Subway sued over ‘footlong’ subs

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A New Jersey man who says he eats 50 Subway footlongs per year is suing the chains, alleging that the sandwiches are really only 11 inches.  The lawyer in the suit is seeking class action status.


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  • Really???? If he felt like he was getting less that what he paid for, why did he continue to buy the product. This lawsuit is BS, pure and simple.

  • Give out the name(s) of the lawyers who file these suite, please. They need to be recogniZed for the low rent ambulance chasers they are!

    Give them the publicity they deserve!

  • I wonder how insurance adjusters get a bad name when liability claims like this come across the wire. I’m fairly certain that’s a 12 inch piece of bread-dough before it puffs up, causing horizontal shrinkage. Think of the burger weight note at the bottom of most menus, which usually read “net weight before cooking”. Of course, if some restaurants place that wording on the menu, there’s a reason (perhaps an appellate opinion) in support. My guess – Subway settles for cheap, but rightfully denied the claim in the first place. That is, unless this attorney just went and filed without a letter of demand.

  • Margin of error is 1/2 the unit of measurement. Therefoore margin of error for 12″ is +/- 1/2″…margin or error for 1 foot is +/- 6″ (half foot). Therefore…”foot-long” sandwich could be only 6″ long and still be witin the margin of error. Go figure! Tell that to the legal folks.

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