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Lawsuits vs. Schools = Higher Costs for Families

“My son was injured at football practice about two weeks before the season began,” said South Carolina resident and parent Neal Kinard. “He’s an offensive lineman and he was blocking the defensive nose guard. A linebacker came rushing through ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

‘Raisin Order’ At Heart of Supreme Court Case Over Government Overreach

Americans love raisins. So much, in fact, that during the Great Depression, the U.S. government created a program to ensure the availability of this shriveled, sun-sweetened snack. It's called the Raisin Marketing Order, and it's still in place nearly ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Snowballing Lawsuits Cause Towns to Ban Sledding

There are few activities in our modern world that unite old and young alike. In the wintertime, it is sledding. For some, the tradition of making the downhill toboggan run is getting harder to accomplish. And yes . . . you can thank ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2015: Episode 2

Featured in this episode: Lawsuits have been filed against grocery chains Whole Foods and Wegman’s, claiming false advertising at the grocery stores known for offering healthier and organic options for customers. The lawsuits take issue with signs at the ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2015: Episode 1

Featured in this episode: Mexican fast-food chain Rubio’s sends employment-related, non-marketing text messages to its employees. When one of the restaurant’s former employees’ cell phone was lost, however, the number was “repossessed” and ascribed to a new user. ... WATCH VIDEO & read story

Gibson Guitar: A Victim of the Federal Government?

In 2011, Gibson Guitar, an icon in American music, became the federal government’s victim. In what some have called an excessive and unwarranted raid, federal authorities descended on the Nashville manufacturer with guns drawn. “I got a call that ... WATCH VIDEO & read story
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