$50,000 for a Minor Cut That Wasn’t Our Fault

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In 2005, a small, unruly child was running out of control in my business. We requested numerous times that his parents to control him. When they would not, we asked them to remove the child from our storage building. They did not. There was a mirror on the end of the storage unit attached to the wall. The child ran so hard that he ran into the mirror and knocked it off the wall. Our staff helped the mother to clean up a minor cut on the child. The father apologized for the unruliness of his child and offered to pay for the broken mirror.

The next day we were served by an ambulance chasing type attorney.  I turned the claim into our insurance, and because this took place in a temporary structure it was not covered. We received a judgment for $50,000. We have fought this judgment since 2006, but it is ruining our lives. We are now going to make payments and settle with this. The part that I don’t understand is that he was able to sue us.

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