Nursing Student Sues University After Twice Failing Required Course

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Higher education can be stressful.  But is that a reason to sue your school?

That’s exactly what one nursing student at Misericordia University in Pennsylvania is doing after twice failing a required course.

According to the Associated Press, this student says “anxiety and depression made it difficult for her to concentrate” and that her “professor didn’t do enough to help her pass a class on adult health patterns.”

After failing the required course to complete her nursing degree a first time, Jennifer Burbella requested accommodations for her disability caused by depression and anxiety.

On her second attempt to complete the class, she was reportedly offered a “distraction-free environment,” an extended deadline to complete the exam, and the ability to ask the professor questions during her second attempt.

But, Burbella contends, none of that happened during the final exam.  So, she diagnosed the issue as a legal problem, and sought the  “healing” help of a lawyer.

Her suit names nursing professor Christina Tompkins, Misericordia President Thomas J. Botzman, and department chairwoman Cynthia Maillouix for failing to accommodate her disability.

Do you think Burbella has a case? Or is this just a ridiculous legal attempt to nurse her college career back to good health?

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