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Sterling Regional High School in Somerdale, NJ, says they kicked a student off the track team because of his unexcused absences. But that didn’t stop the boy’s father from filing a $40 million lawsuit, claiming the dismissal will cost his son college scholarships.

Either way, the legal battle will be costly for a group of victims uninvolved in the suit — the school’s other students.

That’s because lawsuits like these transfer increasingly precious time and resources away from student programs to pay for lawyers and court costs.  And that can put in jeopardy the future of certain school programs.

Chicago attorney Lisa Taylor of Henderson Adam LLC explains that schools with increasingly scarce taxpayer-funded resources can be financially squeezed by this kind of litigation.

“Time is money, and it’s very significant when you have municipalities or school districts that are sued involving matters that really should not be clogging up the court system,” said Taylor.

The outcome of the $40 million lawsuit against Sterling Regional High School is yet to be determined — but the real real losers in this suit are those kids still on the track team and who participate in other school programs.

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  • If he can’t make it to school, why does his father think he will get to the college courses. Isn’t it the fathers responsibility to get the laze bum out of bed and to school. It gets down to the lack of responsibility of the parents to get their son motivated. Court should fine the idiot who files the lawsuit and fine the ambulance chaser the court costs and attorney costs.

  • I think this whole story is typical of what is wrong with our society now a days. I can bet that school rules clearly state what will happen with unexcused absences. How sad that the other kids who show up when they shouldwill now be punished because if this fathers ignorance. Shame on this father for showing his son how NOT to take responsibility for his own actions.