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When the Mt. Laurel Pool in Hazleton, Pennsylvania closed, the community was devastated. “A lot of kids lived for that. They loved it,” says Paul Wanuga, a Hazleton resident. “And it was good because it kept kids out of trouble” in a community where residents say there is too much vandalism and crime. But a lawsuit shuttered the pool, and the once pristine facility is now in shambles.

The pool and its founder, Evelyn Graham, welcomed thousands of swimmers every summer for more than ten years. Mt. Laurel Pool provided a gathering place for families and neighbors and summer jobs for teenagers. One former lifeguard says, “When you’re younger, it is difficult to find a place of employment, and Evelyn gave us that opportunity to have a place to learn good work ethics.”

One summer, despite rules painted on the sidewalk and a warning from the lifeguard, a man ran and jumped into the pool, cutting his heel. “There was nothing we did wrong. He did it to himself,” the pool manager says. The lifeguard and manager cleaned and bandaged the cut, and the manager recalls that he said “It’s nothing. It’s just a little cut… No problem.”

But, later, Mt. Laurel Pool was sued. The man and his wife claimed $100,000 for the injury, and Graham’s lawyers recommended that she settle what she considered to be a wildly frivolous case. She was baffled, and, fearing copy cat lawsuits, she decided to close the pool.

In the end, it was the community that suffered most. Hazleton families no longer have a place to swim, and everyone from the ticket takers to the management lost their jobs. “They sue when they shouldn’t sue,” Wanuga says. “But then we have lawyers who thrive on it. They love it. They wish you would sue, too.”

“I’m sure they have other motives in mind,” says a former lifeguard, “but they can’t possibly take into consideration what it’s doing to everybody else.”


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  • This is all so sad, but we currently have a President in this country who sued major banks to force them to give home loans to people who would not repay them – he may his money off frivolous lawsuits – don’t expect anything to chance under his watch. Just the fact that he wont even talk about limiting the jackpot justice suits for hundreds of millions in an effort to curtail healthcare costs for all Americans tells you right where he stands on this subject.

  • what a shame for the community as a whole we are our brothers keeper the lawyer is a real shyster he belongs at the bottom of the gene pool what a scrooge bah humbug,merry xmas to all EVELYN GRAHAM you are an angel.

  • What a shame! Lawyers are 1 reason why this country has been turned upside down. For every lawsuit that gets’settled’, prices go up, ie health insurance.

  • The lawyers that take cases such as these, the people who file suits like this one, and the judges who tolerate this nonsense are a prelude to what is ruining our country. “Losers” win. “Winners” lose! This is exactly why the health care reform enacted by the Democrats without tort reform is just another nail in the coffin of America. The lawyers (protected by Democrats in Congress) get rich. the rest of us suffer!

  • Sounds to me like Graham had a really bad lawyer. If your own advocate can’t defend you, the problem isn’t frivolous lawsuits, it’s lawyers.
    In Graham’s case, her lawyer recommended settlement because
    A) he felt it wasn’t worth his time to defend Graham, or
    B) he was shocked to learn she had no business insurance.
    You see, that pool was paying employees, so it had revenue, so it was charging customers. Graham’s inability to obey the the most basic rules of covering yourself opened her to risk.

  • This poor lady did nothing but help the community….tell her to fill in the pool (with dirt) now because of possible lawsuits down the road.

  • People need to learn that nothing is free. Lawsuit settlements may seem like a windfall but they add significant cost to everything and they shift fault for one’s own stupidity to someone else. As a society we are long overdue for some soul searching when i comes to placing blame.

  • The best solution would be for the owner, employees, and users of the pool to sue the man in return.

    The owner could sue for failure to follow proscribed rules in place, written and published, and known to all who used the pool. She should sue for the cost of the land, the improvements made to the land to install the pool, costs for maintenance, and costs to bring the pool into compliance with any applicable laws.

    The employees should sue for placing them in jeopardy for having to rescue the man. Is or was there any proof he did not have any contagious disease that could have been transmitted through body fluid contact? In addition, they could sue the man for loss of wages and emotional distress.

    The users should sue for the possible exposure to human blood, as well as emotional distress.

    I am sure there is at least 1 lawyer in the area who would be willing to take on those three cases – just to shut the one lawyer and the idiot up. And to re-open the pool.

    What a sad state of affairs we’ve come to when people sue for their own stupidity and judges do not prevent the actions from becoming real court cases. It is actions such as these that cause the average American citizen to lose faith in the justice system. And to lump all lawyers into one pile of miscreant sewage. And that’s not fair to all lawyers.

