Right-handed HR Manager Breaks Left Wrist, Sues for £4.2 Million

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If you were asked to come up with a list of professionals whose careers were dependent on their hands, you might start that list with people like construction workers, or musicians, or artists.  HR Managers, however, probably wouldn’t be high on that list.

But not if you ask Carmen Mazo, who recently sued a West London gastropub The Westbourne for £4.2 million after falling, tripping, and breaking her left wrist.  Mazo claims that the injury has wrecked her lucrative career in HR, and has left her plagued by mood swings.

Did we mention that Mazo is right-handed?  Because she is.

She was originally awarded £150,000 following the 2009 accident, after The Westbourne accepted liability for the injuries Mazo sustained.  But now Mazo is seeking more than about 28 times that amount for the damage to her non-dominant hand that she claims has completely ruined her personal and professional life.  Although she returned to work after several months off, she threw up her hands after three years, citing the after-effects of the injury.

Mazo’s multi-million-pound claim was initially denied, but she is now being permitted to proceed after a higher British court ruled against the first judge’s decision.

No date has yet been set for the hearing.


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