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Remember the story we posted last fall about Chuck Firth, the Illinois business owner who’s innovative “Poop Scooper” was in peril, thanks to California’s troublesome Proposition 65 law?

Well, this law hasn’t improved the health of the state’s residents, writes Michael Marlow in today’s Wall Street Journal. According to Marlow, the one group that is benefiting — no surprise — is plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Proposition 65 requires labels on consumer products that contain any one of 800 chemicals. It was intended to fight cancer, but, according to Marlow, “there isn’t a single empirical study that demonstrates any public health benefits.”

Instead, the law has turned into a windfall for “bounty hunter” plaintiffs — and their lawyers — who can collect a portion of any civil penalties.

“The only winners from Proposition 65 are the attorneys who bring lawsuits,” writes Marlow.

Here’s that “Poop Scooper” video again, in case you missed it:


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