  • The plaintiff did this to himself. Why should he be allowed to sue anyone? $100,000 for cutting his foot by his own action – an action totally against the written and spoken rules – is ridiculous.

    Man Who Filed Lawsuit After Injury Surprised Pool Is Closing
    L.A. Tarone, Standard Speaker (Hazleton, PA), June 6, 2005

  • There is no point in counter suing because the lawyer is insulated by law and the individuals undoubtedly do not have enough net worth to even cover the cost of filing.

    The best the community can do is make sure everyone knows who the parties who are suing are and have everyone shun them.

  • If, we, collectively, woud write all our elected representatives, from local to national, we could have a chance to stop this type of frivolous lawsuits.

  • It doesn’t look like the owner carried any liability insurance.And,With this type of business that’s insanity. Granted frivolous suits are a problem but the more serious problem here is that the owner failed to properly insure herself and her customers.Insurance should of paid all but a reasonable deductible.

  • This is why GA. has a frivolous lawsuit law on their books. The defendants in that state can be automatically awarded 2x the lawsuit amount by the presiding judge against both the lame lawyer and whining complaining party.

  • Pools have insurance usually. It would have paid the settlement. They also should have fought this and won and made the lawyers pay the fees. They would not have lost on this one. This sounds like some frivilous highly unlikely scenario bankrolled by some right wing think tank. I am not a lawyer. And most lawyers are not rich nor do they file frivilous lawsuits. It is, in fact, against their code of conduct to do that. They can lose their license. This sounds like we haven’t heard the whole story.

  • Suit sounds weak. they shoulda fort it. but why didnt she have insurance. i ran a pool for years and i had insurance for such things. it didn’t cost much to pay each month. I got sued a few times so my insure company paid for my lawyer. it wasn’t xpensib. most places wont let you operat a pool without insurance. someone might drown.

  • Are there bad lawyers? Yes! Are there bad Judges? Yes! However, that’s not the primary problem. The primary problem is the fact that under present law there is no down side to the filing of such frivolous lawsuits. It all boils down to the math.

    At present there are thousands of lawsuits filed every day across America that have a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding on the merit of the claims. The problem is that every lawyer knows that 95% of all such civil lawsuits are settled out of court. They are settled because sooner or later, everyone does the math. The defendant may be faced with the choice of paying $50,000 to settle a frivolous lawsuit or paying three or four times that amount to fight that frivolous lawsuit. If the defendant chooses to fight and in fact wins, there is no hard and fast rule of law that makes the plaintiff or more importantly the plaintiff’s attorney who eagerly prosecuted that frivolous lawsuit liable for the costs, expenses and attorney fees of the prevailing defendant.

    So the question then becomes what would you do if you found yourself in such a situation? Pay or fight? I don’t know the exact percentage but I do know that the majority of all legislators in both state and federal government are in fact attorneys and they are the ones who make our laws. The probability that our attorney legislators are going to pass legislation that would in effect shoot off the proverbial foot of their fellow attorneys is slim and none. The plaintiffs as well as the defendants in these kind lawsuits are just pawns used to enrich the attorneys on both sides of such lawsuits.

    When a law is passed that emphatically states (no ifs, ands, buts or maybes) you lose, you pay! Be you a plaintiff who asserted a frivolous claim or a defendant who asserted a frivolous defense to a legitimate claim, you lose, you pay! Now take that one step further and make the attorneys liability equal to that of their clients and thousands of such frivolous lawsuits would vanish from the court’s dockets overnight.

    Unless and until that happens, this type of court sanctioned extortion will not only continue, it will get much worse.

  • Wait, he cut his heel? Just from running? What did he cut his heel on? I get the feeling we’re not hearing the whole story here. The way the story is presented, it makes it sound like the issue was not the running and jumping, it was that he got cut on something. Were there signs warning about the possibility of getting cut?

    All you people who are lawyer-bashing, a lawyer can’t bring a suit by himself, if he isn’t the one who got injured. The plaintiff in this suit is just as responsible as the lawyer. The problem is that there is a certain type of jerk who threatens to sue whenever anything goes wrong for him. Those people are the root of the issue. Then you compound it with a greedy or unethical lawyer who agrees to file the suit and boom, bad lawsuit.

