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I am a quadriplegic living on Social Security disability and a modest pension. I live in my own handicapped adapted home and receive health care from a local visiting nurse agency.

A nurse familiar with my home and its facilities claimed that she slipped over a chair in my room while my back was to her. This was a chair she was familiar with, but she said she walked backwards away from my bed during my care. She hopped within my view claiming an injury to her knee. She called her agency and reported that she couldn’t continue the remainder of her visits but did stay with me to complete my care, which was noncritical.

She claimed a disability leave from work under workman’s compensation, returned to work in light duty and was eventually laid off. Later, I was sued by her lawyer, who claims that she suffered a “career ending injury” from a “spinal cord injury,” although her original claim was for her knee. She is not satisfied with the limits of my home owners insurance and is pursuing all my assets including my home.

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