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Next time you find yourself trying to break the ice, try out this knee-slapping one-liner: A man walks into a McDonald’s and attempts to sue for $1.5M because he was only given one napkin.

What, not ROFLing? That’s because this is no joke—it’s an actual lawsuit against one of America’s largest fast-food restaurants, which has been the target of some of the most (in)famous lawsuits during the past few decades (see here and here.)

Once again, we’ve combed over the nation’s most outrageous, foolish lawsuits yet for April’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month Poll!  Read more below and cast a vote for which of these lawsuits you think is the most ridiculous:

Black Out Jack

California resident, Mark Johnson, is attempting to sue The Downtown Grand in Las Vegas after having a rough night at the Blackjack tables during Super Bowl weekend. How rough? $500,000 worth of bad busts and disastrous double downs. According to Johnson, he was “blackout drunk”. He claims the casino over-served him with free drinks, causing him to dip deeper and deeper into his wallet while he was visibly drunk. Think his lawsuit is legitimate, or simply a roll of the dice?  Click here to vote now.

The Nap-King

Webster Lucas is suing a California McDonald’s for only supplying him with one napkin after he ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe. This crisis of value-sized proportions apparently caused Lucas “undue mental anguish” and he is suing for $1.5 million. With that kind of money he could buy an entire McDonald’s franchise of his own (dare we speculate a rival Burger King?), or at least a lifetime supply of napkins. Click here to vote now.

No Good Deed Goes Un-Litigated

Area rescue workers saved Roy Ortiz’s life during the Denver-area floods last September. Their reward for risking their lives? A proposed lawsuit for $500,000! Ortiz claims that his pleas were ignored while trapped upside-down in his car during the historic Colorado rainfall. Is his lawsuit legitimate or ridiculous?  Click here to vote now.

Which of these lawsuits do you think is most ridiculous?  Click here to vote in this month’s poll.

By raising awareness of these ridiculous suits, we can help spread the word about the need to help end lawsuit abuse to protect America’s employers, families and communities.

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