    Also, every state bar association in the country has rules of conduct for lawyers about not filing frivolous suits, not pressuring people into suing, etc. If a client brings you a lawsuit that you feel is unethical or frivolous, you are supposed to turn them down. Lawyers are also never supposed to make the decision on their own to proceed; that’s the client’s decision. That’s why you aren’t supposed to pressure the client into anything (just tell him what the possibilities are). Lawyers who do these things are unethical. There are plenty of lawyers with integrity who would never bring a frivolous suit because they do have a sense of right and wrong. There are also lawyers who wouldn’t file a bad suit because you might get disciplined for it. I think sanctions should be imposed a lot more often than they are against unethical lawyers, and maybe we could weed the sleazeballs out of the profession. They make the rest of us look bad.

  • America is doomed, and we all will fall due to the incompetent politicians and stupids laws we have. America become the number one place for lawsuits. It is a shame that everyone in that town has to suffer because of one person irresponsible actions.

  • This should never been allowed to happen. HOWEVER, blaming the government, and the current administration is even more ridiculous.
    This happened almost 4 years ago, so does that mean it is George Bush’s fault? Let’s stop trying to blame political parties and find solutions.

  • I can’t believe what you are spamming over the internet. If the lawsuit is frivolous as you make it sound, a motion to dismiss for failing to state an offense or for summary judgment would for practically no expense solve the problem by getting the lawsuit dismissed. Rule 11 FRCivP – (that’s Federal Rules of Civil Provedure for you spammers) allows for attorney’s fees and costs against lawyers who file lawsuits without basis. Further few lawyers bring such suits because people with common sense who sit on juries routinely rule against them and the cost of bringing such suits far outweighs any recovery that could be made. Maybe you should refer some of these “vicitms” to the multitude of lawyers that are familiar with these widely recognized and used defenses. Have some faith in the 7th Amendment, folks. It along with the rest of the constitution has served all of us well for over 200 years. The problem as we see it is that organizations like yours with a political agenda are more concerned with reporting problems – in this case four years after the fact – than directing “alleged victims to people or organizations that could help them. Shame on you. In case you are interested I am a republican by membership and heritage.

  • Publish the persons name so others can see, he may have done this before to someone else. If he has a history of this kind of suit maybe this is a criminal manor.

  • How rediculous that so many people are trying to blame Obama for this. Like lawsuits didn’t happen before he was president, or that he has done ANYTHING to make the situation worse. Just a lot of bitter Republicans trying to capitalize politically on a bad situation. Typical.

  • A June 15, 2001 article in the The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader lists the following area pools, in addition to the Mt. Laurel pool: Wilkes-Barre city pools, Kingston Pool, Frances Slocum State Park, Forty Fort Pool, Mocanaqua Pool, Moon Lake Pool, and West Pittston.

    Another article on October 10, 1999 is about the Mt. Laurel pool and states that its “1998 loss totalled $149,902, according to the tax forms, continuing a trend that started when the pool reopened for public use in 1991.”

    Further, Evelyn Graham had this to say after an losing a city council election in 1995: “The city is now ready for rape. Now, I think it has no future.” Harsh words–maybe she’s also exaggerating when it comes to this law suit issue.

    It sounds like the pool had lots of competitors and was losing money. Ms. Graham didn’t mind as long as it was bolstering her public image, but the law suit made her look bad and put the final nail in the coffin on her unprofitable business venture.

    Surely there are legitimate examples of lawsuit abuse that hold up to 30 minutes of googling.



  • let’s blame obama for everything that bush did wrong, too. the pool should had had insurance. simple.

  • Trial lawyers and members of congress are ruining this country. Tort reform should be enacted that would charge the person suing AND the lawyer bringing the lawsuit, then maybe things would change.

  • Being in the legal profession, I think that this story may have elements that are left out. It would be unlikely a lawyer would take a case involving a minor cut because the possibility of recovery is non-existent. Proving the tort elements of Duty–> Breach –>Cause –>Harm would be difficult, for instance a simple cut does not satisfy a claim for harm. Then not to mention assumption of risk / proportional liability. Its a visceral reaction to blame the lawyers, but the prima facia case here is absurdly weak given the facts presented. What if the guy had indeed been running but due to a dangerously sharp edge he was cut in a way that he lost permanent use of his foot. Careless behavior would be dealt with in the allocation of damages, but surely if this hypothetical scenario occurred then legal theory suggests a recovery should take place.

  • The judges that allow frivolous cases like this to happen should be fired, but of course they never will. Our legal system is just like our political system, it is ran by crooks.

  • Since it is a matter of public record, why not publish the name of the man who filed the suit as well as the name of the lawyer who represented him? It is time to fight these people with the weapons of shame and public scorn.

