Had to Refinance My Home Because of a Lawsuit

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A man who drove car service for a living claims that he tripped on the sidewalk outside my home.  He sued me for medical bills and loss of employment.  But shortly after filing the lawsuit, he got speeding tickets, so I knew he was able to drive.  I had to refinance my home to pay the claim because my insurance company did not cover it.


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  • How does being able to drive have anything to do with his ability to work? If you have a complaint IT’S SHOULD BE AGAINST YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. Why pay premiums if they won’t defend and indemnify you?

  • (WHY?) would you borrow money to pay this? Counter sue them. Do it over and over.In most states they can’t take your home anyway.

  • Daniel,
    read the post again. The guy DROVE A VEHICLE for work. He claimed that tripping caused him to not be able to work (i.e., DRIVE). Q: If he can’t drive, how can he get ticketed for moving violations? A: He can’t . His personal injury lawyer told him the insurance company would settle and he could make out big. You are a personal injury attorney and therefore blame the insurance companies. The insurance companies respond the way they do because personal injury lawyers take $1,000 in medical expenses and turn it into $700,000 in settlements.