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Technology makes our busy lives easier, from video doorbells that help protect our home to using our fingerprints to buy snacks at a vending machine.

While we move further into a digital world, people in Illinois are stuck in the analog past, thanks to a law called the Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA.

BIPA regulates how businesses collect and store biometric identifiers, like taking digital fingerprints for clocking in and out of work. BIPA is complex and highly technical, making it difficult for businesses to know if they are correctly following the law.

One unintentional and small mistake and businesses can face an expensive lawsuit – from anyone.

Research found that since 2015, plaintiffs’ lawyers have filed over 900 lawsuits under BIPA. Lawyers win all the cash, while consumers like us lose out on the latest technology.

BIPA should be a lesson in what not to do—allow trial lawyers to open the floodgates for lawsuits.

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