  • The “primary” story is certainly one that should concern us all. Its not about the lawyers or anyone else. It about personal GREED!!!! We never want to accept blame for our own actions….we as a society continue to miss the point!!!

    This is even more clearly demonstrated by the ascertions that this is due to the lawyers, democrats and the president!!!! Who are these people who continue to blind themselves with conspiracy theories for which the government and the presidecy are responsible for every negative action taken by individuals. This is a “mind set” that allows for no one being persoanlly responsible. This level of ignorance is completely unacceptable and intolerable.

    Please people put away the political agenda and focus on common decency and accountability!!!

  • Typical right wing diatribe. One greedy guy, a seedy lawyer and suddenly it’s Obama’s fault. Did you miss the speech where he advocated tort reform with the health care bill. I wouldn’t be surprised if the both the guy and his lawyers were republican, the party of greed. How about the community ponying up the money to buy the pool instead of whining about not getting something for free.

  • An extremely unfortunate and devastating situation for the community. Though I’m a little perplexed as to how any of you can connect President Obama’s actions in the current economic crisis to the level of frivolous lawsuits in this country. Do you mean to tell me these types of lawsuits didn’t happen in the eight years under President Bush?

  • Our local community pool was sued by the father of boy (a lawyer), who cut “the tip” of his finger off (about 1/4 inch – really more of a deep cut) when they were horsing around on some chaise lounges. The boys had been warned multiple times to stop their activities but resumed again after a short period. Luckily our insurance backed us in fighting the lawsuit, and it became apparent the boy’s story justifying the pool liability was fabricated by his father in cross examination. The lawsuit was thrown out; but the pool, and our insurance company was not compensated for our legal costs. The family didn’t even withdraw from the coop pool while they were suing. They were quite open that they were suing simply to get money “because they could”. As a board member, I wanted to kick them out and counter sue but we were advised not to. People like should pay a price for bringing frivolous lawsuits.

  • Legal bottom feeders action in collusion to split the fees.

    Most trial attorneys are vile slime who produce nothing but sadness and profits for their own pockets.

  • I don’t understand this at all.

    First off, did the pool owner have insurance? If she did, then what was the problem? That her rates would increase? OK, that happens, but to close the pool because of it?

    If she didn’t have insurance, then the lawyers (and I am one) could not force her to settle (though she would have to pay their fees to defend the case). If she believed she was not to blame (and according to the way the story is written, she wasn’t to blame), then she should have taken it to trial. If she was right, then the jury (made up of ordinary citizens, not lawyers) would have likely agreed with her, and that would have been the end of it.

    Or is there more to this story? Was there a sharp object on the floor of the pool that cut his foot (so that the injury was due to that, and not to the man running)? The article just doesn’t say.

    I will tell you that there certainly are frivolous suits, for sure, but if you make it too hard to sue for injuries, you remove the motivation for safe spaces; this has been proven time and again. Go to a country where civil remedies are not available, and you will see the lack of safety in public spaces.

    That’s my two cents.

  • It’s a very sad story, but the people that are trying to blame this on Obama & the Democrats are just as, if not more, pathetic.
    I don’t like to generalize, but Republicans are using any tactics they can get their hands on to ruin Obama.
    Unless I’m mistaking, this video does not even say whether this incident happened on Obama’s watch. If it happened on Bush’s watch, will you eat your words, or will you make an excuse as to why it wasn’t his fault?

  • Lawyers are destroying our country. Let’s face facts…..this country was founded upon GREED, plain and simple. We took it from the folks that lived here and then told them they were all FREE Americans with rights and laws. As we yelled FREEDOM, we chained a couple milion people and splitt their families to weaken them. We have a pattern of taking whatever we want from whomever we want it from. Read the particulars of the Treaty of Guadalupe, signed between USA and Mexico in 1848. We added 66% to our country. They gladly signed…..at gun point and the threat we would destroy their new government and Mexico city, AGAIN. Now we are screwing OURSELVES and we have the gall to say “oh gosh, it’s these damn lawyers” Without a million greedy pigs looking for a free lunch, we have NO frivolous lawsuits. So if you want to blame someone, start like I did, by looking at the face in the mirror.

  • It is being blamed on the political left by posters in here because it is a hard fact that whenever attempts are made legislatively to act against frivolous lawsuits, it is the elected officials hailing from the political left who, acting on special interest marching orders from the lawyers’ lobbyists that support them, roadblock such reform and make false claims that their actions are to protect the little guy.

