Neighbor Says Church Bells Helped Destroy His Marriage

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A Rhode Island man’s lawsuit claims that the bells of nearby church have disrupted his life, even leading to the breakup of his marriage.  The clapping, clanging, and gonging caused emotional distress, bad moods, and arguments with his wife, he says in the suit.


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  • Hey looser, maybe if you would have rung her bell every now and then your marriage wouldn’t have broken up!!!

  • The world has become too urban, ie close in neighbors. Loud or otherwise disruptive activities must take a backseat to the rights of homeowners or renter to enjoy their residence. Far from being a silly action such law suits will continue to grow in number. The use of our state and federal court system can not be denied to the public. Such limits on the public are not in accord with the US constitution.

  • These stories need NEED to publilsh both the names of the lawyer(s) and the plantiffs in the stories. It occurs to me that the church was undoubtedly there long before this idiot moved into the neighborhood. Usually, only old chirched have bells like that.

  • OMG, I spent 40 years next to a church, I’m not church going kinda person, but I do kinda miss the bells. So can I sue the town I’m in because they don’t have church bells I can hear? Good grief. If you don’t like where you live, MOVE! Do the town a favor!!!

  • Terill Smith, keep sipping that koolaide. Frivolous lawsuits are a burden on the system and are purely for financial gain. Now crawl back under your toilet seat.

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