Medical Malpractice Suits Prevent Doctors from Taking on High-Risk Cases

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I am an obstetrician in Maryland.  I work in a community of caring and competent providers who have literally been paralyzed by the fear of malpractice suits driving them out of the business.  As a professional, I’ve been in situations where a poorly educated, medically non-compliant, teenaged pregnant patient has asked me if I would mind if her “attorney” could attend the delivery.  Is that how patients think they can get better medical care?  What is our society coming to?

As a direct result of lawsuit abuse, physicians are now “cherry-picking” low-risk patients.  Why take a chance with a high-risk patient when you get paid exactly the same without the liability?

We now see widespread discrimination against those patients deemed “high-risk” as a strategy to minimize the risk of liability.  Patients with pregnancy-related complications are being systematically denied care in favor of lower risk patients.  If you think that lawsuit abuse doesn’t affect you, you are wrong.  You are paying for that abuse through higher insurance costs and by decreased access to qualified and caring doctors who have been victimized by this broken system.

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  • I was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition by a cardiologist and dealt with his “care” nearly passing out driving; the pills for the heart condition, CHF, was causing my blood pressure to go extremely low.

    So, I wised up and I went to another cardiologist and he did a heart cath and found I didn’t have the fatal heart condition.

    The first idiot even had sent my to the hospital where they make CHF patients comfortable. Luckily, after a near fatal car crash that didn’t happen (somehow I pulled into a gas station then went to the ER), I found out the truth. Only took 3 months to find out.

    It only cost me $15,000 in co-pays and insurance to find out I didn’t have a fatal heart condition or even high blood pressure.

    So, I went to sue the first doctor but the lawyer said I couldn’t because they wouldn’t make but $250,000. $200,000 would have been eaten by court costs and medical experts.

    I did the next best thing: I called and reported the doctor to the head of the practice. The doc was removed and now is practicing medicine in a small town instead of a metroarea.

    So, doctors, what about that true case? Why do doctors protect incompetent morons like this guy? I would have been happy if they had just ripped his license. But, NOOO, docs get away with everything and anything.

    I’m sorry the good docs get sued by the bad ones should. If you want to reform, how about docs getting rid of the bad docs that make their insurance so high? Never hear docs offer this solution.

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