  • You are making a nobel effort here and telling the truth but nothing will change because of it because lawyers dominate all 3 branches of government as well as both major political parties and this is known as the legal caste. A political approach is needed to get lawyers out of government before you will see any changes. One of the most obvious indications of this is Obamas’ so-called health care reform where he has attack insurance companies but has refused to even consider the medical mal-practice crisis (doctors being sued and causing them to do unneeded expensive testing to try and protect them against lawsuits). Of course the doctors insurance against medical mal-practice has gone way up so that, along with the expenses of the unecessary testing, is passed along to the patients. Read bestseller book “How to Avoid Probate” by Norman Dacey (at your public libary) and the chapter on lawyers in the book!

  • we are trying to limit our liability in potential future lawsuits. I wonder if the pool moved the assests to a different corporation and leased the pool management and operation to a different corporation, if the hurt party could only have sued the managament company and the pool and building assets would have been safe. Also, didn’t the pool have insurance to settle?

  • Ask yourself this, why would “facesoflawsuitabuse.org” purposely misrepresent this case so greatly. According to the newspaper accounts, (http://standardspeaker.com/news/man-who-sued-mt-laurel-pool-out-to-clear-name-1.605820) this case involved Plaintiff cutting open his foot on a broken drainage grate (he was NOT running) The cut required 7 stitches and caused nerve damage. (The case had NOTHING to do with ‘running’, but with dangerous failure to upkeep a pool used by the public) the case settled with the insurance carrier for a grand total of $7,000 (Under Pennsylvania law a Complaint has to allege potential damages “in excess of $50,000 to avoid compulsory arbitration, this DOES NOT mean that $100,000 (one count for husband, one count for wife) was EVER demanded for settlement purposes. In fact, the settlement of $7,000 seems reasonable and appropriate for an injury involving 2-1/2 weeks lost work, 7 stitches, and potential future problems from nerve damage. By the way, the owner of the pool (which according to on-line records grossed approximately $423,000.00/year) is none other than Evelyn Graham, a Hazleton City councilwoman, (Do YOU think this politician had ulterior motives in shutting down the pool?) Neither the injured Plaintiff, nor the attorney (although I am an attorney, it is not me, and I don’t know who handled it) did anything wrong. When you have an obvious safety violation which causes injuries to the public you are responsible for the injuries you cause AND YOU SHOULD BE! Hmm. Maybe the pool was closed because Graham refused to spend some of her profits and eliminate the safety hazards. It seems the Chamber of Commerce (this site’s sponsor) will claim foul even when a business is at fault.

  • It’s absolutely awful that people take advantage like this to make a quick buck….but it’s also just as crazy that people on here are blaming the democrats for a bipartisan issue that’s existed for decades.

    This isn’t something new that developed during this administration, that’s just stupid. Politics as a whole own a lot of the blame, it doesn’t appear either party have the guts to stand up for what’s right and go against paydays like this for lawyers–something most of the politicians are themelves. Stupid comments like blaming Obama for a long existing problem just turns the entire thing into a parody. Fine if you want to play political finger pointing, ridiculous if you actually want to address the real issue.

  • This has become an increasingly common problem for not only business but for Cities as well. Case in point, we resently had a 60 year storm event in our city, as a result a few homes were damaged. Several have filed claims aginst the city because of clamed engineering under designing because the city normaly plans it’s infastructure for 10 year storms. If the claments win the (Tax Payers) will be forced to pay for damages as well as a possile upgrade of the entire storm water system.
    This type of action will bankrupt the city.
    We need tort reform now to stop the insane clams of damages and abuse of the system.

  • I would suggest she drain the water from pool. It is just a matter of time before another DNA brightspot decides that the padlocks should be broken. Decides to take a swim and drowns, trust me, it will not be the parents fault for not training their spawn to respect other people property. It will be your fault for not draining the pool. There is a little known law in just about every state that protects the disrespectful stupidity ..errr…cursiosity of minors.

  • The first step would be to ban all lawyers from government office. They will never do anything to change this system that allows such suits because this is the bread and butter of their business. All cases should go through arbitration first. In this arbitration it will be decided whether this is a worthy suit or frivolous. The word of the arbitrator, or board of arbitrators if you like, is final. If it is deemed frivolous then there is no case and it never goes to court.
    If this is not feesible then there should be judgements against people who file these suits at the time that they are lost. Maybe they would think twice if there was something to be lost by them if they lost their suit.
    Nothing like this will ever even be considered because lawyers run the government and it dips directly into their pockets. Maybe considering this and the more recent bills that were passed without reading them it is time the PEOPLE say enough is enough.

