Actress sues rescue group over dog bite

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A 27-year-old woman who adopted a small dog from a rescue agency is suing the group after the pooch bit her on the cheek.  The dog was “alleged to have been a Shih Tzu breed of dog, but was in fact a mix breed or a mutt,” the suit claims.  The plaintiff is seeking medical expenses and loss of income from the agency.  The dog has s since been adopted by someone else, and the woman has adopted a different dog as well.


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  • In this case I’m with the woman. I work with dogs, and have seen that many of the “rescue” groups are grossly negligent; often putting people at needless risk.

    Locally we have a number groups who import stray dogs from the US, India, and elsewhere, and more or less drop them on unsuspecting volunteers with no real preparation.

    Generally I send people to our municipal pound, or the local SPCA, where I know that they have assessed both the animal and the potential adopter to make sure it’s a good fit.

  • While I agree with Barry to a point I’ve never trusted people who only want “pure bred” dogs. They are superficial, stuck up self-absorbed snots. I pity the dog she has since adopted and I’m glad “the mutt” found a home that doesn’t care about what “type of breed” he is.

  • Sad. Rescue groups do a great service – for little or no money or reward. Now we have greedy lawyers trying to take what little they have. Look who loses if this suit wins and shuts down the rescue organization – animals lose, animal lovers lose, and ultimately society loses. sad….

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