Neighbors File Suit After 8-Year-Old Girl ‘Warms Hearts’ by Feeding Gift-Bearing Birds

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Eight-year-old Seattle girl Gabi Mann gained fame when the birds she fed in her family’s garden allegedly brought her “gifts”, such as beads, broken light bulbs and broken pieces of glass.

But these gifts aren’t the only thing she’s received. Her family is now being sued by their neighbors for feeding those gift-bearing birds.

The neighbors are suing Gabi’s parents for $200,000, saying the bird feeding draws too many birds to the neighborhood, which results in bird poop that allegedly damages their properties.

They are also seeking a court order that prevents the Manns from “setting out more than a quarter pound of animal food each day.”

As this Seattle Post-Intelligencer story points out, Gabi’s gift exchanges with the birds “warmed hearts around the world.”

Unfortunately, she and her parents may now be warming a bench in a Seattle courtroom.


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