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Did you know there is a better alternative for consumers and employees to settle disputes with companies than having to set foot in a courtroom?

It’s called arbitration, and it costs us less time, money, and frustration than a lawsuit.

Arbitration works for people like us who can’t afford an expensive attorney or don’t want to spend years fighting in court.

In fact, a study released by the Institute for Legal Reform shows that employees are three times more likely to win in arbitration than in court, and they win twice the amount of money.

Arbitration works for us.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering banning arbitration. If they succeed, Congress will force Americans to spend much more money trying to resolve our issues in long courtroom battles.

Who has that kind of time or money?

The only winners will be trial lawyers. Congress wants to give them a massive payday with this sweetheart deal.

Now that’s the last thing we need. Tell Congress to keep the arbitration process available for people like us.

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