Playboy Model Sues After Golf-Stunt-Off-Her-Bottom Goes Very Wrong

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Hopefully Playboy model Liz Dickson has learned her lesson: Never let someone tee off on a golf ball from your derrière.

That lesson, however, came too late, and Dickson is suing for a golf tournament stunt that allegedly went very wrong.

Dickson, who won the title of 2011 Girl of Playboy Golf, has filed a lawsuit after an “extraordinary stunt in which she balanced a golf ball on her bottom backfired.”

While at a March 2012 Playboy golf tournament, Dickson was asked to lie down on her front for a picture, with her backside partially exposed. Kevin Klein, co-host of the show, then put a golf ball “atop a tee that was inserted between her butt cheeks.”

When Klein swung at the ball, he reportedly missed, leaving Dickson with what her doctors claim are “severe injuries, some of which are permanent.”

Dickson’s lawsuit seeks $500,000 in punitive damages.



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