Senders of Texts to Drivers Can Be Held Liable, Court Rules

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Disagreeing with a lower court ruling, a New Jersey appeals court said that the sender of a text can be held liable if the recipient of the text gets into an accident if they were texting while driving.


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  • #1. It is the recipient’s choice whether or not to read a text while driving. #2. The sender of the text has no way of knowing if the recipient is driving at the time they send a text. This is a stupid ruling!!

  • Insanity! I would think that the non-driving sender would have to know the driving receiver is indeed driving before they could share ANY responsibility. How would the sender know they are driving?

  • If the sender is liable, they might just as well ban texting altogether. No one HAS to answer a text while driving, and if they do, it is no one’s fault but the recipient!

  • No… they shouldn’t sue the driver – the driver is a helpless slave to his addiction prone product – the cell phone. Holding a person responsible for their own acts is anti-social(ist) and we must maintain the collective perspective. Matter of fact, it should be obvious that the REAL culprit is the car itself – we are persecuting those afflicted with a disease (alcoholism) for operating a vehicle or an addiction (social media/texting) when the real villain here is the car itself!

    The clarity of this reasoning should be immediately grasped by anyone who proposes and advocates prohibitive ‘gun control’ laws.

    Then we go after spoons for making Michael Moore fat…

  • Whats the point if i have to call to ask my friend if she is driving so i know if i can text her or not. I dont know where you are when i text! Its the receivers RESONSIBILITY to chose a safe time and place to read or reply to a message! Be responsible for your own actions! If you have no control then tyrn off your phone if tou are in a car.

  • How about suing the people that call during dinner time for ruining our meals or those who leave long messages for wasting our time

  • Ridiculous. A sender is supposed to Know when the recipient is driving? Am I responsible for the recipients decision not to put their phone away when they get under the wheel? OK, I have an idea…. I will sue the manufacturer of the phone for not making an App that will inform me the defenseless cell phone owner is driving. (Cynical laugh)
    Can we sue the Judge who made this ruling?

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