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Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2014: Episode 7

Woman Sues Disney for $250M, Claims Frozen Is Stolen From Her Life’s Story A woman is suing the Walt Disney Corporation for $250 million, claiming the blockbuster movie, Frozen, was actually stolen from her life story. That’s right – ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Caught on Video: Plaintiff in pending disability lawsuit topples huge, historic boulder

One of the men responsible for toppling an, "ancient boulder in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park," was found to have filed a personal injury lawsuit just a few weeks prior to the incident. In that lawsuit, he claimed he suffered ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

2014 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits: Episode #5

NYC woman spooked by ‘Dexter’ ad sues MTA, Showtime for subway fall A New York City woman is suing public transportation after she was startled by an advertisement for the Showtime murder series “Dexter,” causing her to take a tumble ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Gambler Sues, Says He Lost $500,000 Playing ‘Blackout’ Drunk

"Sin City" is chock full of stories of gamblers who lost big — and partiers who had a little too much to drink. One man, however, thinks he shouldn't have to pay for his gambling losses because he was so drunk, ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Oregon Home Builder Pushes Back Against Patent Troll

Building today's high-tech homes takes increasing skill, but beneath the new gadgets and fancy finishes, the fundamentals haven't changed in generations. But one technique, used for decades, is now being targeted by a patent troll — and experts say this could ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Rescuers Sued By Man They Pulled From Floodwaters

Area rescue workers saved Roy Ortiz's life during the Denver-area floods last September. Their reward for risking their lives? A proposed lawsuit for $500,000! Ortiz claims that his pleas were ignored while trapped upside-down in his car during the ... WATCH VIDEO & read story
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