol made us do it

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A group of Idaho inmates are suing 8 brewers for not warning them of the dangers of alcohol.  “I have spent a great deal of time in prison because of situations that have arose because of people being drunk, or because of situations in which alcohol played a major role,” one inmate wrote. “At no time in my life, prior to me becoming an alcoholic, was I ever informed that alcohol was habit forming and addictive.”


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  • Duh, how phony is that statement. He seems to be fairly intelligent by the way he writes. The dangers of alcohol to those predisposed to excessive behaviors and addictions has been known for centuries.

    Unless he lived in a bubble of misbehavior, and not looking past his nose and seeing the information that is easily available, or simply watching his pals and not getting it, this is a desperate end run to try and skate.

    Better luck next time, bubbie.

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