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Number 10: A man sues Starkist Tuna because its cans have the American Heart Association’s Heart Checkmark logo. He claims the logo tricks people into thinking their tuna is healthier than other brands.

Number 9: A woman sues Canada Dry Ginger Ale for fooling customers because the soda doesn’t contain real ginger … even though the ingredients are listed on every can.

Number 8: Two customers sue McDonald’s for $5 million because they wanted a DISCOUNT for their burgers after asking for no cheese! That’s enough to buy over 1.3 million Quarter Pounders.

Number 7: Paradise-obsessed customers sue Kona Brewery because they thought ALL their beer was brewed ONLY in Hawaii, even though the packaging clearly lists its brewing locations in boring, old Oregon and New Hampshire.

Number 6: A jury awarded a tow truck driver $5.2 million after he claimed he was injured by battery acid clearing an accident. His medical records show he told doctors it was just fire ant bites.

Number 5: A French waiter in Canada sued his employer after being fired for his rude and disrespectful attitude. He says rudeness is a trait of his culture, and he is being discriminated against.

Number 4: A lonely 69-year old Dutch man claims his age makes him less desirable on Tinder. He’s suing to legally change his age to 49. This will make him more attractive to younger women.

Number 3: A hangry woman sued Tootsie Roll Industries claiming Junior Mints boxes have almost as much air as candy, even though the amount of candy is listed on the packaging.

Number 2: The makers of Kind Snack Bars are being sued for putting “chemical-sounding terms like ascorbic acid” in their bars, which is literally another name for vitamin C.

Number 1:
Trial lawyers sued coffee companies under California’s Prop. 65 law. Now your daily fix could come with a warning label—just like all your other hazardous vices.

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