  • Tom Warsinske you have this backwards. It is the Dems that think you should get something for nothing. Take from hard working people to give to the lazy. This is where this mentality comes from. I was raised by immigrants who taught me that no one owes you anything that you are not willing to work for. You get nothing for nothing. This is the conservitive view that is associated with the republican party.
    In either case I will stick with my earlier comment: It is the lawyers that run the government that will not stand up for this reform because it dips into their pockets.

  • This man and wife should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to a community. He probably had a cut on his heal already and that is probably why he did what he did cause he needed the money. Shame on you, you jerk. Thanks for ruining the community pool for all of us.

  • I would really like to know if the owner carried liability insurance??? This is a ridiculous lawsuit, but she should have had coverage that would have handled this……running a pool is a naturally risky business. $100,000 is not a lot for a lawsuit in the big picture. Does anyone know if she had insurance or not?? And listen….this has nothing to do with politics…..it’s common sense that this is ridiculous and we should all work to reform laws that allow this.

  • The question shouldn’t be whether she had insurance or not. It should be whatever happened to personal responsibility? You expect an ADULT would obey the rules. So this guy disobeys the rules, gets himself hurt and then the pansy sues? Geez what is wrong with this country? I wonder if those two even realize what their lawsuit has done? Do they even care as long as “they get theirs?”

  • T h e people should do a civil suit against the man that was running for causing the pool to close down and take away jobs and entertainment for the kids

  • What Mrs. Graham doesn’t tell anyone is that she had an offer to sell the pool to a New Jersey Businessman, and told him it wasn’t financial feasible. Then told the Standard-Speaker, no one wanted to buy it.

  • I hope she backfills the pool or next you know, some kids will breach all security measures, get drunk or high, then fall in the abandoned pool and get injured or drown (or swim in it and get sick). Then the drunkard and/or his/her family can get rich by hitting the Idiot Lottery.

    And you know what Oscette? I don’t care if she had dozens of offers. The properly tagged pansy and his harpy wife INJURED the community of Hazleton, PA by their childishness, irresponsibility and greed. They should be deeply ashamed. The pansy and the harpy owe that community a pool, seeing as how they stole it.

  • This is what happens when those kids that needed crossguards and school buses to stop all traffic on the road grow up. Those kids have no responsibility for their actions and if they get hurt they believe it’s natural that someone else take care of it. This is America, this is what you’re all proud of.

  • I hope the couple who brought the lawsuit were and still are totally SHUNNED by the entire community They should be shamed publicly, IMHO.

  • The owner of the pool should now file a counter suit in the amount of one million dollars against the couple that stole her pool and livelihood, from her and the community.
    Perhaps if there were more people willing to fight for their rights and the rights of the community at large, perhaps many of these frivolous lawsuits could and would be avoided.

  • This is the sort of thing that can happen when judges no longer ‘judge’ and lawyers care little for justice.

    They really, really ought to consider a class action suit against the frivolous lawsuit dude.

  • What a crying shame! My company has been the victim of a frivolous lawsuit and it’s not pretty.

    Lazy people who EXPECT a free ride from the gov’t & even society have NO PLACE in my heart and definitely no place in my life.

    I’d don’t condone revenge, but I’d be the leader of a mob with torches & pitchforks if I lived in that community!

  • I worked in a shipping warehouse in Conn. for the sumer. A burglar fell through a skylight WITH his burglar tools. He sued for a unmarked skylight on a roof that was not accesible without a ladder on private property. The warehouse was forced to go out of business rather than pay the high lawsiut.

  • This should have been tossed out by a judge, and the attorney should be disbarred. All these lawsuits started a few years back when the powers that be decided attorneys could advertise…………

    shame, shame on all the greed in this country.

  • I think it is awful that people sue over stupid stuff, he probably planned it that way before he even went to the pool or he would have gone by and obeyed the rules.

  • What i want to know is WTH is up with these judges ALLOWING these kinds of awards on frivolous suits!

  • Liberal nuts have done more damage to our kids and this country than all the terrorists could ever hope to. The Courts and lawyers have betrayed us. Political Correctness is what liberals thrive on. We need a bunch of Godfearing people, with common sense to take over. Just like the people we have been watching who were hit with the tornado in OK this week. Most of the Pansy Liberals have way, way to much time on their hands, and haven’t the common sense necessary to survive without the normal people protecting, producing the necessities of life so these idiot Libs can survive.

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